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I got lucky, wink wink.

OH Lord there is so much going on and so little time to do it all..moan moan moan and then you come across an event where people have spent time and money creating a lovely shopping/mooching experience.


When you land you walk alone this high snow banked walkway and at the end you have a choice of travelling down on a Walnut shell water ride or a zip line.  I’d go for the zip line if I was you as I managed to crash my Walnut shell into a mesh mess.  A little bit further on and you come across lots of stalls with lots of goodies for sale.  RP(ish) in style but lots of everything for everyone but what makes this one stand out is that every Gacha here only costs 30Lds a pop and look what I won with just 2 tries.


The cape and dress are actually 2 wins from the LE Eira stall and they’re not even the rares!  I was doubly lucky in that I got the same cool green Topaz colour.  So this outfit only cost me 60Lds for the 2 tries but unfortunately they’re non trans! which isn’t supposed to happen with Gacha wins.

Only the Gacha items are 30Lds a go the items on the stalls are variously priced.

PS I have fiddled with the picture a little bit but the dress colour is pretty much unchanged.

PPS I completely forgot about the FREEBIES under the Christmas tree.  Haven’t unpacked any yet but fingers crossed for some more goodies.

30Ld Midwinter Fair

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Essential coat

ArisAris NEW!

Tis the season to buy new coats! Isn’t that how the song goes? The Frozzen fair is now open, lots to see, lots to buy and heaps of gifts. ArisAris has their new essential coat up for grabs, you actually get two coats for the price of one. The black has an almost velvety feel to it, the white is more faux leather look. A HUD is in the box to make switching between the two simple dimple! ArisAris also has a dollarbie out, a lovely hounds-tooth check coat , plus a pair of white high heeled boots – get yourself along and check out the goodies.


The Frozzen Fair


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WOW Skins - Paris skin & shape for Whore Couture

The Whore Couture event has begun today…and I can share with you the Paris skin from WoW ! I also decided to wear the shape for the skin, which is prettttty unusual for moi…but its actually lovely…a little more rounded than I generally would choose but so feminine and curvy. The facial features are sweet…rosebud mouth..and wide eyes. Theres a huge selection of makeups too…Whore Couture is vast this year, so de-script and enjoy a lag free shopping experience !

Whore Couture Fair Sim 1

Whore Couture Fair Sim 2

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Okinawa Summer Fair=Lots of gifts, LBs and Bargains

A lovely sweet little Fair and full marks to the people who decided on the layout a simple grid pattern with rough hewn rock walls, small shops, sandy pathways and so easy to navigate which means you do not miss any of the excellent LBs, Gifts and just plain good deals.

First Freeness is this sweet mesh floral mini skirt (check out the shop with the large colourful tent outside).  It has a lovely sheen to it and soft folds make it look very realistic.  The tank top is from Jane’s and it’s her Freeness you can only get from her shop but since the pack contains whole sets of colour and layers.  Basically a colour for every outfit you own. It’s a basic Tshirt thats anything but basic.

Okinawa Summer Fair


I’m so glad I went back to check the LM because now I have this lovely bright checker board mesh dress with a scrunched up hem. Free Free Free!  In such a small and selective area they have managed to pack so many Lucky Boards and Free stuff as well as things to treat youself to well attended but not packed s.  As it happen when the free items are so good I usually go to the main shops to check out what else is there and trust me if you go you will not be dissapointed.

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Old Europe Fair & umbrella hunt

Heard about this little fair & hunt on the grapevine…and went over to check it out. Lots of little market stalls with some very coolio designers showing their wares ! Plus a mini hunt, you’re looking for umbrellas…Snowpaws is giving away this beautiful dress “simeone steam”, with the option of a sheer skirt or not..very chic…

1 hundred are also gifting you this “Friday night” frock..glitery sequins in pink…how scrumptious! As well as the market, all the stores around are open for business…a lovely trip and beautiful suroundings !

Old Europe Fair & hunt


The Tunnel Of Love…or is it?

The other day on SL universe someone mentioned this fair at Pyri, a tunnel of love with a twist! Thought Id better go check it out, So glad I did !! Upon arrival head to the blue ticket booth, click for a ticket,then wear it (like a HUD) Touch the tracks and a cart will appear…sit and go ! I don’t wanna spoil the surprise tooooo much…but…it isn’t really a tunnel of love…well it is…and then it isnt *grins* , you’ll see. It’s a pretty huge,exciting’ll have FUN…and get killed lots proably..and get tp’d home abundantly (I did,Zan didnt too much,lucky cow tsk) Along the way, there are lots of gifts to collect,funny stuff,jewels,clues and clothing…its really a sort of quest…(yes there IS a reason I’m wearing a crown in the photo above I SWEAR)

I spent a couple of hours last night exploring this and trying to reach the *goal* of the “prim of life”,finally exhausted I gave up until today when I managed to lure Zan there with me (don’t ask why she’s covered in blood and has a knife through her chest it just encourages her) But we did it yay! Of course swelled with pride and courage we decided to try to go back in reverse to get out again..I died in about 15 seconds…Zan *tsk* managed to find a hidden room with chests of goodies AFTER Id been sent home…*foldy arms*

She’s stillll bragging about some necklace or other she was given there!! Anyway go DO it..its a heap-a-fun and of course totally free entertainment..thanks Zanzibar you nutter xxx

Go get spooked: Pyri Fair Tunnel of Love