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Arisaris at Fashion For Life

yay! One of my fav stores is at Fashion For Life…and they bought along a mesh dress that I just adore..Ive blogged it upon its release but it’s SO worth seeing again…and of course ArisAris also has items in their store that donate to the American Cancer Society, plusss a gacha item (also a lovely gift inside their store, wont spoil the surprise but its adorbs !

A new release to make your heart go pitty patter..is these gorgeousss suede sandals..to-tah-lee fab! Easy to use HUD for skin tones and pedi colours (lotsss of pretty colours for tootsies!) I ❤ these verrrrry much…still stomping around in them …thanks Ariadne xx

Im actually out and about at FFL right now..ohmai MOCK have a gacha *squeeee* 20L a pop…Iam unmolested by the lag monster..the builds are AMAZING…come and wander with me !

Fashion For Life Arisaris

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Yes…Its Time

Im so excited…its time for Fashion For Life ! In its sixth year raising money for the American Cancer Society. Sooo many designers, new & old…all with exclusive items for the event..gatcha machines..a hunt..a raffle…and so much more ! Im kicking off my FFL blog with one of my favourite suits…its called “mimi” and is by SF Designs..(thank you Swaffette xx) I already have a different colour of this in my wardrobe..but this is a special exclusive colour just for FFL ! Duck egg blue..scrummy shade..

In the box you get two versions, plus the most darling little matching clutch bag & shoes. If you dont pick this up at the FFL event..you wont be able to buy it later !

Next I have a gatcha dress..just 50L a pop, and its mesh ! Its by Silken Moon..and has some lovely detailing on it..easy to wear. Ive teamed it up with a necklace form Caroline’s Jewelry..and I SO love this ! Sweet key with a teeny clock set into it…tying in nicely with this years FFL theme “its time”..available with black or white pearls..havent taken this off yet ! Im also wearing a skin from one of the specially created “Hygeia” line by MyDear..a donation item..tres chic..totally lovely…get buying ! (loads of skin tones and makeups)

Last for today..but not my last blog for this event is from SF Designs…if youre into gowns or Tuxedo’s…this is what you need. The Speranza gown for us ladies and the co-ordinating Speranza Tux for the Men. Such a wealth of detailing its hard to know where to start..but if you think of SF Design as the “Rolls Royce” of this type of attire..you wont be far wrong. The gown has full and slim skirt versions..a prim bodice that makes it sooo much more three dimensional..the fabric looks heavy and lush..and moves so gracefully its hard not to keep twirrrrling around ! Also in the box is a stunning pair of shoes to wear with it. If youre liking my skin, its also availble at the FFL event, by Hush and called “Amy”, Im still wearing this two days later..its totally adorbs. I chose sultry sage in the honey tone…more shades on display !

Im not big on describing menswear..but Steve looks super handsome in this tuxedo..no? Im big on cuff and cufflinks..such a lovely touch…also has shoes with it..so no worries about searching out a pair ! Thanks Swaffette x

Fashion For Life

Fashion For Life Blog

Some info from the organisers also :

So what’s New for 2012?

This year, Fashion for Life spans an incredible TEN lag free sims with over 200 stores selling the latest fashions, accessories, hair and unique designer items made especially for this event. There will also be gacha areas, a hunt, a raffle and a SALE- all with the end goal of raising funds for the American Cancer Society via SL.

The sims will be laid out in a cross formation and will represent the theme “Its Time…” with builds representing stages in time:  past, present, future and timeless. All building and landscaping have been created by some of SL’s top designers and builders to produce a beautiful environment for your charity shopping sprees!

Alongside the fabulous fashion, there will be a sim dedicated to providing a minimum of 12 hours entertainment and activities every day, so you can socialise, have fun and meet new people too.

Our sims have been kindly sponsored by ‘Dream Seeker Estate Corporation’ which has drastically reduced admin expenses, helping to free up even more money for Relay for Life.

Harper Beresford, Fashion for Life Lead executive says:
“Fashion for Life is not just about fashion and it’s not just about fund raising-it’s about supporting the members of our community in SL who have been touched by cancer.”

Cancer touches everyone. We sincerely hope you join us in this kick-off event for Relay for Life in SL, helping raise money for the American Cancer Society.



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Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life is a tremendous event in Second Life which supports the American Cancer Society raising a great amount of money for donation. It’s currently running until the 20th of this month and I think we can all agree that this is a very worthwhile cause as I’m sure most of us have either directly or indirectly been affected by this disease. We all know how important research into finding a cure is. There are so many great designers on show with some lovely FFL exclusive items so when you head down to the Fashion for Life sims and buy something from one of the Fashion for Life vendors, be happy in the knowledge that not only are you getting some high quality merchandise, your money is doing good. There are also gacha machines and a hunt, giving you even more excuse to look around.

Now onto some of the gear you’ll find when you’re wandering. First up, I have this super skin from Akeruka. It’s called Damien mk1 (yes there is a mk2 as well). You’ve all seen Akeruka skins on this blog before so you know how good they are and if you haven’t, well just take a look at the above picture. Akeruka never stints on quality, bringing superb details to their skins. Damien has a great masculine look to him with tremendously sculpted muscles around the torso, even the belly button is done well. This version of Damien comes with some funky looking eyeliner that adds another dimension to the skin. Also included are tattoo layers for a light eyeliner and hairbase as well as a bald base. Everything is covered. This skin will cost you L$1000 and is definitely worth the price.

Akeruka @ Fashion for Life

::Schoen:: is a new store to me but they have some wicked looking items down at Fashion for Life. The ‘Black Down Vest’ you see above is one of their FFL Hunt items that can be yours for L$50. It is really very well done with just the right amount of puffiness to it, looks great worn by itself as well as over the top of something like I’ve done here. I love the black leopard print designs around the bottom and front of the vest. There is also a hooded version included that looks just as good. This is an item that you guys should definitely be on the lookout for.

::Schoen:: @ Fashion for Life

Last but not least, I have one of the Fashion for Life exclusive outfits from SF Design. Those of you who’ve seen the blog recently will recognize the shirt and mesh pants shown here but now they have been beautifully recoloured and put together for FFL along with an awesome pair of boots. As I mentioned, the pants in this ensemble are mesh so you’ll need a mesh enabled viewer to see them and they are definitely worth the new viewer, gorgeously detailed and fitting. There are 2 different sizes of the mesh included so you’ll surely find one to suit your size. The dark blue colour looks brilliant and goes so well with the boots and shirt. Speaking of the shirt, it’s a light blue version of the Flower Power shirt and I think I might even like this even better than the pink one, especially taken with the ensemble as a whole, it just all looks so good. As I mentioned in a previous post, you get two sleeve lengths for this type of shirt, the three-quarter length (which is my personal fave) and the full-length, plus they come on a variety of layers. The creases and shading are done ever so nicely and the sculpted cuffs and collar fit perfectly.

Now onto the Tweedy Rolltop boots. I love these shoes, they look too awesome. The colour is very cool (blue suede shoes without the suede baby) and they are dead easy to fit with the alpha layer (if you can wear multiple alphas, something I’ve only recently been able to do myself). The detailing on them is gorgeous, especially the tweed rolltop, seriously, that is my favourite part of these boots and that is saying something.

This ensemble will cost you only L$400 which is an amazing price for such a sweet set of clothing. More than worth it.

SF Design @ Fashion for Life (this link may not take you directly to SF Design but you’ll be on the right sim)

So there you have it, some of the amazing items on show at Fashion for Life. As you can see, the quality of the items is simply stunning and this is only a small sample of the gear you’ll find down there. Remember, it is all for a great cause so bring your money, explore the many gorgeous sims and help out!

Fashion for Life



Fashion For Life…contd…

SNOC lingerie 10L & DUH Pounds of pearls necklace 25L

yesyesyes Ive been at it again..lured like a moth to a flame to haunt the Fashion For Life fair. I popped over to see what DUH had on offer and was sooper chuffed to pick up this gorrrgeous pearl necklace, have loved DUH for agess and constantly wear an old dollarbie necklace from there.(still available !).this was a donation item for 25L such a bargain! pearls cascade down your back and over your chest..its a keeper . I teamed it up for a boudoir look with the SNOC “flora” lingerie snap it up for just 10L..

Fashion For Life

Seee my new friend? She dances around me scattering fairy dust in her wake…soooo sweet! For 5L you too can own one awww ..made by **Angelwing** (Pink Naerose butterfly) only 5L anddd its a donation item..

Likka House ragdoll in pink gift

A truly astonishing gift from the generous Likka Noel, pick this up as a gift from the FFL fair, SO pink, SO flufffy, perfect! Go and wander the FFL for sims,everytime I go I find designers that are new to me, gorjusssness in boxes and the “feel good factor” makes you glowwww…

Go get good : Random landing point to see the goodness


Fashion For Life

FFL SF Design Lauren Gown

Fashion for Life is the fashion branch of Relay for Life, formerly known as the RFL Clothing Fair. It is Second Life’s longest running fashion fair. It runs across 9 sims from March 12-22 and 100% of the funds raised go to the American Cancer Society.Each designer at the fair has items that when purchased 100% of the price goes towards the charity. I popped over this morning and bought this stunning gown called *Lauren*, its by SF Design and is one of the four outfits donated by Swaffette Firefly of SF Design ! All four of Swaffettes outfits (2 for guys, 2 for girls) are named after people she personally knows who are or have been affected by cancer in its various guises. My breath was well and truly taken by this gem of a gown, rich deep green satin, superbly made and detailed…

Lauren Gown short version

..the super thing about it , is you really have two dresses – Above I’m wearing the figure hugging short style…and guess what? YES, the heels come with it yay! Perfectly colour matched with a beautiful bow across your tootsies…the whole package sets you back just 600L..all of which goes to the FFL charity.

Go be supportive: Fashion For Life


Fashion for Life

Today marks the beginning of the Fashion for Life event in Second Life. If you haven’t heard of this event, Fashion for Life is the fashion arm of Relay for Life, formerly known as the RFL Clothing Fair. It is Second Life’s longest running fashion fair. It runs across 9 sims from March 12-22 and 100% of the funds raised go to the American Cancer Society. Cancer, unfortunately, is something that affects too many of us and any cause that so generously donates to an important organisation such as this is a worthy one.

Here I am proud to be able to show SF Designs creations for the Fashion for Life event. swaffette Firefly has made two outfits. The first, in the picture above, is the Robert Edition of her Westminster Suit and Coat. This edition of the Westminster was dedicated to Robert, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2010. The Westminster suit is a beauty, the deep purple colour is great-looking (and is also the pancreatic cancer awareness colour). The overcoat on this suit is most definitely my favourite part of this outfit, the buttons on the cuffs look brilliant and the flexi coat bottom comes in two different sizes for easier fitting. You can also wear this suit without the overcoat and you get three different ‘backflaps’ for the suit jacket to give it a more realistic look. There are also two different versions of the business shirt and tie, which is colour changeable (I absolutely love the different colour options on these ties).

The second of SF Designs Fashion for Life outfits is called the Andy Casual Set and was made for another of swafette’s friends who is fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It features the shirt and jeans you can see above, also a pair of shoes shown below. The shirt, to me, looks a little like a short-sleeved football jersey in its design and also the shiny, smooth looking texture (I suppose the number 16 on the back helped me think that way too). The jeans are just the way I like them, rough-looking texture and nice creases plus they also come with some fantastic cuffs that you get two versions of, one with resizer scripts and one without. The shoes are very sporty looking trainers, blue with white stripes and you get the two different versions of these also should you need to change the size.

These two outfits are priced at L$400 each and, considering the quality of the clothes and the worthy cause you’ll be supporting, they are well worth getting. Head on down and take a look around at the amazing line up of stores taking part in this wonderful event and help yourself to some of their fantastic designs and show your support.

Support the cause here: SF Design – Fashion for Life