Cookies for all (Freebies)

Freebies - catch of the day Lunar Seasonal Designs

I happened across a notecard today that told me allll about the end of summer sale going on at The Cookie Jar – I sped over as its one of my fav places to shop. So glad I did, because not only where there heaps of bargains – some of the designers had placed out free Cookie Jar group gifts! (group is free to join) Above is from Lunar Seasonal Designs, you get this low prim picnic table which has an unbelievable amount of texture options for the wood and cloth (seriously!), plus you can click it and set out food for up to four people. If you touch the cutlery or the can you get a wearable animated prop to wear.

Freebies - catch of the day grill

You also get the firepit, low prims, oooodles of colour options for the stones, the wood etc, plus you can choose from fish, corn or both to cook – LOVE it ! Lunar has also thoughtfully included two cooler boxes, one lower prim than the other – they both dispense a drink.

Freebies - cookie jar - potted plant not free (but cheap!)

I also nabbed this darling lawn chair from Finishing Touches – only 2 prims and treated myself to the mesh potted plant from M&M. You can choose the pots patterns and colour, plus the earth etc. only 19L – a great and useful purchase.

Freebies for group - The cookie jar

Then I found a little stash of deco items, the shelving is a gift from Loks, again two versions included and also a planter from Bumbershoot and a sweet gnome eating cookies. The vase & flower is from Zoe’s Garden. I did buy a few *cough* well ok a LOT of items while I was there, totally worth going too !

The Cookie Jar

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The Cookie Jar – Bargains & Gifts galore!

Cookie Jar 10L sale and Free gifts

By chance I found out about the anniversary sale at The Cookie Jar, headed over there ASAP and pounced on the treats. There are heaps of 10L items to spruce up your space plus if you join The Cookie Jar group (free to join btw) a whole raft of gifts also ! I grabbed up the sweet butterfly house from Lok’s for 10L, it comes in three variations, plus this sweet bench from Zoe’s Garden which  was one of the freebies. See my bigass cake?! It’s also a gift from The Mustard Seed, yum.

10L sale & Free gifts

My pretty pots of flowers are from Lok’s, you get both sets in the box for 10L, scatter them about for a low prim effect, they are just 1 prim per grouping.

FREE birdbath

Finishing Touches gift is this magnifico verdigris bird bath, I think it was only 5Li, a really sweet addition to any garden .

Bumbershoot Saigon Kitty -

LVS had this sweet bicycle with rose planters out as their gift, my sweet kittycat was 10L from Bumbershoot, miaowww!

Cleo Design 10L !

You simply MUST grab this gorgeous lounger up for 10L from Cleo Design, it’s just SO summery, the texturing is superb. Lotsa poses , some with props that rez. The small cushion is also texture change.

Cleo Designs Free GIFT

Cleo Design also have this retro record player out as a gift, gawd some great tunes! Touch to open the doors, and the control buttons give you a pop up menu to choose your fav songs.


The Cookie Jar 10L Garden & gifts

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The Cookie Jar – Spring Festival (Freebies)

The Cookie Jar Spring Hunt Finishing Touches FREE fence with poses

Hopped over to The Cookie Jar to scope out the Spring Festival Hunt and came away with sooo many prizes ! This darling fence with bird boxes is the gift from Finishing Touches, it has lots of sweet poses in it  and a little puddle of spring tulips at the base .

The Cookie Jar Spring Hunt Zinias FREE

I also managed to find the prize at Zinnias, Zinnia is prettttty good at hiding and I’m not usually lucky ! Beautiful bench and hat rack, with sitting poses. Such a cozy feel to it.

The Cookie Jar Spring Hunt Cleo Designs FREE

Last up, I collected my prize from Cleo Designs, which is this hanging couch, table , scrummy tray with goodies on it andddd two vases of flowers ! All prizes are 100% free, all you have to do is land and then wander around the stores to find the little red tulips. The stores that aren’t participating are clearly marked btw. Happy Hunting !

The Cookie Jar



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Bleeping Bunny !

Finishing Touches BBLH Hunt

Oh oh oh dashhh if you want this ! The bleeping bunny hunt finishes on the 15th of August, so grab your huntin goggles and speed over to Finishing Touches to see if you can find the gift ! It’s SO worth hunting for (although, ok, I admit 24Karat knows I’m useless at finding stuff and sent me a copy !) In the box you’ll find this scrummy striped bench, its got squillions of poses for friends,singles & couples, also easy to adjust each pose if you need too. There is a dear little table with a cloth runner and two decorative plaques, OH! Almost forgot the wall art gacha…behind me in the photo, the summer artwork matches the patio set, so give it a whirl and complete the look !

Finishing Touches

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Oh I do love to be beside…

Finishing Touches new ! SF Design Monday Mani sandals

I do love to be beside the seaside…Ohhh I dooo love to be beside the seaaaaa….join in ! I have some pretties to share with you from Finishing Touches. I adore this store, it always has those decor items that seem to fit superbly in and around my home. This collection is gorrrrgeous!  Coastal Collection is now available exclusively at the Cookie Jar Designer Warehouse, priced at 50% off the regular price! Buy the complete collection (from the display box) and save $100 more (only $495L)! Think shabby seaside…washed out cottons, delicate blues and faded by the sun beige…drift wood and sand…*happy sigh*…Oh I do SO enjoy summery time ! Above is the one of the new chairs, its got sooo many poses, and not the usual ones you see so often around & about…the pillows have texture changes on them, as does the cloth on the sweet little pouffe. The new cabinet holds books, jugs and a starfish-on-a-stick …I so like that the rug is modify…dontcha just hate when you can’t make a rug fit your space  and its no mod !

Finishing Touches new collection -

More photos less jaw flapping, here’s some more of the set, candle (touch for different colours) a close up look at the delectabubble sand tray…and one of the other style of new chairs. Really liked that it not only has oodles of seated animations but also has two poses for standing up and leaning …great idea !

Heaven & Earth Grand reopening FREE mesh blouse

If you’re wondering where my pink tied shirt is from, it’s a gift from Heaven & Earth’s grand reopening…plenty to see in the new store so pop over, grab your freebie and take a wander around.

Finishing Touches @ The Designer Ware House

Heaven & Earth

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Thats the way the cookie crumbles

Finishing touches -NEW !

Ohhaiiii! I have the most adorable decor pieces to share with you…and if you’re jolly fast, you can snuffle them up with 50% off ! Finishing Touches has a newwww range out, get excited ! Its called the “Birds of a feather” collection. I love these drum style tables, so shabby chic and darling…with a lovely floral motif around the edge its a real winner for me. Theres also some miniature bird boxes that are so darned cute and low prim…and uhm *shuffles* …I have a thing about rocking chairs, I dunno why, but I have quite an extensive collection of them…maybe its because they are so comforting…this one is divine..it has ten single animations with props given out to wear with some…such as the mug of steaming coffee I’m holding above…beautiful rug that co-ordinates with the cushion on the chair too….

Finishing touches - NEW!

There is more ! The painted bench is a fav of mine, really well textured for that vintage appeal. So enjoy the stencil effect writing on this and the hanging sign…for a point of interest in your room, grab one of the bentwood chairs with its tiny birds nest on…if you can get over to The Cookie Jar Designer Warehouse before May the 1st…these  will all be at the sale price.

Finishing touches_005

Doorstep Bargain is on ! It’s an avian theme this time around and Finishing Touches has this to-die-for ” Faerie’s Reflection Birdbath”…and for just 55L – until the 25th of April. ! Quite the steal as its usual price is 135L…two choices of finish in this..Im showing the copper verdigris…a very gentle water effect means it wont make you go cross-eyed or dizzy…result! Thanks 24Karat ❤

Finishing Touches mainstore (for doorstep bargain items)

The Cookie Jar Designer Warehouse

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Being Twisted isnt easy

Twisted Hunt Zinnias

One of my favourite annual events is on at the moment, The Twisted Hunt. This years theme is “delirium” and boy-oh-boy there are some totally terrific gifts to search for. I’m a big fan of Zinnias and this year they are in it *squeeee*…the offering IF you can find it…is this twisted Psych-Sofa set. You get everything I’m showing above…the couch has some brilliant poses for the “patient”, and the chair is stuffed with poses for the Psychiatrist…of course no scene of this sort would be complete without some dodgy looking certificates on the wall…a potted fern to soothe peoples jangled nerves and naturally a talking parrot ! This set is SO much fun…thanks Zinnia ❤

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_006

Another must-have-prize is from Finishing Touches. As soon as I saw a preview photo of this Asylum skybox I just HAD to find it. It didn’t disapoint…fabulous texturing lends it a dismal and creepy feel, yet…it would really make a great hang out pad for you and your mates.

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_001

The skybox comes with a lot of extras too…you get the table and chair (great poses!), a couple of tatty rugs…some broken old wooden pallets..I so love the grungy old sink. It’s perfectly done, with scummy dirty water and rusted taps, comeplete with mirror, overhead light and skin crawlingly grubby towel on a rack..nice poses to uhm..clean your hands? !

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_004

It’s possible to buy a few extras for your skybox while you’re in the store…some totally neat items to add appeal, such as this mesh pipe shelving unit…

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_005

and a bath, that on closer inspection Id never.ever. want to get into ! While youre hunting out the prize,take a look around at the add on’s, well worth buying some to create a truly memorable atmosphere…thanks 24Karat ❤

This hunt is never easy, be WARNED !

Twisted Hunt Blog (all participating stores and url’s listed)


Finishing Touches