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Unexpected. (Freebies & Super Bargain).

I’m not a big fan of Khaki but I do love block heels and these freebies from Ohemo are so good I can ignore the fact they’re Khaki and thick-soled.

Ohemo is not a big shop but I saw at least 2 pairs of shoes which if the demo sign had rezzed I would have grabbed them to try them on. It’s just a glitch and chances are when I log back inworld they will appear but it’s nice to see some different designs.

Then just before I left I spotted another freebie on the wall in a gift box, I can’t remember which freebie group it belongs too but it’s one of the two biggest in SL so chances are you’re probably already in it.  Oddly enough for a shoe/accessories shop that gift turned out to be this patio set.

I did take more pictures but something went screwy with them so you only get this one.

You get a linked/unlinked set in teak or charcoal plus a table with a tablecloth on it and a hud to change the tablecloth texture.  Only 1prim for each piece.  The poses in the chairs don’t match up with the height of the table as the table is shorter but those are really good poses and I might see if I can copy them.

PS. Faith if you spot a random chair on your back deck it’s because although I heard the rezzing zizzle I couldn’t see it lol.

UPDATE: When I returned to LM grab I checked and it turns out that some of the shoeboxes are labelled as “demo’s” easy enough to see when you know what you’re looking for.

So I grabbed the demo for these shoes and they were as good as I had expected and I hummed and hawwed as I have so many shoes but when my mouse pointer hovered over the buy box and the price of ONLY 45LDS popped up AND you get the fat pack of colours it was a no brainer!  I picked one of my fav shade packs to check out first and you can change all the bits from the sole to the fringe.  I can’t remember how many other shade packs you get but it’s about 5 or 6 of them.

They’re actually 50Lds but you even get a 5Ld Group discount and since the group is free to join it would be silly not to save 5Lds as there is always a Dollarbie to be found.


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Shocking, I bought Lindens! (50Ld Pack inc mention of Freebie).

I was just LM hopping and popped into 1 Hundred,  where I spotted 2 boards leaning up against the counter.  At first, I thought they were Gacha’s and for 50Lds a try you could win some prizes but nope for 50Ld you get everything you see.

I have been so good that it’s only now that I’ve had to purchase my 500Ld monthly budget and that was just to treat myself to this bargain bag of clothing.

I’m not even hating the shorts and usually these “coochie cutters” are my least fav style but I think they’re some of the best I’ve tried.

I think I will probably keep this but as with the shorts, these “coochie cutter” swimsuits aren’t usually to my taste.  PS it’s not an odd shape it’s the pose I’m using which makes it look odd lol.

This dress was the one I was most interested in.  Just a lovely summery dress.  There is a nice summery top and 2 more shades of the shorts so, all in all, a total of 8 items for just 50Ld. You will also see on the boards that there is a demo sign so if in doubt you can try before you buy…..that made even me cringe.

Drat! As I was LM grabbing I spotted that there is, in fact, a Free to join Group Gift.  I’ve not got time to show it to you but it’s very pink with a cheeky nip slip so if this 50Ld offer doesn’t get you over there I’m sure the chance of a cheeky nip slip will.

1 Hundred


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Do you trust me?????? (50Ld GG’s more than I’m showing you).

I just wanna have fun so I’ve played with editing but “trust me” not just the 2 items I’m showing you but all the GG’s I picked up from Una’s ARE shop quality.

This outfit is the “Dulenceia” and you get 6 shades in total, 2 light ones and 4 dark and rich shades.  The other outfit I picked up is the similar one but with a short skirt and that’s called “Ambrosia Corset” and that one comes in 5(or 6) super colours and extra ribbons to wear. The last item of clothing I picked up is a dress called “Grace”, this dress only comes in the 1 size but it fitted me easily and I should imagine it will fit most shapes and .his also comes with 6 shades.

There is more there than the 1 I’ve shown you and the 2 I’ve described and also there is a pair of shoes in the ribboned box.  I think it’s marked clearly what the sizes are but it doesn’t tell you that you get the Fat Packs for the colours so that was a lovely surprise..I even like the purple and blue shades!

Mixed in with the clothes are some fun items such as this book landscaping pack.  A mix of books that lie on the ground to create a path and those oversized ones for decor are pretty low primmed.  The path is just 4 prims and each book is just 1.

So a bit of a mixed bag but you won’t be disappointed.  There is also some lucky boards with prizes well worth hanging around for plus either a 25Ld Tue or 30Ld Sat offer which was very tempting.

PS.  Forgot to mention the dress I am showing you is gulp, pantiless! Which means you either have to wear your own or go commando.


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FML (Freebies).

I wonder how many of you will understand what the “FML” is? It stands for “F*ck my life” and I’ll put the link at the end of the site where you can not only read about how others days have gone completely T*Ts up and maybe like me add your own “FML” comment.

So instead of raiding the fridge I came inworld and took some piccies.


Rebel Hope sent out a message for a new Gift set out for everyone and not just group members.  When you rezz turn around and it’s right there on the board just waiting for you to buy it for 0Lds.


Ooodles of colour packs and then more FML because SL crashed on me!  It’s been several months since SL crashed on me so once I’ve gotten some work done I’m going to spend the rest of the day in bed with a pile of books, Pinterest, kitties and munchies and I’m going to wait for the bad karma to pass.

And that’s it, shortest post evar!

Rebel Hope Designs

FML website, I promise you it’s hysterical.

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Fair Warning – 21 Shoe

21 Shoe My addiction Iris fat pack - coldLogic dress Aston

Its only with us for 24 hours, yup its almost time for the next round of 21 Shoe ! I thought Id give you a good shout a coupla days beforehand to get your juices going and remind you NOT to miss out. My Addiction has a fat pack of their Iris shoes out (for Slink high feet) – I know right ! Lovely strippystrappy things they are too. They come with a HUD that allows you to remove the studs and alter them to allll sorts of colours, plus remove the straps to make them into a more mule like style, brilliant.

21 Shoe My addiction Iris fat pack

Heres a closer view showing the awesome HUD, pretty nifty huh? A real pair of “take you anywhere” shoes, dont forget 21 Shoe is on for just 24 hours, starting the 21st of the month. My dress in the first photo is by coldLogic and is called “Aston”, its a flirty dress with an optional undershirt and bow tie, heaps of colours to choose from also.

My Addiction store

21 Shoe Blog

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

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Upstairs at Mina’s.

I almost missed this as I was sorting through all my notes but there is a 50% discount sale on at Mina’s at the moment so of course I TPed straight over.


I didn’t buy a single hair becuase I own them ALL!  I’ve actually just binned a whole load of hairs from other shops but these, even though I don’t think they’re that old, still stand the test of time so much so I didn’t even think of binning them.


This one is Tabita which is another one of my Favs and I know for a fact Faith also has this hair.


I mentioned this hair a couple of posts ago and so even though I’ve probably shown you it before I’m using this as an excuse to show you it again.  This hair, Selenia is NOT discount but in fact is even cheaper as it’s a Gacha win.  Mina has her old Arcade Gacha machine downstairs and each try is only 75Lds so Selenia is even cheaper than the discounts.  You do of course have to take a chance on the colour you get but you don’t just get the 1 shade even from the Gacha you get a colour pack!  So 5 shades in total which is pretty generous since most people just offer the 1 shade.


Again to show you the quality of the hair, and of course my PumeC skin, all shots taken in my sims Nams setting.

Mina Mainshop


Timeless (Freebies, cheapies, shoppies).

Time is pretty short at the moment but that doesn’t mean I didn’t find some really lovelies.

My first visit to SL landed me here at the Meteor Garden shopping sim and this is the Windlight setting that greets you.  I simply love it when a shopping sim is designed with such thought and imagination it makes you want to stay and just meander which sadly I really just didn’t have the time to do.  If you too don’t have the time to go check it out don’t worry as I left my AV standing there and when I get some SL time I’m going to spend a lovely time mooching around and I promise to let you know if there are any Freebies, cheapies or brilliant items.


I did manage to grab this inworld yesterday.


This comes from Loovus and I almost missed it because on the reception desk is a dress that I blogged just recently but what I hadn’t noticed is that on the wall behind the desk are some more Freebies.  This dress is a gift to celebrate 500 Facebook Thumbs Up. You can tell that this is a shop quality item by the shading on the pockets.  There are other dresses there so even if this one isn’t to your taste I’m pretty sure you will find something that is.

PS you don’t need to give them a Thumbs Up if you don’t FB but if you do FB then I’m pretty sure it would be a nice thing to do.


This is a style of shoe which is flooding SL at the moment and I love them and I love the fact that these not only cost just 30Lds but you get a super packed colour changing Hud, 35 colour options in total.  Of course I’ve stuck with the safe colours but there is a whole range from tangy orange to white.


For another 60Lds you could have these.  The top shoes are called “Sweet Bow stilettos” and this pair is called “Casilda”.  The same 35 colour Hud as the first pair.  I’ll put the link for the demo pairs because although these are such bargained priced I always say “try before you buy”. Shey’s has a lot of really reasonably priced shoes and this colour packed Hud seems to be pretty standard for all of them, it’s almost too hard to choose which ones to buy at that price.

OH! almost forgot you will need SLink high feet for these shoes.

Meteor Gardens Shopping Sim


Shey Casilda Marketplace

 Shey Sweet Bow Stilettos Marketplace