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Lok down

Loks subscribo gift FREE!

Nope, thats not a spelling error in the title, this post is all about the goodies & treats on offer at Lok’s, see what I did there huh? huh?! Above is the latest subscribo gift. Just join up and slap the board. It’s such a lovely couch, big and comfy. Lots of poses crammed in. If you look carefully around the landing point you will also find the leather black cat set out as a gift for you. The other lil kitty is part of the Falling Leaves hunt prize….

Loks Falling Leaves Hunt gift

…and this superb bench is the main part. Low prim and loads of great poses, whats not to love? Toodle over and take a gander, there is sooo much low prim loveliness on offer at very reasonable prices ! (I’ve shopped here for donkeys years, brill place !)


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More Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves Hunt - Wood Works


I couldn’t resist trying to find a few more prizes in the Falling Leaves hunt, so many great designers are in this ! New-to-me store Wood Works have this fantastic “Autumn clean up” set out as their gift. It consists of a tree stump that has some lovely poses in it for both females & males, a chimera with burning logs, and piles of leaves scattered about. There is also a little trolley to hold all those leaves you rake up . Really lovely little scene to use in your Fall garden .

Falling Leaves Hunt - Autumn Forest Way by Sweet Revolutions - bench by united inshcon - 1L !

Two prizes I just HAD to find are above. The tunnel of Autumn trees by Sweet Revolutions is so lovely, really well made and you have the option to turn falling leaves on too ! At just 11 prims it’s a real winner for me. I’m sat on the prize by United InshCon, it’s an intricately made bench, with two cushions and poses in each, its super handy. Love how the wooden boughs curl upwards and form a canopy over the whole piece.

Falling Leaves Hunt blog

Wood Works

United InshCon

Sweet Revolutions

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Youre so vain

I love vanity units..I always have. My mother has always used one…so they remind me of her. Seeing her sitting at her vanity, applying creams and lotions, doing her hair, were childhood memories of her getting ready to go out with my father. The room  heavy with her Estee Lauder perfume (Youth Dew mostly) I would be laying out on their bed, watching her get ready…happy days ! For me they are a rite of passage…something I associated with being “grown up”, sadly I’ve never actually owned one in real life, the logistics of a small cottage doesn’t allow me… Second Life, my bedroom always has a vanity yay! The one I’m sat at above is from Cleo Design…and its truly gorgeous. Soooo many options…even with the colour of wood & texture of the dear little pouffe…the poses just made me SO happy…applying cream, lipstick, brushing your hair…all the things I love about vanity units! Unbelievably this is the gift from Cleo Designs for the Falling Leaves Hunt !

Check out some of the decor items that come with this collection, I just adore this lamp…its a real keeper for me…

plus the bottles of lotions & potions, nail polish, all the pretties you will need for each pose in the vanity…perfect! You need to find a small orangey brown sculpted leave to claim this prize…good luck ! Thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Design



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Cozy up

Ohmaiii…Iam SO enjoying the Cookie Jar Falling Leaves hunt…all this autumnal loveliness for my home…I was bowled over by the generous gift from  “by Nacht”…wowser…its this Autumn Retreat cabin…I placed mine deep in the woods…and snuggled up on the hanging daybed…the whole build is superbly textured to give a real warmth to the wood…and stuffed full of cozy goodies !

Peek in through my many really beautiful touches in this…the collection of jar candles on the window ledge…lanterns inside and out…even the glass in the windows is etched with a leaf design…I think I’m in love ! Now all this is greeeaaaat right? However…not content with giving us a fantastical prize for hunting…the box has the furnished version…the unfurnished version…andddd all the interior and exterior decor items all seperately…SO thoughtful… thank you. ..Fox Nacht ❤

by Nacht

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Pumpkin People

I just HAD to share this with you…IzzieBellah Hinterland the owner of the Boathouse…sent me her gift in the Falling leaves hunt ! Its soooper cute…and will brighten up your Autumn gardens…you get everyyything shown above…each pillow has a pose in it…and the pumpkin people lounge gracefully about on their logs, you’ll never feel alone ! Completing the set are some pretty autumnal accents such a pine cones, a candle lamp and bowls of warming soup..The hunt is sponsored by The Cookie Jar Community, and it runs from October 3rd until the 24th, you’re looking for a sculpted brown leaf. All items are 0L…simple huh? Get your hunting goggles on..thanks IzzieBellah ❤
The BoatHouse

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Falling Leaves Hunt

I’m feeling pretty spoilt lately with the amount of Home & Garden themed hunts on…The Cookie Jar Falling Leaves Hunt has now begun…and boy-oh-boy there are squooodles of yummmy gifts to find . Above is the Falling leaves studio by Designer Prims…just 17 prims and is mesh…you can change the floor, wall and blind textures too ! The kitchen is animated..with some really lovely poses for chopping, cooking , lurking…

While you’re there join the group (its free join), there is  a multitude of gifts by the landing point for the group, and another hunt prize to be found hurrrah! Gifts such as this fantastic “funky shelf”…poses built into the step ladder…looks perfect in the studio…

Theres also another home up for grabs for group members…a mesh book shelf and this sweet vase of flowers ! Ohhhh better not forget to mention my frock…its new from Legal Insantiy…”Miami”…such a great wrap of tones and simple to wear style…

Designer Prims

The Cookie Jar Falling Leaves hunt blog

Legal Insanity