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Just a quick note to keep you all updated. I’ve been missing in action for five days – don’t worry I haven’t left ! I’ve injured by back and have been laid up in bed, passing the time by shovelling drugs into my mouth and playing candy-crush.

Poor zan is doing a brill job of keeping you up together with all the seasonal treats, so give her a hug if you bump into her please.

Hope to be back in SL and posting on the blog sometime this week – fingers crossed

Much love

Faith ❤

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Sprint over

Oh had a spot of luck…I went over to [CIRCA] who have two hunt gifts out…now both hunts have officially ended BUT…the owner is kindly leaving them for us to find until the end of July. There are hints to help you on the posters for these two hunts…and LORD if I can find can ! Above is the gift for the Midsummer nights Dream event…beautifully made bed, stuffed with poses , suspended from two really lovely trees…even a little lantern on the floor…

Next is the Seraphim Turns One item…youll find it in a cupcake with a candle on top…I almost tripped over this on my way in ! It’s a truly stunning Pergola…with floaty drapes…a huge sofa for you and friends to lounge on…I totally adore how the light dapples on the wooden floor…its even got a chandelier hanging in the centre…really lush! (it is a little prim heavy buttt…sometimes you just have to go with the flow) The store itself is relaxing to wander & spacious..lots to see…home decor…interior design and garden items….take a browse and see if you can find the gifties!



A quicky

Alphavillain - Nautical Shirt

Perfect Sunday morning here in England…here Iam in the garden enjoying the warm sunrays and a coffee (the bench is a free gift currently at kusshon) I found this nautical sweet shirt in The Seasons hunt yesterday, it’s from a guys store but I think it looks equally cute on us chicks. Pretty babyblue stripes with a scooped neckline, ideal for slipping on with crisp white jeans on a spring day. You can find it at  “Alphavillain”..go get it !

Go get nautical: Alphavillain