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Moonlit Bay in Winter

Moonlit Bay in Winter

Zan has been SO busy the last week – she had a flash of inspiration and whizzed into action on the sim we rent. Then I spied what she was doing and whined and whinged to have it too ! Snow, a new home and also a causeway out to a beautiful garden (you cant see that bit) I don’t know how she does it all so fast but I’m glad she does ❤ Her home is in its uhm 5th reincarnation atm – keeps changing her mind and each time I log in its different !

Happy 1st December ❤

New Home: Trompe Loeil – Garrett Country Cottage

Snow: Hayabusa Design Snow particle $49L

Snowy rocks: :Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten H Winter

Beach: –Skye Rocky Shore

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SL Envy.

I want, I want, I want this for my RL!  Sadly for once SL has made me feel so sad, I’m cold and bored and stuck indoors in RL and I would KILL to have this set up in my home.


Honestly after all my years in SL I’ve only ever seen 1 pool that I liked enough to buy but everything else has been too big, too small, too modern, too… get the message and then I stumbled on this one from FANATIK and how perfect does that look.

pool1This is a picture of the full size and you can see the sizing better.  The floatie is included and I wasn’t even going to bother rezzing it but even that comes with  some decent, and new to me, poses in it so I will definitely be keeping it out.  Also comes with very handy textured slabs which means you can extend the cobble stone effect and blend it into your landscaping more.  A choice of light or dark colour and if you want to see it in world then just click the Teleport on the bottom of the board and you will see them and try out for yourself.

It’s got a lot more extras than you think.  Can sit up to 6 people and each seat has 9 poses, what you need to do is hit “highlight” and you can see the sit position.  Great poses, very natural and fit perfectly to the pool and in this case very PG but if you’re a big girl or boy and want a naughty time by the pool then there is an adult version for 950Lds, 500 for PG.


I just had to quickly snap this picture.  When I rezzed in world this morning to finish off this post I thought I’d rezz one and see if it was editable and not only can this be reduced to this size most of the poses still WORK!  This is as small as it goes and I think you can see the difference in sizes.  This is one of the poses which works well but obviously with some bits of me disappear but it’s not often that you can resize something and still have some of the poses working well and I also have a feeling that if you’re a petite or tiny then maybe all of the poses will work for you with some simple adjustments in the menu.  I forgot to edit it as large as it will go but I’m going to assume you have that option as well.


FANATIK Marketplace