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Heads up(Hunt&Dollarbie).

I’ve not done a hunt in ages and the last one I did was so hard I quitted(sic) so when Ever Wonder dropped me a note about a Hunt her shop, More Than Ever, is involved in it was a case of sign me up.

This is what the note said….

“Flawless is having a fun shopping activity this month called “Adventures In Babysitting.” It is a hud-driven quest activity, giving you a simple series of tasks. You receive 11 nice prizes when you complete it.

The quest centers around searching for a pair of 7 year old twins that wandered off when you took them to the shopping mall. It brings you into 11 of the Flawless SIM stores. The quest takes about 45 minutes to complete.”

Sounds perfect and I get to check it out a day early but Ever Wonder, the owner of More Than Ever has already sent me her hunt prize which I am wearing in my next piccie but once I’ve done this hunt I might do another one to show it off better.

PS Check out the More Than Ever Shop now before it becomes PACKED with hunters as I have quite a few items of her clothes and some of my “go to” outfits are from her shop they just “sing” to me but more than that there is 3 lucky boards and a Teleport Hud gift board all with prizes worth waiting for.  Her group is Free but the Teleport Hud one is 10Lds but cheap enough esp when you see the unusual design you get as a gift

Once I’d given up waiting for my initial to come up on the Lucky Boards I TPed over to BDKX shop which is new to me and almost new to SL as it looks like the owner/designer has only been inworld for about 8 months although of course they could be an old timer with a new account.

The shop is buried in the middle of a thick wood so where you TP in just walk down the path next to the BDKX sign.  Not a fully stocked shop as yet but sometimes it’s great to see a shop/designer grow in SL and from some of the very unique and interesting builds here this is a shop to keep an eye on if you like decor items or things for you sim that stand out as being different from the rest……not badly priced either!

Plus I got a Balloon for just a Linden and I have a thing for Balloons it’s almost pervy.  I picked the burnt orange one but there is more choices.

Feeling better in RL and treating myself to a load naughty food so I’m heading back inworld for even more goodies.

More Than Ever



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Only 2 piccies but a lot of info.

I popped over to Mina’s to find out a bit more about a new event to me called MIX, but more about that at the end.  As I was there I noticed that she had changed her sim and there is a lovely misty tree-lined avenue so I had a pleasant time pulling poses and taking pictures only to find out this morning that my computer has filed them away somewhere I can’t find them! So I did a quick couple of poses and the reason for the quickness is not the Mina hair, that will be on special offer all month,but the top I’m wearing.


I picked this top up from JLZ Fashion and it’s their Thursdays 55Ld offer.  Be careful not to buy the one from the full display as you will pay the full price, to get this one when you enter the shop go towards the right and on the wall at the bottom of the stairs is this discounted top.

Because we’re “dolls” when we show you a hair or a piece of clothing we chose everything else to fit to create a whole look and as you can see because of the Mina hair with that broad hair band and the top with its pastel flowers and string tie they all lend themselves to a Hippy style and so I chose this colour palette for my hair and make up.   So basically if you don’t like the colours I’ve chosen for this look this particular hair “Jacky” is not only on special offer of half price, 125ld, but you can choose from the whole colour range.  So you can choose blonde, brunette, reds, pastels and on and on and EVEN the extra specials such as the black.grey/whites and of course each pack comes with a selection of shades in that pack.  Mina often has special offers out but to have one where you can choose which ever colour you want is a bonus.  Also remember that although it’s not important in this style a LOT of Mina’s hairs come with the Bust sizing options which even if you’re not a big boobed girl still comes in very handy or making sure your hair lies on top of your clothing.


Just a close up  to show you the hair, skin, top etc and the jewelry.  As it happens I had managed to get over to the Flawless Sim and ran around the stalls grabbing the Lolly pops and I’d just unpacked these green gems so if you have some time to kill then I’d recommend you pop over and check out that sim for the Hot Summer Hunt & Cart Sale.

As for the MIX looks like some of the BIGGEST names in SL are in this and each shop is offering you a discounted items and to make it super easy you can either join the Mix group to get the Hud or grab the Hud off the Marketplace and I’m going to guess you wear the Hud and then TP to all of the shops taking place in this event and that’s exactly what I’m going to do once I get back inworld.


The Mix Web site for Link to groups and MP

JLZ Fashion (55ld top)

Flawless (Hot Summer Hunt&Cart Sale)

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So Hot! (Bargain&Freebie).

Today is going to be the hottest day in the UK for 9 years and I’m off out, ok just to my back garden but I have my lounger, parasol, cushions, throws, books and in the fridge a large jug of water and lemon slices.  If you’re stuck at work I hope the air con is working and if you’re stuck at home it’s time to ditch the housework and get outside.

Having said all that I’d still rather be here!


You get not only the top and shorts but also the belt and all in a 50Ld pack.  I don’t know if this is a new addition to her stall just outside of her shop or I missed it on my last visit. For only 50Lds you get the shorts, top and belt.  Again the colouring of the top is excellent it reminds me of crushed strawberries.  Even though this is just 50Lds there is a demo available for you to try.


Maybe I should have taken this picture from further away or popped a “censor” bar on LOL.  If you’re squinting to see how low these shorts are then you will go blind.  If you don’t like to flash so much flesh then you can simply pop the belt back on or  a simple addition of a system layer or a mesh bikini pair will look great.  As I’ve said it’s only 50Lds for the pack.


What you won’t be able to miss is the Hot Summer Night prize on the stall, a lolly pop, and this is the prize.  A bright zingy  “Lemon Bar dress”.  Again great colour and texturing and fit and FREE.

There is a big discounted cart and hunt sale going on at the moment on the Flawless Shopping sim.  I’ve already shown you the More Than Ever discounted item but not the shorts or this freebie.  Again time and the sun are calling me so I’m still not going to be able to have a wander around but I’m hoping to later when the sun gets too hot and see what else is out there for us.


More Than Never

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A bit of everything. (discounted, hunt, freebies, lucky chairs).

So I had a HAPPY time on my platform rezzing all my goodies from Dust Bunny and although there isn’t a build I wouldn’t love to live in the one I would chose is also the only one with prim count that make you go OUCH!  So I just had a wander around mentally placing out my furniture before I derezzed it and packed it away but here is a taste of what that build looks like.


Let me just say that the dress and hair are “NOT” Free but there is some good news.  This dress was a victim of my vast and bloated Invent, I try to label everything to make it super easy to find but I didn’t in this case and my invent ate the dress.  Happily, Ever Wonder sent it back out to me which got a big woo hoo off me and now I can not only show you it but this particular colour is on sale for only 100lds check out the end of this post to see where to get this discounted dress from.


I’m showing you the 3 pictures because I simply couldn’t chose which one I liked best, indulge me LOL.  I’ve taken the piccies in my Nams setting to show you how good the texturing is on the dress.


There are some Freebies in this piccie.  The bag is one from Amiable which finally has moved to a new location and a better quality shop which reflects it’s quality clothing and to celebrate the new move she’s put a couple of new GG’s out with all the old ones.  The bag is one of the new ones and it comes with a matching straw hat but since I have my “big hair” on I couldn’t wear it.  The jewelry is also another Freebie from Dark Mouse which after Faith had blogged it I had popped over to check it out as I remember it well and used to have a load of jewelry from there. As luck would have it my initial popped up on one of the lucky chairs and I won this necklace/earings/bracelet set which also came in 4 metals and it just fits this dress perfectly.

At this moment on the Flawless shopping sim there is another cart sale on and a “Hot Summer Nights” hunt, you’re looking for a Lollypop, and it’s on this is where you will find this discounted dress as well as the hunt item.  If green isn’t your colour, it’s mine I love green esp in a retro styled dress, then there are more colour options inside the shop but they’re full priced however there is also another hunt prize inside for you to find, EASY! but also a GG/Sub gift which I have blogged previously and well worth a visit just to grab them.

More Than Ever (Flawless shopping sim)

Dark Mouse (Lucky chair Jewelry)

Amiable (Lots off GG’s and New Bag and Hat)