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The warning is because my next post is gonna be one that encourages you to open your wallet, release the moths and spend some Linden’s cos I LOVE what I bought but I equally love this little sweet n free toe ribbon set.

A hud with some nice colours in it and comes in, I think, 3 mesh feet fits but FREE for you to find out for yourself.  They’re in the ZD Zhora Design shop and there is also a set of Lucky Chairs.

Reality Bites.

OK now for the sad reality sh*te because at the moment in the UK a tower block that housed over 600 people is burning down.  Lots of people have been saved, lots are in hospital and sadly since this is an ongoing event many people are still trapped so no one knows what the end will be for so many people.  It gave me pause for thought, should I do such “trite” post considering what’s happening but then I thought “of course I should”.  It’s been a rough few months from massive and horrendous terrorist attacks not just in the UK but all over the world but there has also been many smaller but because they’re personal tragedies ie the loss of a parent, sibling, child, loss of a job, home, personal possessions and on and on and because they’re so close to home even more painful.  All we can do is remember to rejoice in what we have.  I know that for a lot of people it’s hard to do but as someone who has enough RL crapola thrown at her, I can assure you that we all need to just stop occasionally and remember to appreciate what we do have and not what we have lost or never had in the first place.

ZD Zhora Designs

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Feet for the Feetless(3Ld Hunt Prize).

Still waiting for the RL weather to improve so I logged back in and did some more of the Optimism Hunt and when I popped these sandals on I thought I must get them posted.


Not everyone has or even wants SLink feet so these sandals with inbuilt mesh feet is a great addition and again since they’re in the Optimism hunt they just cost you only 3Lds.  I have to be honest and didn’t really have much hope that they would be as good as my SLink Feet but I was sooooo impressed. a large colour palette to choose from and I matched my PumeC skin on just the 3rd try.  As a hardened SLink user and a PumeC skin nut I’m used to a 100% match so to find a pair which may not be 100% match but is so good I took this picture in my Nams setting and didn’t do any retouching of the picture.  I’m going on about the skin match so much I forgot to point out the obvious which is how good those sandals are for anyone to want them.

VP Creations