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Lilac girl

I was out and about exploring a few places today and came across a new-to-me store called Volstead…being the curious soul I am , I ventured inside and found three drop dead gorgeous dresses…all free, result! All three dresses are in the same pretty lilac shade…such a wonderful colour. The interesting thing about all of them is…each has a mesh part for the main dress, but also a separate top piece that is sort of gauzy and sheer, it layers over the dress , giving it a real 3D effect…each dress has a definate vintage retro feel too it…the bias cut skirt..the rich heavy fabrics…

This one is simply divine, with its long hip sash and slightly sparkly fabric is SO feminine…and I noticed that the top part could also be worn over a pair of trousers…

like so !…I slipped a pair of white coldLogic pants on..and used just the top layer of the dress…makes for a sweet casual look.

Last up is the empire dress…layered again…so so SO pretty, and also free. You will find these frocks on the rails with the normally priced ones…these are what you’d call a “wearable demo”…of course if you’re not a fan of lilac, there are other full priced versions on sale in heaps of different colours. Lovely range of clothes instore…go take a look ! I’m also wearing the November group gift skin from Filthy “nathalie”…comes in various shades from pale to dark…VERY lovely…group join fee applies , but I’ve never discarded a group gift yet, totally worth signing up for.