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Pumpkin Hunt & Birdy gacha

Love the Home Whimsy events – so many pretties for our homes. I popped over to check out their Autumn hunt – you’re looking for pastel coloured pumpkins, and it was pretty simple to find a few. Fantastic gifts and just $1L per pumpkin. Above are a few of the gifts I managed to find – see what you can do! I wont list where I got the above pressies from – its a lot more fun to FIND what you’ve got afterwards, but the gifts are awesome. Lots of bargains to bag at the same time with some good discounts on offer for seasonal decor – couldn’t resist and will take a few snaps of my purchases if I have time this week.

The different birds are actually from a gacha at Lunar Seasonal Designs, I somehow found myself playing them – what a surprise! Omg though – they are dead cute. Each bird has its own unique animation, and they are eating different foods. Adorable and low prim, I just couldn’t stop playing – uhm, might have to go back for MORE. (You will find the two gacha’s with the birds in outside close to the front door)

The perfect Autumn day 3 hunt

Lunar Seasonal Designs

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Cozy up

Love this time of year, the pace slows and everywhere is filled with colour. Autumnal release from Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan is right on trend with the “Cozy Hay Pile”. Pumpkins scattered, snuggly rug and heaps of poses from naughty to nice. It was a tough choice on the rug texture – and I really liked the eating & drinking poses!


It comes with 100 animations in PG version and 174 animations in Adult version. Room for 1 – 4 people.

Texture change options: touch the blanket to display the texture menu – 9 options.

♥ Specifications: 6 LI | Copy | Modifiable

100% Original Mesh

Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Event from October 23rd to November 4th.


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Spooky !

Always lovely to have some “us” time and what better way than to lay chatting and catching up in an Autumn field. Full blown yellow grass and sunbeams dancing through the ruin windows – it was perfect! Anyhoo, the bed, it’s really about that – The new Spooky bed from Chez Moi is pretty terrific, its stuffed with single and couples poses. The bed itself is 14Li and has a superb decorative cobweb style on the end and pretty pretty pretty Autumn leaves wrapped around the top. Absolutely beautiful and on sale at the latest round of On9. PG & Adult versions available.


Highly detailed and with lovely fall leaves on the top, this bed comes with 56 animations in PG version, and 116 in Adult version.


This release is exclusive for On9 Event from October 9th to 28th.


Chez Moi blog for more photos

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Refusing to “Adult” (Dollarbie).

Nope that’s it I’m refusing to adult today, sod work, sod housework, sod answering the phone, sod wearing a bra, sod answering the door or emails and most definitely sod the gym, today is a day for mooching, pottering and doing sod all and doing it well and of course that also inc coming inworld and just trying to sort out my SL home because at this moment it’s just one big mess with stuff all over the place and you can see some of it in this piccie.

OK, enough rambling and a quickie of a lovely Dollarbie I picked up off the SLmarketplace.


All linked and you can see why, because it spells out the word “Fall” on the jars. ARGH, I’m penny pinching which is hurting because while you’re adding this to your basket check out the Pumpkin wreath and only 1 prim! There is no inworld shop for you to check out the quality but if it’s anything as good as this Dollarbie and at a price tag of just 95Lds so cheap and so good looking.  If you have a few more Lindens and Prims then check out the Harvest wagon as well.  To me, this is all new stuff, new designs, and a new shop for me to keep a beady eye on.

Mint (Marketplace)

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Harvest Time



Aphrodite NEW Harvest Time couch set

I’ve got a new set from Aphrodite for you, its rustic and bang on trend for the season. This is “Harvest time”, I’m not showing all of it as my space was a little limited, but there is stand alone chairs also. The couch is marvellous, stuffed with one hundred and fifty poses ! Theres something for everyone, couples, singles, and activities. Details below:

The chairs have 11 single seats and one prop, the couple sofa gas 17 single poses and 61 cuddly couple poses with 9 props

The fireplace is menu controlled, the lamp is on/off switchable. Finally the rug is colorchangeable, with 9 colors. The whole set comes to 35Li.

Aphrodite Harvest Time set NEW! (also has matching chairs)

Little closer view of some of the finer details, plump cushions and casually scattered throws. Love the glossy red apples and juicy looking pears! For sale in the market place or view it instore.

Heart Homes for Aphrodite shop store

Heart Homes market place



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Its Tres Chic alright

Aphrodite Tres Chic NEW!

Aphrodite have all sorts of gorgeousness out for sale at the latest round of Tres Chic, so if you haven’t been yet – go ! Above is the “Magic Fall” friends set. It’s just purrrfect for taking a well-earned tea break inside or out. Love love love that I don’t have to look in my inventory for the wearables, just pick your pose and they magically ask permission et voilà – in your hand.

Aphrodite for Tres Chic

There are two sets, one for couples and another for friends, great idea. The chairs are so beautifully ornate, little flourishes of Autumnal flowers and leaves are woven around the metalwork – lovely touch. You also get the sweet tea-tray, the huge Fall cake and a lovely little candle to create the ambience .

Aphrodite Tres Chic (this is to the demo area so you can test it out)

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Ahoy there

Chez Moi NEW!!

Just look at those naughty seagulls, so plump and probably filled with stolen goodies from tourists! This is part of the new range from Chez Moi called “Navy Bar”. You can grab the whole set or as separates, which is handy. The deck that you see in the background is also part of the set, hop on it and its stuffed full of poses for singlepringles & couples. Deets:

The dock has 62 animations (fishing poses, diving, kisses, caresses and more) and ROOM for up to 4 friends.
♥ 37 individual animations
♥ 5 animations to play in the water
♥ 10 animations for couples in love (10 x 2)
♥ Props: glass with drink, sunscreen lotion, fishing pole.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Functionality SWAP
♥ Adjustable Poses

Special gift: Pier Lamp to light up your beach.
Touch the Pier lamp to flash the light.

Specifications and content:
♥ Dock: 17 LI | 24 Prims
♥ Pier Lamp: 2 LI | 4 Prims

Chez Moi NEW!

What I absolutely adored is these nifty little barrel seats. Such pretty washed out colours and of course full of unique poses. At only 2Li you can certainly scatter a load around ! The table behind me is a multi-scene item, which means it does ooodles of stuff! It rezzes food and nick nacks via a menu that you control. Deets:

Half-barrel seat fully interactive and perfect for outdoor decoration and to hang out with friends on the balcony or on the beach.
It has 54 poses:
♥ 24 individual poses (12 female and 12 male)
♥ 10 activities
♥ 10 couple animations (10 x 2)
♥ Props: bubble blower, guitar, book, plate, cup with drink and others.
♥ In the colours: blue, yellow, red and green

♥ Control by menu
♥ Functionality SWAP
♥ Adjustable Poses

Specifications: 2 LI each stool.


Chez Moi New release !

Just a couple of the dishes that the Barrel table rezzes above, scrummy nosh and drinks ! You don’t have to leave the food out , you can clear it away when you’re done partying, which helps with prims. Deets:

♥ With décor: 7 LI | 10 Prims
♥ Tray with Prawns: 11 LI | 15 Prims
♥ Tray with appetizers: 9 LI | 14 Prims
♥ Fries dish and croquette: 11 LI | 16 Prims
♥ Empty table: 3 LI | 2 LI

Thanks Nanda ❤

Chez Moi Store

Chez Moi market place (select newest to find these easily)

All clothing new from Neve

Hair by Argrace