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35L Sunday!

35L Sunday Patty CK Fashion

35L Sunday is open! Always check this out and I’ve found a beautiful outfit from Patty CK Fashion – “Sylphina Angel”. Just 35L and you get the lingerie plus two sets of animated wigs that flutter away behind you.

35L Sunday Hud

Included is the Hud above – so many choices for both wings & lingerie !

Patty CK Fashion

$35L Sunday Gallery

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No more popping or hopping! (18Ld outfit).

There are some new promo priced items out at Legindaire and even though I can’t remember the last time I bought let alone wore an Omega layer but this super pretty little number was just too nice not too.

Not only is it bargain-priced but you get those wings and shoes and each come in 3 colour options, pink, white and black.  I won’t lie, I don’t like the shoes as they’re those super-stacked sole ones which just yak me out lol.  Not getting all judgy if they are your style but they’re just “yak” to me.  Check out the rest of the sales as I know there is such a variety of everything in this shop and so many group gifts/promos that if you need new shoes there is plenty to chose from.

PS.  It’s the 1st of Feb and I’ve made my new years resolution, yes I know it’s well past the new year but it took a while for me to work out what I wanted to stop doing and that’s using REPETITIVE words in my posts such as “Popping & Hopping”! I think the reason I use them, too, often is because it’s exactly what I do in SL.  I’m constantly jumping & heading off to new shops, sims etc…did you see what I did there? But like most resolutions, I may fail but hopefully not too often.


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…and a little bit of that.(2Ld & Freebies)

The go over to the Caverna Obscura shop for this.

This is a shop packed with costumes, outfits for fairy folk, dancers, slaves, Petites and RPers or those who just like to stand out from the crowd. I was pleased I kept on walking around the shop as on the top floor is a small selection of GG’s and this particularly good one is in the little gift box, sorry I can’t remember the colour but it’s tucked in with the freebies.  It did cost 2Lds but the risk paid off.

This particular dress is one of the special “Pride” gifts which you will have seen set out by many shops and it’s something I truly and wholeheartedly support.  But apart from showing your support, you’re actually getting a very pretty little dress, lovely colours and that ruffled hem is top quality.  A lovely touch is the flowers on the shoulder and hip, these are add-ons.  You get so many sizes I’m not even going to list them.

Now I’m LM grabbing I can see that there is a TP system so you can check out the different departments or go straight for the goodies.

Caverna Obscura


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Twe12ve – Oh Fairies!

Yay  another round of Twe12ve and Lunar Seasonal Designs has fairies ❤ Two little tables (which you can make bigger ) they can sit in the garden, in your home, on a table – peek in close and you will see the little folk going about their day. Absolutely adorabubble – above is the fairy waterfall – you can make a fish swim around the pond, and a deer appear from the rocks to wander through the meadow.

Brill thing is not only can you choose the tones of the table – they are both also seasonal – from Spring to Winter and in between – grass and trees change ! The fairy farm above has even more menu choices – you can plant what you wish in the soil beds from the menu ! The cow moves, the duck swims around the pond – I swear there is a little fairy who darts around the farm – I just couldn’t catch her ! Thank you Lunar ❤


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I’m just checking out old LM’s before I delete them and I mainly seem to be doing this however sometimes as I’m free-falling I do spot homes, shops, weird stuff, stuff you never ever want to see and then occasionally you stumble on a pleasant surprise.


Found these beauties on a platform in the sky.


Absolutely super Kawaii!  Everything about these builds makes me think of Unicorns and rainbows, Princesses and waterfalls, cartoon characters and plushies.


I took so many pictures it was hard to choose which ones to use in the end.  I also forgot to check the windlight setting but it was pretty close to my normal Nams setting and no picture editing at all.


You actually get two homes for the price of one, this one with the green stripes and the other with the blue and  patterned wallpaper and of course if you check the first picture you will see a difference in the outside paint work.


Although this is a single floor, nothing going on in the attic here, it’s pretty darn spacious but not the oversizing you get from just bad design, the ceilings are tall and exaggerated because after all this is for Princesses and Unicorns and for a BIG chandelier to hang down.  There is more than enough floor space, and of course the ground floor level as well, for all the furniture you really need.  Of course though even though this is on offer on the MP you can also see it inworld for yourself.


Both of the houses have the painted sky ceiling.

OK I’ve not bought them as I really really just can’t use yet another house/home/skybox/dome and on and on in my invent.  If I told you how many I own you would think I was a Home Hoarder (and I am) so it wasn’t the price tag that put me of it was simply the fact I have no more room for another room.

So far this is the only build available from Ethan Caldwel’s shop Epicuria but he’s managed to get so much detail and texturing into a 31 prim build I have high hopes for more of this quality and low prims.


Epicuria Marketplace

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Bless This House.

Bless this houseUseless completely useless that s what I am at the moment.  So many new hunts started and I found booger all but what I did win was a Lucky Chair  outfit of a bunny and a fairy haven’t tried on the bunny outfit but decided to float around a bit in my new fairy kit.  Comes from Deviance which is taking part in the Taste The Rainbow Summer Hunt and is one of the items I didn’t find (you’re looking for a rainbow coloured Sundae glass) but you may have better luck.   Once I’d put on my new wings, outfit (non mesh) shoes and wand I knew of a newly rezzed home which needed a bit of a fairy blessing so I blessed everything inc the fridge which I can’t show you a picture of mainly because it’s poses were naughty.  The skin is mine, it’s an old one from a defunked shop but it just goes to show you how you can make a great look look even greater with the right skin.

If your not tempted by the hunt or the shop itself then go for the view….

OutsideThis was taken with just the sim setting so what a veiw! It’s gorgeous and if you wander through the streets there are little shops of treasure hidden there.  I’ve not had time for a meander yet but when I’m back inworld I’m going back to see what else is there and just chill out for a while.


Taste The Rainbow Summer Hunt Blog

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I wanna be a fairy hot orange boots !

I’m a happy camper today…cause I got to play dress up and be a fairyyyy…with wings and everything ! This fairy outfit is rather it has pumpkins on it…and did I say wings..wingsssss ~happy sigh~…it also comes with some darling little matching flat shoooz..and and it’s just 10L…it also comes in the most deelicious teal colour…

If you’re a group member for Pink Label you will have already received these yummilicious Sheena boots in purrrrple as a gift…I think they are probably now ranking as my fav boots Talena has made..these have a secret though…sshhhh shall I tell you? hmm…

They can also be worn as ankle boots ! There are some fabbo sequiny cuffs in black & orange…wear the ankle boot version in the box and the cuffs voila! Dangerrrrously high heels *wriggle*…there is a small group join fee but it’s SO worth it..instore is a section just for VIP’s with lotsa gifts to scoop up…thanks Talena xx( To get your gift boots in orange you can join the **KoNeJiTaS VIP** group and look in the notices-free join, the purrrple tone is in Pink Labels VIP group, join instore !) If you can be patient…Talena will be putting them out as dollarbies later (I couldnt wait !)

Pumpkin fairy outfit 10L , sheena boots in orange free group gift : Pink Label

Doll dress, lucky board prize: Shucream (the luck board is fixed now hurrrah! thank you rougebaby xx