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Pool Party!

Aphrodite Pool party & drinks floats

Aphrodite have just the thing if you want to party in style ! The “Summer pool party” has seating for up to six people, its got colour change andddd includes a drinks cooler to boot. Ten single poses that are also suitable for children. At only six prims it’s a brilliant addition to your summertime activities.

Aphrodite NEW

You can also purchase an assortment of drinks coolers, from soft to beer and everything in between, these little beauties are just two prims and have colour change! You can  grab these up at Cosmopolitan for the next few days.



Double D(freebies)

In the UK Double D is a bra size but in SL it means FREEBIES.  First up is this lounger which I may have gone OTT with the sunlight (A girl can dream) but the clarity of the wicker work is excellent and so is the prim count, a mix of male and female poses as well.


Floatie! my beloved pool is getting a bit cramped but check out this floatie.  Awww only cuddle poses, the one of me sinking is my own.  Comes with a swirl of water around it.


I have this coffee pot in RL but then again most people will have or had one because it’s such a classic.  Can’t actually believe this is a single prim for the tray, pot and cups! and of course FREE.


There was other freebies from past seasons such as the pouffe I used in one of my last posts with some fun poses and a whole pagoda with furniture which because it’s all unlinked means you can rearrange it as you wish or just use the pieces you like.

Double D