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Lots to play with

CIRCA NEW !!! Banksy photo set and props

I wish I had these “photo rooms” from CIRCA like yearssss ago! Gosh, so useful to set up stuff inside for taking pics. These are at the latest round of Genre, and are amazingly inexpensive. Various sets available for just $85L per pack of 5 or 6. I really loved the Banksy’esque ones, I’ve used one above along with some of the props that are also for sale – brill!


Above is a gift from CIRCA, yes the whole set ! Really beautifully made, the chair is quite literally stuffed with poses ! It’s all verrrry low prim too yippeee! If you want this, you’re going to have to hunt it down. Its to be found in  Firestorm’s Spooky Nights Hunt – which I found mildly confusing. I landed and couldn’t find anything or anyone – no hunt signs or….really anything ! I will wander on and see what I can dig up – landmark below for any brave souls ! (Google didn’t give me much of a clue either btw)

The next day : I persisted with this hunt, basically tiny skulls are scattered around the Firestorm sims, and you have to find them. They can be on land, under water, in rivers & streams – basically anywhere! I grabbed some great gifts, I have to say I was dead chuffed I carried on with this. CIRCA’s prize is someplace on Firestorm HS1 – have fun!


Firestorm spooky nights hunt hints

Spooky nights hunt start location

Neve Houndstooth leggings

Argrace hair