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Old Friends.(Freebies).

Azul is the sort of shop you feel you need to get dressed up to just go shopping in it as it’s such a bright and grand looking shop.  It’s also pretty big so it’s handy that there is a TP Hud at the LM which will, once you give it permission, TP you to all the different areas such as formal, casual, Group Gifts and this “Garden” area which is where I took my pictures and as you can see calling it a garden is a bit off as there is nothing but gorgeous watery sim with this little pavilion and another even smaller feature.

There is a whole wall of the free to join group gifts, when I go back I’m going to check out what the paid for group gives you, and this dress is brand new.

For the Azul free group, you get this red/orange version and for the SLink and frees group it is the blue colour the third colour is for the VIP group.  Yes, there is a lot of “flexi” in this dress and in fact in all of the old Group gifts flexi still plays a bit part of the designs.

Of course, you can just not wear the flexi if you don’t want to but some styles really do carry it off well, for example, this next one.

This is one of the really old GG’s and I bet Faith will remember it but honestly, it still holds up so well.  When this dress first came out everyone ran to grab it, it’s almost an SL classic.  The “Flexi” bit swirls smoothly around you and if you’re an SL dancer check this one out.

I am deffo keeping this big flexi skirt and popping it into my folder with my Ballet clothes.

I should have used a different pose for this dress as I’m covering up too much of the top.  This is a classic SL and RL style and it’s why Flexi still has a place in SL as this dress is very reminiscent of Elisabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, stylish, classic. PS If you do get this dress the belt on the skirt has a script in it so just click on it and you can make it smaller.

There is so much more than what I’m showing you, some newer GG’s, as well as the older ones and I bet like me you cannot help but grab so many of them and I had a really lovely time this morning trying them on with and with out the flexi and I may have ended up binning all but the skirt from this last one but there is a black one which

PS Go get those Legendaire Free shoes I mentioned in my last post as I feel guilty I didn’t do a close up of them and I wore them with these outfits and they go so well so if you haven’t popped in then emm pop in.


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Halloween special offer ($99L)


Aris Aris have a fantastic outfit that should fit your dress up needs for Halloween. This is “Angel of Avernus” and it comes in 5 standard mesh sizes, plus two optional flexi bits for the bottom. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique mesh body, so as you can see it works pretty nicely. (staff I am holding is not included btw)


Heres a little more detailed look, I think the windlight setting I was using makes the fabric look a little shiny – it isn’t! The wingos are astonishingly well done, as you all know by now – I’m not a gown type a gal – but if I get the chance to attend anything this Halloween – this is what I’m gonna wear ! All for the low price of $99L.

ArisAris Store

ArisAris marketplace

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Long,Thick and Magika(l)

I was looking for an “updo” and ended up getting tempted by this  long and luscious look.  Now we all know that when you have long hair it usually comes in 2 sections and therefore you have that dreaded “break” in the flow where the 2 hair parts meet but this one is PDG (pretty damned good) at smoothing out the join between the 2 parts.  With some poses you still get the break but this is the first long non mesh hair that I thought was worth spending my lindens on. What makes this a bargain barnett (English slang for hair do) is you have so many options.  Ren is the hairs name and as  standard you get 8 shades of colours in each pack (I chose the safe but sure browns) but using the HUD you can change not only the overall colour but have the top half a different colour from the bottom half.  You can wear the top half only so going for a short shoulder length look!  Then you have the choice of “Mirror Image” which turns out to be you can change the side it’s on so for example the fringe is draped over the right eye but I can wear the mirror image and have the fringe, over the left side.  How clever is that.  As mentioned you get a Hud which you can do the usual ie change the sizing and colour but you can also have a strand of hair in your mouth as an extra bit of quirkiness.  199LDs for a hairdo with so many options and long locks is a Magika(l) Bargain.  Everything comes with Demos and there is a pretty and pink free mesh hair waiting to be grabbed at Magika.