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Tell me I’m Purty! (Freebies n stuff).

This is what happens when you go shopping on the SLmarketplace.


Who the Hell needs mesh heads when you can have a fanged mouth for a face?

I had logged in and thanks to one of our readers who gave me the hint for the Noble Creations Cream Fantasy Hunt gift which isn’t my toothsome smile it’s the belt with the pouch attached.  Well worth picking up and as soon as I get back inworld I will be continuing on with that hunt BUT couldn’t resist showing you my stunning dental work.

To get this gift from the “Creative Studio” shop you will have to log into the SLMarketplace, easy to use, SL linked and you simply use your SL name and password.  Then I ended up wasting, I mean spending a load of time snapping up all the freebies and gifts I could get my hands on and yes I know that 95% is going to be binned but sometimes like these fangs you find a goodie.

PS when I’ve finished unpacking, and binning all my marketplace finds I will be doing more of the Fantasy Cream hunt but I’ll put the link so you can give it a go now.

Creative Studio, Marketplace

Fantasy Cream Hunt LMs

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Save me.


I’m thinking of entering this picture into a comp so I’ve gone a bit wild with the lighting and special effects but I think it looks great even if I don’t win.


Couldn’t resist using this one as well because I don’t think Faith even noticed me creeping on her.



In the pack you have a total of 5 expressions, smile, neutral, frown, subtle and FangB and all come with bloodied and unbloodied versions and for the lady freaks a set for male and female.  Although there is a warning that some editing skills maybe needed the teeth fitted me perfectly but even if they didn’t any editing needed would be very basic so no one should have any problems.  Top picture shows the bloody smile the next is the unbloodied version and of course the bottom is the bloody fangs.

I must confess I’ve just realised that in my invent all I seem to have now is my Deadwool suit and the rest is FATEwear which is what I’m wearing in this picture.  It basically cannot be beaten for ease of wear and pure quality and now I even have “his” eyes LOL.  Sadly I just can’t take a decent picture of them so my words will have to suffice.  With the eyes you get a MASSIVE choice Hud.  I spent so much time fiddling with the settings and ok I really need to spend more time with it to get the best out of his new eyes because you can customise them to exactly how you want your eyes to look.  From deep pools of chocolate to OMG fricken teeth eyes!!!  I am wearing them in my pictures but I opted out and just used one of the preset ones.  I will try to take a close up but since I inevitable end up with the camera in my head it might be beyond my capabilities.

AH brilliant, if you check out the last link you will see that Damien has put out a YouTube vid to show you all the benefits of his eyes.  Will definitely be watching that with interest and it’s so handy so you can see exactly what you’re getting much clearer than a single photo can ever show.



FATEwear Marketplace (for the eyes)

FATEwear Blogg (helpful Video)