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Info only.(Mention of Freebies).

NOT Free but for doggie lovers such a heartwarming scene.

I just love this little scene and if it wasn’t for the fact CATS WIN AND DOGS SUCK I’d buy it. At only 350Ld and 31 prims I think not only is that a fair price but such reasonable prims for so much details means you can plonk this on even a small patch of land.

This is very much an animal and prebuilt landscapes shop Best of all from my run around the sim most of these little scenes have animals in them, the Sunflower garden was my fav.

There is a lot of single animals you can buy, everything from bears to fish and it’s spread over I suspect the whole sim.

PS. Almost forgot the “freebies”. The group is free to join and there are 6 gifts out, all with cute animals but also all very Christmas themed and since I’m culling my invent I didn’t get any of them. There seems to be 2 main areas and 1 doesn’t have the Group Gift but you will find the area with the Group gifts close by if the LM I’ve given you doesn’t take you direct to the gifts.


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Gotta Getcha Gacha !

A new round of this Gacha event – really fantastic designers participating and lots of items to play for ! From furniture to clothing, animals and anything in between – Don’t MISS OUT!

First up I’m going to share these brilliant aquariums and fish from Hextraordinary –  the fish are just beautiful and the tanks are so realistic. The swirling water effect is very lifelike. The aquariums range from just 3Li – 4Li. You can collect fish , there are also snails and a couple of wearable pieces (that pleased me!)

As you can see from the key above plenty to win at only $25L per pop. The system to place your aquatic pets into the tanks is super easy – even I got it right. Rez your tank, rez your fish or snail. Touch the fish or snail, it will tell you to activate the tank, just touch the tank and choose “activate” – then your fishy or snail will whiz over inside the aquarium. Each animal also has settings, to roam, roam deep etc etc. 


Gallery of all items on Seraphim

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Time wasting. (Fishy Freebie).

I’m just trying to delay starting on my paperwork, I’ve got my pen, coffee, stapler, hand cream, Tipex, printer and I even have a cat snuggled up in a box on my desk and yet I’m still procrastinating! so I thought one last mooch through the SL Marketplace and I WILL get some RL work done.


Then when I found this fishy Mermaid/Merman Tail I just had to procrastinate more and pop inworld for a quick pic.  Because I’ve gone OTT with the editing the fish tail looks golden when in fact this it’s Sardine Silver, there is a really good image of it on the TSL Marketplace shop for you to check out for yourself.

OK Thats enough time-wasting and if I get cracking I might just be able to get all of this done and some time in the garden.  Have a great day everyone.

TSL (Marketplace Shop).