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The Rack is Back

HoooHaaah my rack is back ! Player decided to take me shopping..to lure me back into my more bootylicious shape…he took me to L.inc and showed me a coupla dresses hed spotted..(isn’t that just tooo lully that he goes shopping for stuff for me !) I wasnt sure about the “rack” and this dress being so nipply..but he was soooper pleased ! I chose this washed out pinky shade…but there are heapssss more colours available..

Check out the rear view …its a real guy pleasing little number..*blush*…

The second dress Player showed me was thisss..simple yet deadly…it comes in two versions and oooodles of colours , worn like this its a classic Tshirt mini..however there is the option to wear it with the bodice pushed aside to expose your breasts ..and thats not a look im sharing ! Zan & Steve think I’ve gone all Pamela Anderson..I think I just got my rack back *winks*…

Dresses: L.inc

Bag: Noirilicious 35L

Hair: Lelutka Blythe

Sunglasses: Fameless (PornoGlasses – my bestie sunnies eva!)

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Boho skirts and Monday Coffee

It’s a holiday in England today, the last summer one till Christmas (oh GOD !) and its forecast to be sunny sunny sunny yay! Perfect for the weather is the new Monday Mania from SF Design. The Pippa boho skirt is sooper lush and girly…SO en vogue currently but really..boho skirts such as these never drop out of the fashion radar…a classic feminine look. “Pippa” is in a fresh meadow green colour and goes perfectly with the Pippa range of gypsy blouses we showed a little while ago…its got what Id call a “pie crust” top..so drawstring tight around your waist but then spills out over the top…pretty!

Soooo 25L for a boho skirt…pretttty good deal huh? Howabout you get two styles of it for that?!! Yus you do !! Included are two lengths, the short andddd the floor brushing long..I teamed them up with a fresh cool white tank..but Im thinking also a tied chambray shirt would work easily as well…lovelovelove these..dont forget only today and only from the Monday Mania board for 25L..thanks swaffette xx

Something I meant to show you a week or so ago…is this snuggly short robe from SF Design, it makes Player go all gooey and huggy when I wear it awww…I was shopping for a robe and found a silky one from Dutchie..but then I came across this and just adored it also..its SO me ! There is an alpha layer to wear with it..so nothing pokes out where it shouldnt…lotsa options included such as resizer pieces, collar options etc..plussss thee cutest pair of matching slippers,comes in a multitude of colour options…this morning there was a definate nip in the air, and in real life I shrugged on my almost identical robe…stood in the garden with my huge mug of very black coffee…and remembered my SL version…voila!

Boho skirt & robe: SF Design

coffee cup: Player ! (part of his coffee set F.A.B)

Pose : Olive Juice

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Get that Graffiti

Out & about this mawnin – gawd its 5am – shopping as usual ! I’m wearing a new set from Graffitiwear “comfy cozy”, great denim skirt and lacey denim shirt..comes with some flats & the cutest crumply socks also for just 150L ! (I just couldn’t bear to take my HouseofFox Arch boots off though platinum hunt 10L), teamed it up with some sunnies I just lovelovelove from fameless, “pornoglasses”, squillions of colours available and at 150L a pop  a great buy….

Go gettum: Graffitiwear         fameless