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Kawaii Freeness.

Not just 1 FREE MINA but 2 FREE MINA’s, however, you do have to hunt them down, don’t let that put you off reading the rest of my babble as there are non hunt freebies as well.

This is the hair Mina has out for us in the “Land of Rainbows Easter Hunt”.  You do only get the 1 shade, obviously, the one I’m wearing, but any Mina’s hair is so wearable and even as a hardened brunette I often wear the light browns or blondes…but it’s the reds that really rock my SL boat.

This looks like yet another AMAZING HUNT!  I’ve hardly been able to scratch the surface of the St Patricks day hunt and now there isn’t just this new one to add to my “must do” list but Madpea also has a fun hunt going on! I need to work in SL full time and RL only part-time, sadly SL don’t pay no bills LOL.

Don’t worry though if you’re a useless hunter like me because the top I’m wearing doesn’t need any hunting skills as it’s the newest GG from the Well Made shop and is right there in the entrance of the shop, you will also see there are other older GG’s on a shelf to your right, some of which I’m pretty sure I’ve shown you before.  Lots of sizes, inc non-mesh body fits and although it comes with a hud it’s only for 2 colours but that’s nothing negative as it’s a lovely simple and very wearable off the shoulder top.

If you haven’t spotted it the skirt is the one from my previous post, 10Lds, and a 10 textured hud.  I’ve not had time to pop over to see if it’s still out but you never know you might be lucky and I think you can see how well it teams up with this top.

I didn’t really want to use this “look” to show you “Arwen” but I don’t know when I will get another opportunity to show this other FREE Hunt gift off Mina so here she is.

“Arwen” also comes with just this edgy black shade, which is why I didn’t want to team it up with a pretty/kawaii look.  It won’t surprise you to learn that I have the full colour pack of Arwen as it’s just such a good hair and frames your face so well.  Arwen is the St Patrick’s Day Hunt and since you have to go to the Group Gift section (HINT HINT) then when there check out the GG’s. It costs 200Lds there is enough hair to keep your noggin warm for years to come.  I’ve tried to whittle down my massive collection of Mina’s hairs, and PumeC skins, but they’re such good quality they stand the test of time and I have hair that is 5 years old which look as good as any new hair and because the GG’s are shop quality hair again for a little output you really have enough hair to cover your noggin for years to come.  Also, remember there is men’s hair as well and so many of Mina’s hair are unisex so grab em ALL no one will judge you lol.

Land of Rainbows Easter Hunt LM


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Pure Class.(Hunt Freebies).

I was so desperate to get my mitts on the Kaithleen’s hunt prize I actually cammed and scanned for about 45mins before I gave in and then I spotted a lady called Sia inworld and I know she’s a good hunter.  So I sent out an SOS and damn she is good although I have to say as soon as she pointed it out it was deffo a case of “DUH”.

As you can see it was well worth the SOS because just look at the stretch in the skirt, no distortion in the texturing and the folds at the hem just Kaithleen quality.

She always has such attention to the detailing.  This gift comes in all standard mesh sizes inc my SLink one..Woo Hoo I would have been royally PO’d if it hadn’t as I adore this shop and the clothing as she manages to make her clothes sweet and sexy with a touch of “cheeky” thrown in and all done in amazing quality.

Whilst you’re there check out the GG’s which are in the main entrance because although this isn’t a free group at 200Lds for I think it’s 5 or 6 outfits including a brand new one it’s an excellent investment and if it just wasn’t for the case of I already have some Kaitleen clothes which I never get to wear I’d join and snap them up in a heartbeat.

What I’m not showing you yet, I’m just waiting for the right look for it, is the Mina hair I picked up as well which is yet another prize in this excellent hunt.  This hair comes only in the black shade, Arwen is the name of the hair and since I have the full-colour set plus the group gift one which is dirtied with blood so I know the style well, it’s a short cute and young hair but I did notice that in the black it’s a bit edgier so it wouldn’t go as well with this dress as the hair I chose.

Since I know you will go and get the Mina hair I know you will be going to where the group gifts are, hint hint, so once you’ve picked up the hunt freebie check out the Mina Group Gifts.  I do believe her group is also just 200Lds to join and you get LOADS of hair for that.  There is also men’s hair as well as women’s hair but take them all because a lot of Mina’s hairs can be classed as being unisexed and look great on both sexes.


St Patrick’s Day Hunt LM’s & Hints

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Whispers, it’s hereeeeeee.(Finders Keepers Hunt).

This looks like it’s going to be a stupendous hunt from the list of the shops involved in it, so much so it’s brought out all the hungry hunt B*’s and of course that includes me.

Turns out if you don’t want to use the hud, which is handy as it will TP you to the shops you want to go, you can use the link I will give for the hints and the LM’s.

This simple off the shoulder dress is from the Decoy shop.  Get ready to see a lot of the hunt items as I know I will be grabbing as much as I can and it won’t surprise me if you don’t see a few posts from Faith as well.  But since this looks like it’s going to be very busy I’m not sure when the hunt is officially over I think I will give it a few days to calm down.

What else is here is my, GULP, new laptop.

A short while ago I blabbed on about how the Windows 10 update was absolutely F*****G with my computer and how in the end I went into Windows support and allowed them remote access to sort out the problem and how happy I was. It turns out my happiness was short-lived, 5 times in total because that’s how many times windows support tried to stop the update until we worked it out that the problem was the fact my computer is old and knackered, insert a lot of BLA BLA BLA TECCIE BLA here.  So even though my computer is actually still working inevitably I will be FORCED into an update then I have to do another system restore to take it back to before the update and that gives me a few working days before yes yet again I’m FORCED into an update. I will say though that you shouldn’t worry and if you have any issues being able to log into the windows support and allowing them remote access or you can follow their instructions if you feel confident then you should have fewer issues that I did.

So I’ve thrown in the towel and my credit card and invested in a super double gaming computer, actually, it’s a laptop but that didn’t rhyme.  I’m not using it yet cos guess what it’s doing…yes a windows update but in this case, I’m not worried as it is brand new and can handle not just the most recent update and everything I need to do but of course I’m hoping it works well for Second Life!

St Patrick’s Day Hunt Hints & LMs(Finders Keepers)