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Sweetness & Light


I’m always on the look out for something new & pretty to share with you…so when I popped to see my dear friend Fey, I was astounded when she told me that the outfit she was wearing was a free gift *faint*. The mesh jacket and skirt are from Umi usagi and Fey won it on a luckyboard there (group is free join and I think you need to be in it to get lucky)…you probably can’t see from my totally useless photos but its got such a LOT of detail…and looks SO classy…


The socks are from one of Fey’s all time fav stores G Field and go really well with the school uniform style…her shoes are from the freebie wall at curious kitties, take some time to explore the freeb’s there, there are positively oooooodles of them ! Fahhhbulous look Fey and thank you for being patient while I fiddled about ❤

Umi usagi


Curious Kitties

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

One Bad Pixel


While Steve and I were at the of our friends popped over to show off her new dress..(thanks Fey <3) It’s from One Bad Pixel…not a store I’ve looked at I headed over there to scope the place out. Great, yet small, collection of mesh clothing..I was bowled over by the quality of Fey’s dress..perfect fit and SO detailed ! Its called “Cherry Cheong Emerald”, although there are heaps of other colours to choose from, I really think this one looks adorable on Fey, suits her dark exotic style ! Singles are 450L…or you can grab a fat pack of them for 1800L…

One Bad Pixel

Fey’s credits: Boots – MD Ballet boots short v4 – Mesmerize Dungeon
Hair – Pepper II – Damselfy
Hair Top – Modded part Lyra – EMO-tions
Skin – Aline – LAQ
Tattoo – Shohako – Prozak Freebie