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Old bag!(Freebie).

OH My poor sore feet, spent yesterday TRAPPED in IKEA oohing and aahing over everything and of course filling the big yellow bag with lots of trinkets n stuff and yassss MEATBALLS for lunch.  The payback is less money to spend this month and feet like raw steak.

Picked this up from the Marketplace and last time I picked up a load of goodies from there it got swallowed up in my invent and I couldn’t find it so this time I logged in before I placed my order and grabbed it straight away.

This is a rotten photo of a really good freebie from DMCreations but I lost all my pictures that I had taken of it so I had to log back in and just take a quick snap and log out.  Serves me right for blogging before I’ve had my porridge!

This is a simple 3 prim weekend bag and the picture the seller uses it shows in in different textures which since I don’t do any sort of mesh editing I don’t know how you do that but this IS a “Full Perm” gift which means you can sell it yourself.  There is are some “TOS” rules but really simple and not unreasonable ones and clearly stated.

Anyhow a nice simple start to the day and I’m off to have my porridge and I’ve already got my eye on some more tasty gifties.

PS Pick the Chinese hair ornament up as well as it’s super pretty.

OH! So just before I shut my Marketplace window I spotted that I picked this up last week and so here it is.

Just a simple pouffe in a knitted texture for a Linden.  This comes with a 4 texture option and you can turn the shadow off/on I actually forgot to check the other shades.  You get this from the DaD MP shop.  I had actually popped over to their inworld shop as I spotted a rather good tennis court which I think would look good on our sim but I didn’t find it in time so I logged off and then later decided to check the MP and found this instead but when time allows me I’m going to have a proper look around for that tennis court.

PS I found the tennis court set and although this comes with a big price tag it’s not an unreasonable one so next time I’m inworld I will check that out because remember….TRY before you BUY lol.

DMCreations (Marketplace)


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D Day. (Dollarbie).

OMG OMG It’s “D” day and the D stands for DENTIST!!!!  My OH isn’t allowed to tell me when my appointment was so he sprung it up on me this morning and I’m pretty sure even my neighbours heard my groan of dismay.  On the plus side it’s a step nearer to keeping my lovely smile, it’s the nicest thing about me, and the soup diet I will be on for at least a week will go some way to helping me start to shift some of my Winter blubber.  The downside this is just half the treatment and I sill have another appointment sometime in the future.

I resisted having a breakfast of garlic and onion and came inworld instead to do some Freebie hunting.


The Flip Flops are the freebies, the lollies are an old Gacha win and they’re what I’m going to be needing later I think.

There are 3 other Dollarbies to be had, 2 sweet Flats and a chunky pair you still have to join the group and I believe you still have to pay a single Linden for each.  If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the Group Gifts then when you enter the shop turn right and they’re on a wall there but for the flip flops you have to go to the room on your right and they’re with all the other shades of flip flops but only the green pair are Dollarbies.  Almost forgot these are all for SLink Flat Feet.

PS. OH has just texted me he’s stocking up on Ben n Jerries for me, well he does have to live with me after all.


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I Quit (throws sneakers in a temper tantrum)

I QuitI swear after all the posing and camera angling I had decided one more shot and then I would give in and make Faith take the photo.  The problem is feet shots, I just can’t do them but I so desperately wanted to show off my new trainers and then Voila a good shot of the trainers and I’ve even managed to get the top in as well.  Both items cost only 10Lds each and as it happens everything in the shop is only 10Lds but it’s the shoes which I am stocking up on.  I have 2 pairs of trainers which cost me a heck of a lot more than 10Lds but that was in the days when cheap shoes made your feet look like clowns feet and that is not the case anymore esp these from Cay Crystal (AKA CC Designs).  A massive selection of colours, patterns and the kicker is unisexed with an easy to use resizer AND comes with both Alphas for new and old viewers so non mesh but not lacking in quality for that.  The top is a simple non mesh one in a light striped pattern and as said 10Lds and it’s an easy wear item.  Quite a selection of clothes mesh and non mesh not maybe the latest of styles but even I picked out a few basics to keep for layering and then a SHED LOAD of these trainers.

CC Designs