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Sweet sweet Harmony, New Mina and link to FREEBIE.

I’ve worked out my outfit for my Christmas cards LOL.  I changed the setting to Nams of course because the Mina hair is a paid for item but check out how good the sim looks and when I turn the Wind Light back on it will be even more stunning.  Remember our sim is open to all and if you want to pop over to take some piccies or just sit and chat you’re more than welcome. The whole sim is open to you but Faiths home, the house on the hill, will boot your AV ass out if you get too close whilst my home is open.  Don’t worry you don’t have to be sociable as usually when inworld Faith is on her working platform and I’m on mine and were usually so engrossed with what were doing we don’t even notice anyone.

OK here is the honest bit, when I read that “Harmony” is a French Braid design I almost didn’t bother trying it on.  I do not like that “fishtail” style it’s just ugly who wants their hair to look like a blinking lobster/prawn tail! That’s my RL quirk


But this hair is a collab! and Mina Nakamura doesn’t do many of those and so my interest was piqued, btw I was looking for a Christmas card look and I think I’ve nailed it but here are the close-ups so you can see the hair much more clearly.


So from the front a simple look but it’s when you turn around that you see what’s special.


Hair jewelry which I am assuming is the contribution from Empyrean Forge because Mina Nakamura is into hair not gemology.


This is as close as I could zoom in, my close up picture skills are pants! so I changed not just my hair colour but the colour of the chain and the jewels.  You get not just the usual and now bigger Mina hair colour packs but the Hud that controls the hair jewelry comes with 8 metal colours for the chains and the clasps and then 16 colour options for the pearls.  Those clasps look like pretty little upside down Lily of the Valley flower shapes, so pretty and delicate.  A nice bonus is both hair and hair jewelry can be worn as separates.


Then I went back to blonde because this skin looks better with pale hair.  Of course there is a whole range of the hair colours to choose from BUT  this hair is only available at FaMESHed and I have to say that it’s a little bit more expensive than usual but then again more has gone into this hair/collab as 2 designers have spent time and effort to create this look.

And of course FaMESHed is packed, stuffed to the rafters so I would let the place calm down but I do believe that this event goes on for at least a couple of weeks so plenty of time.  This is also usually when I tell you to go to the Mina main shop to try the demo on at your leisure but I popped over to make sure and it’s not in her shop yet but still go because it will probably be set out soon for you to try and of course you can also try on all of her other hairs while you’re there.

Nope, I’m not finished yet because of course, I had to go check out “Empyrean Forge” which is not just the person name, I could be wrong, but it’s also the name of the shop, and I’m right about that.  From what little I saw a big jewelry shop but time was getting short for me and I spotted FREEBIES, my rep as a CB(Cheap Bitch) is saved so, of course, I grabbed the 3 gifts set out for us in the entrance and the group is free to join.  Hold onto your knickers because even though the gifts are rings I LOVE them and I’ve not even tried them on yet. In front of 2 of the gift bags is rezzed what inside and they’re pearly rings in at least 2 of the gift bags and as always when I get back inworld I will be having a proper look around the shop and then I’m hoping these rings turn out to be as good as the examples that have been set out.

UPDATE.  I’ve popped inworld to grab the !g0! Advent gift, go get it, and I’m still wearing my new Mina and the hair jewelry sparkles in all the different wind light settings.  This isn’t a “blingtart” menu it’s just the way this piece of jewelry works in the different setting it really does stand out.


Mina Mainshop

Empyrean Forge

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Fantasy time

Sax Shepherd Designs Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Kokolores hair NEW!

Sax Shepherd Designs has some pretties in their gacha machine @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ! The collections name is “Jorogumo” and it has many many collectibles in the set, from rares to commons – including HUD’s . As you can see its based upon jewelled spiders, theres rings,armbands,bracelets, shoes and much much more.

SSD kokolores

I tried out the rare HUD and boy-oh-boy that baby has a gazillion options to play with. Metals, stones and jewells so many looks. Both my hair-do’s are from KoKoLoReS and will be available at The Cosmetics Fair, the theme is 90’s flashback so should be a shedload of fun ! The event opens today at 1pm SLT – I’m gonna wait a few days for the kerfuffle to die down though.

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Cosmetic Fair (Opens on the 15th May runs till the 31st May)