Bare Sensual have a very special promotion on, its limited time only. Sade is the new release and what a “lady” she is. I’m showing the dark version above, it’s not an orangey tone..or really deep deep tan..more of a cocoa powder dusting of colour that’s really gentle and wearable. The facial details are just so feminine, a narrow aquiline nose, balanced perfectly over slightly lush lips. (I’m wearing a lip gloss tattoo with this skin, the lips are not sleek) The cheeks have a pretty glow to them, great breast cleavage also and really delicious work around the *girly bits*…

The lighter version of Sade is a little different. The cheek glow is slightly more prominent , more peachy and so delicate, the lips have a dusky outline that makes it seem more exotic..superb tone for this fair version, I’m usually not overly fond of lighter skin colours, but this just gives you a sun sprinkle !

Strictly limited time offer for 10L *faints*

Go meet Sade: Bare Sensual