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A Christmas Miracle (Freebies and LOTS of SPAM).

Yes, I’ve managed to download a newer version of Firestorm but….I’ll leave that until the end so you can choose just to check out the Freebie first and read all my ranty spam at the end if you wish to.


Seriously pretty special effects on the picture editing sadly, not Winlight.  The reason I’ve not concentrated on the dress is because at the FLG shop there are oodles of different outfits for different groups, don’t worry the group invites are right under each picture and some of the gifts are copies, don’t worry you will see what I mean when you get there.  This is a simple dress with those deep folds but what you can’t see is the 21 colour Hud, 21 colours for the dress and 21 for the bow.  Simple and pretty.

Now for the ranty spam, but it is pretty informative so read on….

So I’m back with Firestorm.woo hoo,  but this newer version is slightly different from the one I was using and actually more like the official Linden Lab one but I can already spot some of the Firestorm settings which I personally like and need so it might take me a little time to work out the kinks to have my viewer customised to my preference but at least I have a smile on my face.

Last night the whole Firestorm download site was unavailable and that’s because everyone was trying to get the latest download to get BENTO and I don’t mean the charming packed lunches of Japan but the next level in mesh bod bits.  Until now I’ve not been a big fan of mesh heads because I just don’t seem to be able to work with them, I either look like an alien freak or a stoned barbie and neither is a good look but Bento allows you to use the “avatar appearance sliders” to completely customise your bento head till you have something that you can relate to.  Woo hoo but hold on because just as when Mesh first hit the grid and people walked around wearing “doughnuts” to see Bento you have to have a Bento compatible viewer.  I know Bento has been in Beta testing for a while but if it’s now available with Firestorm then it will definitely be used in the Linden Lab viewer but of course, you will need to have the most up to date viewer.

Sadly though for us CBs(Cheap B*tches) this new development comes with a hefty price tag, we have to remember a lot of time, effort and brain cells are used in bringing to us these amazing things which make our SL lives prettier and of course some people are trying to earn an income from SL and good for them, I wish I could lol. Also, it will take a time for the skin makers to make skins which are Bento compatible but it’s happening and happening fast.

Since I am a CB I will wait a while for the heads to either come down in price or I save up my pennies BUT for me personally I’m so excited about the Bento HANDS! which also seem to be much more affordable.  The ones I’ve seen on youtube come with huds which allow you to move you hands in so many ways and you can link the hand movements to your AV’s AO (if you understand that then you’re a nerd like me) and as you walk and talk your Bento hands move in perfect unison and as someone who takes a lot of piccies to be able to choose so many hand poses makes me HUMMMMM.

OK, I could be wrong on so many levels, but I’ve got the general gist of Bento right, but go check youtube as there are lots of videos showing you the latest big thing to hit the grid.


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Another Easy Monday Freebie.

So I spend some time unpacking my Pumpkins and I couldn’t help but notice a lot of spooky tattoos and since I’m a lazy person I don’t really wear them but I was surprised at the fact they came with appliers.  There was at least mesh blouse and plenty of decor items.  I’m pretty sure that I didn’t find all of the pumpkins and there is also a few extra gifts out for you.

So I decided as I was LM grabbing to quickly put on a FREE mesh bloodied wedding dress and take some pictures.  Once I’d managed to kick off the Piranhas and outrun the Zombies I found shelter in this old shack when all of a sudden a freak girl in a wheel chair bursts through the wall gets up and freaks you out before wheeling herself back through it.  I tell you that you may not want the prizes but if you want to do a little hunt thats had some time, money and imagination spent on it this is the place.


The dress however comes from FLG, and until I have more time to check I’m not sure what the FLG stands for.  A simple mesh dress with a lace texture, the added bonus is the dagger though the hair and the bloodied SLink High shoes.


And that really is it for now.  Have a great Monday and start planning your pumpkin recipes.


Galicia Spine Chilling Halloween Hunt

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I dont wanna make you broke ! (Freebies)

Freebie dress-top Corvus


Oh Haii! Sooo yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of our Pure group members – despite what Zan says about me being all moody-shy-private – I really love to meet up with you! Anyyyywayy hi Johanna *waves* – we had a chat as I fixed the group gifts and she told me that Zan and I keep her broke ! Ohnooessss , can’t have that. So in her honour I’m doing a post today with freebies that are delectabubble and pretty and wont cost a dime. Above is a stunning mesh dress from Corvus. I’m wearing it over jeans as a long’ish top. Its got a snazzy side tie, kinda like a knot, and has  skull logo which might be handy-dandy for Halloween? Really nicely made and sooper easy to wear.

FREE outfit - appliers for Slink Physique for jeans, system layers - mesh top - Giselle hair by Pollen - FREE skin all appliers inc.

This next outfit is from FLG, what a corker, not only do you get a lovely mesh top, but also jeans that come in system layers and Slink Physique appliers – the jeans have SIX colours ! The top has a HUD also with SIX different patterns/colours plussss you also get a Slink mani & pedi tossed in – blimey isn’t that the steal?

Free outfit- clothing layer & Physique jeans - mesh top - hair by Pollen Giselle

This is the entire list of contents:

HUD Pants : Brazilia,Phatazz,Wowmeh,Banned , Slink Physique and 6 colors

HUD: Slink Nails Feet and Hand 6 colors

HUD: Blouse mesh 5 sizes and Hud 6 colors

HUD : Slink Pants Stocking 6 colors

HUD : Banned , Slink Physique 6 colors

6 Pants Layers

6 Stocking Pants Layers

FLG Market place store

Pollen – Giselle hair

Mine Lena hair at  my attic @ The Deck (95L !)

Corvus free dress

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Merry Christmas? Bah HumBug

Hunt stuff

Ok so I did my first Crimbo hunt of 2013 yesterday – I was dead grouchy about it all to be honest – BUT…there was almost FREE shoes – so I cheered up a fraction. Ok NOT totally free but gosh – just 5L per prize is a real gem not to be missed. Each store has clear graphic panels showing their prizes and each has a number, so you wont get a load of stuff you don’t really want yay! You can pick and choose – love that. I made up an outfit with the new capris from FLG (they have a phatazz applier apparently – not my cuppa tea sorry) I’m also wearing the off the shoulder mesh tee prize from Pure Perfection and the sooper jolly red boots from JK Style.

Free shoes with socks !

This is a sim wide hunt, and you’re looking for little Santa hats, its simple dimple to find them all and you’ve got until the 31st December to track everything down. These shooz are from Pure Perfection and I love love LOVE them lots. Spotty and socks, great combo. Part of the hunt so just 5L again. Oooodles of stuff to find, go take a gander.

Merry Christmas Sim Hunt starting point

FLG Store

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Free & Promo’s

SF Design - new mesh Tshirt with colour change HUD ! Promo price 50L

Oh yes indeedy-do…I have some steals & deals for you to feast your peepers on. First up is this handy mesh Tee from SF Design. Not only is it a real looker but it comes with one of those colour changer HUD’s that means you get lotsa different shades for one price, gotta love that. Special offer for the first week, it will only cost 50L oot oot! I so loved this deep cerise shade and don’t forget to check out the back, its got a sweet v shape that carries on from the front, tres chic. (Guys one for you also, same deal, I will try to show it off later this week)

FLG FREE utfit ! Cleo Design Monthly gift !_001

Also new in and a free is this set from Cleo Design, it’s the group gift for October. You get two of the armchairs, and they are quite literally stuffed with poses for both males & females. (some even rez props) You also get the table and pitcher of flowers plusssss the funky suitcase shelving unit and rug ! My outfit and shoes are a new group gift from FLG, mesh jeans, mesh scaredycat tee and a pink pair of pumps….terrrrifico !

SF Design

Cleo Design


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Girl of the season

FLG New - Seasons dress - Autumn version

FLG has lots of newness out lately, and I’ve got this sweet lil dress to share with you. This is the Autumn variation, infact there is one for each season. This one rocked my boat nicely as the colours and tones are just so spot on for right now. Interesting design to the shoulder straps, that carries on over to the back, so nicely done. Pop over to the store and scope out the rest of the goodies !


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I like big butts and I cannot lie

FLG Group gift FREE- Izzies bangles free

As soon as I saw this free gift from FLG, this song kept on going round and round in my head, this is a rear shot of the verrrrry short shorts that come in the outfit…

FLG  Group gift FREE!

Heres the rest, fish net bra top and fantastic detailing on the front of the shorts…simple & deadly huh?! Refreshing change from mesh, it’s all clothing layers.

FLG Group gift - shoes (come with full outfit)

Thats not all, you also get this neon pink pair of shooz ! Gold spikes on the toe and heel, leopard print sole..these babies are hot hot hot. Not sure how long this gift will be available for so hurry along, group join is free btw. My necklace and earings are also a freebie from ((crystal line)), again free group join and a board stuffed with gifts for you to collect. Bangles I found at Izzies a while ago, might be worth checking to see if they are still there.


((crystal line))