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Woof (Dollarbie).

To make sure my LM’s work I always try to log in to grab it so as I was grabbing the Living Social Vintage LM I noticed she has a couple of old Hunt items set out just under the Back To The Books poster and each is a single Linden so I grabbed em and this is the one that will make Faith go “awwww” she’s soppy like that.


A basset in a cooling bath, lol.  Even if you’re not a doggie person still grab this because not only has Winterschainshas this as not only a linked option but also an unlinked one.  So you can rezz as much or as little as you want.


Even as individual pieces these are still low primmed.  Obviously the rug, dog and bath are a single prim but the fan is only 2.  The other old Hunt item there is a beach house which if you don’t have a house/home/building addiction like me you may want to pick it up because for a single linden it might just be what you want.

PS as I’m writing all of this I’m sat on a nifty Vampire throne and although it’s just me it looks like it has some real sexy, bitey poses in it LOL.  A strange item in a shop that caters for shabby which furniture and garden stuff.

Living Vintage Social