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“Fairy” unique & affordable


AngelWings Spring Fairy in pink 25L complete outfit - Culprit UniQrn Fantasy Gacha Carnival (rideable!) kokolores hair Sukey for Suicide Dollz NEW

The Culprit UniQrn made me re-think my taste, primarily why I rarely if EVER wear anything fantasy themed. So I went forth to the market place and browsed a little, then came across a store called AngelWing. Boy-oh-boy so many gorgeous fairy outfits and all seemingly at $25L complete ! I bought a few, but as they were a mix of sculpts,flexi and traditional layers I wasn’t expecting to be overly impressed. WRONG ! The level of detail is awesome, yes I vowed never to wear flexi after mesh came in but but but – these are just too pretty to cast aside. Such intricate work has gone into these outfits. There are so many parts of the complete outfit, but you really don’t have to wear it all, also a choice of wings, one version with falling particles – cute! Btw my hair is by kokolores and is called Sukey, ontrend styling and for sale at the Suicide Dollz event that should open today. I popped over to check it all out and they were still setting up and had an ejector thingy on. Prolly should go there later today?

AngelWing Adorabelle complete outfit 25L Culprit  UniQrn Fantasy  Gacha Carnival (rideable!)

I think my fav was this one above, its called “adorabelle” and its stunningly pretty. Anklets with jingling bells, a fan, plus two staff’s that animate you into various poses – all for $25L  that’s really some steal. Anyway, not only on the market place but a inworld store (which I so much prefer) , I spotted some gorgeous gowns whilst I was there – go take a peek. If you’re wondering about my UniQrn, its by Culprit and will be on sale at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival on the twelfth of this month – I’ve rezzed what is really a wearable and rideable attachment – unless you’ve got 88 spare prims – DON’T rez it, just ADD, ride and have fun ! (see blog post below for all info on the UniQrn)

AngelWing store

AngelWing market place

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Suicide Dollz

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I wanna be a fairy hot orange boots !

I’m a happy camper today…cause I got to play dress up and be a fairyyyy…with wings and everything ! This fairy outfit is rather it has pumpkins on it…and did I say wings..wingsssss ~happy sigh~…it also comes with some darling little matching flat shoooz..and and it’s just 10L…it also comes in the most deelicious teal colour…

If you’re a group member for Pink Label you will have already received these yummilicious Sheena boots in purrrrple as a gift…I think they are probably now ranking as my fav boots Talena has made..these have a secret though…sshhhh shall I tell you? hmm…

They can also be worn as ankle boots ! There are some fabbo sequiny cuffs in black & orange…wear the ankle boot version in the box and the cuffs voila! Dangerrrrously high heels *wriggle*…there is a small group join fee but it’s SO worth it..instore is a section just for VIP’s with lotsa gifts to scoop up…thanks Talena xx( To get your gift boots in orange you can join the **KoNeJiTaS VIP** group and look in the notices-free join, the purrrple tone is in Pink Labels VIP group, join instore !) If you can be patient…Talena will be putting them out as dollarbies later (I couldnt wait !)

Pumpkin fairy outfit 10L , sheena boots in orange free group gift : Pink Label

Doll dress, lucky board prize: Shucream (the luck board is fixed now hurrrah! thank you rougebaby xx