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ArisAris Lively outfit - Juxtapose Endless Summer hunt FREE!

Another Summer release from ArisAris…who always seem to make just want I want to wear in real life. Absolutely adore this new outfit consisting of a skirt with belt and a blouse style top…its called “Lively” and there are two colour versions of it to choose from (or get both!) Above I’m wearing the white option, it has a great chunky border print, LOVE the loose belt around the skirt…great finishing touch! My casually held flip-flops are part of a set of poses you can grab for free from Juxtapose…its their gift in the Endless Summer Hunt…3 poses for girls, 3 for the guys.

ArisAris NEW! Lively Degrade - Juxtapose Endless Summer hunt gift FREE!

Heres the other option in the Lively set…which I think is my favourite…its got a slight pinky tinge to the skirt that drains down to the hemline…and a floral motif on the blouse…thanks Ariadna ❤

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