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88 Packs for $88L !

Complete jacket & dress $88L fat pack

Love love love when Hilly Haalan does the 88 packs for $88L offers! Always bang on trend and this weekend its all about Fall, or Autumn as we tend to call it here in England. I’ve treated myself (yes again!) to a few complete fat pack outfits for the coming season – why not eh? The gorgeous snuggly cosy jacket above comes complete with a cute sweater dress underneath and its a huge fat pack – $88L. You can alter all the parts of the coat and the pattern on the sweater.

Complete outfit $88L Coat, glasses, necklace, bag & boots

Couldn’t resist this gorgeous classic take on a trench coat. I’ve got one almost identical in real life and I’ve owned it for yearssss. You get the boots, the coat, necklace, bag & glasses for $88L ! Seriously good deal (single colour) Head over and check it out, there’s boots, shoes, jewellery , complete outfits, dresses, gowns and more. When you land look outside the main store in the courtyard for the sale.

Hilly Haalan

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coldLogic bale NEW! Argrace new!

Decided to take a walk along the beach yesterday and it was a little bit windy, infact I was glad Id wrapped up in a coat . This is “bale” a new coat by coldLogic, and it comes in a range of dead snazzy colours to brighten up the season. Im as guilty as the next girl of resorting to browns and gold tones in Autumn, so this was a great way to shrug off the wind chill. The coat comes with a shirt and skirt insert, which is optional to wear. If you grab yourself a quantum pack you can play around with the colours – brill !

coldLogic bale NEW! Argrace new!!

My hair is by Agrace and is perfect for those of you who love to take photos and want a little more movement to be evident in your tresses. Windblown to purrrfection. You can also see the rear of the coat in this shot. It always seems a shame to me not to show of the back of a coat, especially when  creators like coldLogic put so much effort into making them gorgeous all around ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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