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Its Perfectly Perfect

Perfect Ten - Finishing Touches NEW

Oh la la a new round of Perfect Ten has begun, and its jam-packed with romantic goodies for the month of February – 50% discount (or more in some cases!) when bought at the event. So so so above is part of a set by Finishing touches, PG or Adult versions, and I have to say the Adult one is exceptionally lovely. The main upholstery is a sort of soft veined leather, with happy plump studs trimming the edges of the bed and chairs. Lots of scope to fiddle as its also got heaps of texture options for the fabrics yay!


This is the other chair form Finishing Touches, its got a blanky laid over the arm which always looks so stylish. The vase of heart-shaped flowers is by Lunar Seasonal designs. You get a gazillion (or thereabout) choices for the vase colour, the flower colour and also lighting effects. The vase of antique pink roses and pearls and the décor love block is by The mustard seed, they’ve got oodles of pretties out this round.

Perfect Ten - Finishing Touches NEW!

Little close up of the Finishing Touches set so you can see the gorgeous textures that have been used all over it. Its simply SO romantic I might go all swoooooony!

Perfect Ten @ The Cookie Jar Blog (all participating designers with URL’s & photos of items)

Photos taken inside the Rakkaus sky house by Scarlet Creative here

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Perfection again

Perfect Ten - Finishing Touches - Summers Sunset Gazebo collection

Augusts edition of Perfect Ten has begun – don’t miss out on those discounts ! Finishing Touches has a stunning Gazebo set for this round. I see plenty of gazebo’s in my Second Life – but this one has that extra something about it. Gorgeous wood textures, threadbare rugs, a candle lit Chiminea – plus blanket covered chairs and greenery. You also get an added bonus of fiddly bits ! Touch the gazebo and you can fool around with the lights and curtains, plus the blanket over the chair has a load of sweet textures to choose from.

Perfect Ten - Finishing Touches

Closer view of it all above – I really adore this collection – it’s very restful to lounge about in – infact I spent a few hours at sunset yesterday lolling about in one of the chairs writing my emails. Dont forget if you buy this set at the event you will get a big discount !

Perfect Ten

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Doo Wop (hunt)

FREE retro counter & wall art - FREE retro dress - FREE record player (animates and plays music) I’m so glad I couldn’t get to sleep, I was looking for something to dooo and found this hunt, it’s called The Doo Wops sock hops Hunt – yes, bit of a mouthful isn’t it?! Anyyywayy as soon as I checked out the hunt blog and saw that Finishing Touches had theeee most splendid hunt gift for it, I threw myself into action. Here’s a piece of information that you really don’t need – I have never, ever in my hunting history, found a hunt gift at Finishing Touches – IKR? The hint is always good , and off I plod full of hope, and I never find it ! Luckily this time, fate was on my side because I SO wanted this retro counter and wall art I could’ve screamed when I wasn’t seeing it. I wanted it NOW, not tomorrow with Zan aiding and abetting me – I’m impatient what can I say ! It was worth the two visits to find it, its damm brilliant. The stools have some lovely poses in (unisex) the wall art is fabulous. Red Pepper Designs made the twee little record player, it actually plays a song andddd animates you to dance some really neato 50’s style moves – only 2 prims yay! My mesh retro dress is by Get Frocked, its PINK – and I had to have it. Five standard meshy sizes, and it does fit over a slink physique body. FREE - Doo wops sock hops hunt Closer looky at the treats – erm what you waiting for?! Get going and grab those goodies. All the landmarks and hints are on the blog below, also some photos of prizes but not all. Doo Wops Sock Hops Hunt Blog

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Perfectly Tres Chic (so contrived!)

Aphrodite NEW!!

I’ve got two things to share, at different events – hence my really contrived blog post title yay! First up is “my sweet family memories” by Aphrodite – a stunning collection of furniture that will delight and amuse all the family. It’s on offer at a new event called Tres Chic –  Heres the deal:

“My sweet family memories” complete living room set
Exclusive set for Tres chic event only- Includes everything in the picture. Also comes in two color themes, Black & white or colorful.
Over 240 animations & scenes, 18 props, MESH & less than 40 LI!
New animations in SL custom-made for this set for all the family.
Special SALE price for the event L$ 2350.-

Aphrodite NEW

Watch the beautiful video below that really shows this set off perfectly – I don’t have an SL family to do it justice :

Perfect Ten - Finishing Touches

Over at Perfect Ten we have a late entrant (kidding!) Finishing Touches slipped this brilliant set in at the last moment – called “crazy daisies” and its full of FUN ! I’m not showing the whole set, there’s heaps of it, but this will give you a flavour. Basically anything that’s got macaroons in it wins the day for moi – so yeah – its got those. Plus daisies, spinning ones, window boxed ones, framed ones – daisies galore! Plus of course a gorgeous rocking chair stuffed with unique unisex poses – who could ask for more?! Grab it all at Perfect Ten and get a great special event price.

Perfect Ten

Tres Chic


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Spring Festival (Hunt & Cart sale)

Gardening trolley hunt gift (has poses) Chickens 1 prim 60L each !

Ahhhh Spring has sprung and little treats abound for you at The Cookie Jar. I didn’t really have too much time to do the hunt, BUT I knew if I were lucky enough to find the one from Finishing Touches Id be a happy girly. Thankfully I did (phew pressure pressure) and the gorgeous little trolley above was my reward. It’s so sweet and sits happily in my SL garden right now. Not only good lookin but it has poses too – for fiddling about gardening and one relaxing, nice touch ! Uhm well…onto the chickens – so I was wandering about looking for Finishing Touches (my internal navigation is always SO bad) and I stumble bumbled across Zinnias store. Saw these darlin chickens and HAD to have them ! Only 60L a pop (choice of colours) and just 1 prim, whats not to love huh?. Participating stores have a hunt prize for you to find plus a cart outside with some brilliant bargains all under 100L – if you’ve got some time it’s really worth the trip.

The Cookie Jar Spring Festival & hunt

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Perfect 10 keeps on coming

Perfect ten Michigans Shack Daybed

A new round of Perfect 10 is upon us and I’ve got a few goodies to share with you today. Michigans shack has this daybed out, it’s so nicely textured and the choices of colour range from the subtle as above, or more eye-popping colours. As is usual with their items, the menu is extensive and covers straight,gay,lesbian,femdom etc. At 13Li it’s not primtastic either.

Perfect ten Finishing Touches

One of my most favourite designers Finishing Touches is also in this round and have this really unusual “trundle-bed” for grabs. Whats a trundle-bed? Well its pretty nifty , above it looks like a daybed or couch and has poses for that (lots of poses!) – there are also frames, birdcage, chest,rugs and lamps for this set…however, with one click….


Perfect ten Finishing Touches Trundle bed

…the trundle-bed smoothly opens up – et voilà ! How cute is that?! More poses utilise the lower portion of the bed – love it. Super low prims too so you could afford to place a lot of this set out.

Perfect ten Finishing Touches Rocking Chair

There is also a rocking chair – you all know how I love these right? Heaps of poses and ever so well made – a keeper for me.

Perfect 10 

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Perfect 10 – A new Experience

Perfect 10 NEW !

A new event has begun at The Cookie jar, it’s called Perfect 10. Above is a gorgeous set from Urban Daisies – I adore the wall hanging, the quality of the fabric texture is stunning. The vintage daybed is stuffed full of really nice poses and uber low prim. Ohhh btw the little berber rugs come in an array of colours to choose from also. Heres a little info from the Blog about it :

“Following the massive and continued success of the Designer Warehouse and Builders Warehouse events we have decided to enter into 2015 with a new concept! Not “just another sales event” PERFECT TEN not only replaces our Designer Warehouse event (the longest running Home & Garden sales room on the grid) but also encapsulates the Home & Garden community. It is specifically designed for non-fashion creators with large display areas and a huge resource of “home & garden fans” in our marketing reach. This truly is going to be “the place to be” for all furniture, landscaping, full-perms creators.”

Perfect 10 NEW!!

Better view of the fabrics used on the daybed and wall hanging.

Perfect 10 - Finishing touches

Another store that I’m rather fond of is in the Perfect 10 round, Finishing Touches ! This lounge set is scrummy, I kept zoom perving the textures used on the couch & chair – yes, I know w e i r d but , it’s SO edible ! The table has the option of wood or glass and wood. You can also add your own photos and images to the set of frames on the wall to make it more personal. The couch has poses for single pringles, friends and couples – there’s even a proposal animation – handy for Valentines day huh?

Perfect 10 - Finishing Touches NEW

For the duration of the Perfect 10 event this set is at 50% discount – I popped over today to take a look at the set up , there’s SO much to see  and some amazing deals !

Perfect 10

Perfect 10 Blog