Welcome to the Jungle!

Jungle: Sunrise outfit - 99L (@ myShoppingBag)

As I was browsing through a discount designer shop called MyShoppingBag, I came across this adorable red outfit by Jungle.  It’s a complete outfit, minus shoes, and has some fabulous features!  Sheer black stockings with garters, lead up to a smexy one-piece body suit, and has a great little sarong that wraps around your hips!  Bracelet, neck scarf, and sunglasses for your head all included!  So pleasantly surprised for this fabulous price of only 99L!

Head to MyShoppingBag for the promo price of 99L!

Jungle: Apocalypse of Roses outfit - 500L

After purchasing “Sunrise” from MyShoppingBag, the designer of Jungle, Aria Meridoc, was sooo super kind enough to drop me a notecard inviting me into her store!  What I found there was awesomely edgy and unique outfits!  Here are a few outfits that she offers in store:  The Apocalypse of Roses outfit is perfect for some sexy time with that special someone.  The lace gown and fur boa gives it that Argentine Tango look, and the roses around the hips add some awesome sensuality.  The entire outfit includes a hand bracelet of roses, arm band, earrings, a lip ring, and lower leg roses that snake upwards.  Love it!  The whole outfit is 500L!

(Shoes are from N-core…newest design called Soleil)

Jungle: Bones outfit - 300L

I was so drawn to the Bones outfit!  The ripped jeans show off the right amount of skin to pull off sexy, and the belt slung around the hips is a great touch!  The most unique part is the collar!  One hand wraps around your neck while the other rests right below your breast!  I’ve never seen something like this before…and again this outfit is 300L!  Comes with the sunglasses, nose/ear chain piercing, claw earring, claw belly button piercing, gloves, bra, and other features I already mentioned!  So unique and sexy I might scare some people! hehe

Jungle: Grunge outfit - 300L

Next comes the Grunge outfit….also 300L.  I love the capri length pants paired back to a tank that shows off the midriff.  My favorite part is the prim that looks like the strap of your tank top broke!  The whole outfit also includes the bracelets, earrings, necklace, tattoos below your eyes and on the left shoulder, as well as a moon tattoo for your lower back.  So versatile, you can wear it with heels, boots, or sneakers, depending on your mood!

Jungle: Leopard outfit - 300L

I also looove me some animal prints!  Shredded jeans are super smexy, especially with a leopard cuff on the bottom!  The Leopard outfit, 300L, includes sooo many different elements!  Starting off with a leopard tattoo on your stomach, the bra top expertly covers your lady bits while still leaving it sexy!  The leopard print jacket gives you that grrreat edge over any solid color in the crowd, especially with it’s fur collar.  Also included are earrings, a neck bandana, a ring, a mouth piercing, and a navel piercing!

Jungle: Pearl outfit - 300L

This here is one of my favorites…the Pearl outfit for 300L!  The midriff tank that is a sheer print is just oober smexy….the ripped jeans sitting low on the hips just add to it!  I absolutely adore the lace bottoms of the jeans, such a unique idea! It also comes with a tattoo, pearl bracelet, pearl necklace, and nose/mouth piercing!  This whole outfit looks soooo good on!  Must-have!

Jungle: Skull outfit - 300L

And last, but most certainly not least, is the Skull outfit for 300L.  In this I look ready to hit up any goth club!  The pants have just a small amount of shred to them, and the top matches perfectly!  The belt is a great added touch to give emphasis on the hips.  The outfit also includes the skull bracelet, skull earrings, and necklace!

So if you’re looking for something a little on the unique and certainly edgy side…head on down to Jungle and snatch up some fabulous outfits!  Make sure you show your appreciation to the lovely Aria Meridoc!  (Remember…shoes shown are not included…they are N-core’s newest release called “Soleil”)

Enter the Jungle


Jennie the Generous!

::Esther Jen:: Very Cherry Dress - 75L & Cherry Flats *Group Gift*

Jennie has been sooooper busy and I just adore what she has out for us!  This Very Cherry Dress is only 75L, and is oh so perfect for any occasion!  The combination of the lace and cherry patterns adds a perfect flirty feel.  My fav part is the little cherry under the bust!  Love it!!  It comes with the sheer black tights also!  And as I was trying to figure out which of my billions of shoes to pair it with….I happened to click the pink gift box on the desk and I squeeed in delight!  The Cherry Flats go perrrfectly with the dress!  Don’t forget to pick these up at the desk!

::Esther Jen:: Playsuit *Group Gift*

And since I was in a clicky mood…I found this Playsuit in the group gift back on the desk as well!  So perfect for the summer, I love the color combination.  Throw on some flip flops or sandals, flats or heels…it goes with anything! The bow is just the perfect touch to the outfit….and check out my hand!  A lil bow ring that can be found in the green gift box on the counter!  Jennie is so super generous!!!!

::Esther Jen:: Frilly Top Blue Haze - 75L, Dorothy Pumps - 100L, Cigarette Jeans Vintage - 50L

You guys know I can’t get enough shoes….so I obviously could NOT resist these new Dorothy Pumps!  At 100L, it’s the perfect price for these fabulous shoes…love the sequiny texture and the skinny heels!  I paired them back to another new release, the Frilly Top for 75L!  I love the Blue Haze color and floral pattern, and there are a total of 5 colors to choose from!  The Cigarette jeans are perfect for completing the outfit!  I’m obsessed with vintage looking clothes, so I obviously went with the Vintage color.  They are 50L each, and available in 8 colors!  And to top off the outfit? I added the rose ring available in the green gift box on the counter (with the bow ring).  Just absolutely love it!

::Esther Jen:: Overalls Pink top - 75L

Another fabulous new release are the shorty Overalls!  I snatched up the pink top for only 75L!  It comes in 4 colors, and looks soooo adorable on!  Perfect for the summer, the bra top goes sooo well underneath overalls, just the right amount of smexy….

::Esther Jen:: Ice Cream Spring Hunt Gift

And as I was diligently browsing Esther Jen, I noticed they were participating in the Ice Cream Spring Hunt!  I searched high and low for the lil ice cream cone….and I found it!  Inside are 2 adorable outfits that fit the them perfectly!  This lace longsleeve top matches perfectly with the ice cream jeans!  I looove the ice cream cone patterns all over the jeans, subtle yet not TOO subtle!

::Esther Jen:: Ice Cream Spring Hunt Gift

Also included in the gift is this super lickable bikini!  I know I’ll be prancing around the beach in this without a doubt….the pattern is fabulous and really really makes me crave ice cream…  So of course you’ll need to find the lil ice cream cone in the store….think somewhere HOT!  Happy hunting kiddies!

And don’t forget to join the Esther Jen group for the latest releases and gifts!

Taxi –> ::Esther Jen::


GizzA Gifties Galore!

GizzA Creations: May Group Gift

I am a complete obsessor of group gifts…so when I saw a notice that GizzA Creations had a new May group gift available, I headed straight over there….and I could not have been more excited!  This flouncy dress is absolutely perfect for summer!  The bright colors just scream tropical dream and the frilly along the bustline is gorgeous!

GizzA Creations: Purple Moon *Group Gift*

Glancing about,  I was so pleasantly surprised to see how awesomely generous the designer was!  There are a bunch of group gifts available for both men and women!  I scooped up some lulliness that I just adore!  This Purple Moon dress is perfect for a night out on the town.  It comes with the option of this long empire waist gown or a mini skirt prim!  Need accessories to match?  No need to look further!  The necklace and bracelet are included!

GizzA Creations: Gold Gown *Group Gift*

I just can’t get enough gowns!  I have no idea where I’m going to wear them all to, but I just can’t resist!  The quality of the designer’s work is just phenomenal!  I absolutely adore this Gold Gown…from the low neckline to the detailing of the textures!  The ruffle textures in the skirt give the dress the illusion that it is fuller than it actually is! So perfect, I know what I’m wearing next time I’m heading out!

GizzA Creations: Leather Outfits *Group Gift*

And for us girls out there who just cannot resist leather….this outfit is perfect for you!  It comes with the leather pants, the textures of which are awesome!  Really gives them the feel of being worn in.  A smexy lil lace bra is included to go right underneath the to-die-for leather jacket!  With little to no editing needed, the jacket fits beautifully! The outfit also comes with a leather belt that hugs your hips like a dream.  I am sooo super happy that I picked up all of the group gifts!

Combat boots are by Together, Inc. and can be found here on marketplace for 299L:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Together-Inc-Combat-Boots-female/470337

Make sure you join the group to indulge in this awesome giftiness!  And don’t forget to check out the rest of the store….it’s HUGE and has loads of fabulous clothing!

Giftiness found here: GizzA Creations



::Esther Jen:: Peek-a-Boo Top - Group Gift

I see…..some fabulous deals!  Jennie is just so super fabulous that there is a NEW group gift out for Esther Jen members already!  This Peek-a-Boo top goes great with any bottom you choose!  I paired it with the grey Vices jeans, on sale at the store for 100L.  The top gives that sexy innocent look, with the printed bra “peeking” out from the neckline of the top.  Beautiful colors!  Must go join the group if you haven’t already!

::Esther Jen:: Layered Shirts *Daisy* - 75L

And of couuurse, along with the new group gifty comes some new releases as well!  This Layered Shirt is perrrfect for this time of year!  The daisy print is a perfect touch underneath the red top, red/coral being a huuuge color this spring/summer season!.  The sculpty sleeves complete that flirty look and just make this to-die-for!  At only 75L, it’s a complete steal…go snatch up the other 2 colors/prints as well!  Again, I paired the top up with the blue Vices jeans, 100L at the store.

::Esther Jen:: Split Top *Purple* - 75L

And who could resist showing off a lil skin?? I know I can’t…hehe Anywho, this Split Top comes in a total of 3 colors, purple being my absolute fave.  It splits right underneath the bustline to give you the opportunity to show off those “hard-earned” abs of yours.  Again…only 75L for each!  You muuust go grab the rest of them!  Paired again with my grey Vices jeans.

::Esther Jen:: Bikini w/Tank *Orange* - 75L

I have soo been meaning to buy myself a new bathingsuit, needing something new to wear lounging around my fabulous pool….and what perfect timing!  Jennie came up with this adorable design of a bikini, with a tank layered right over it!  I feel sexy and covered at the same time, and the orange is a great color to add to your SL closet!  I’ve been prancing in the sand in it ever since I got it!   And only 75L…there are 4 other colors so go grab em all!

Also, a Lucky board was recently added so go try your luck there for one of your favorite items!

Taxi for ::Esther Jen::


Newness @ Esther Jen!

::Esther Jen:: Group Gift

Yaaaaay don’t you just love gifties?!?!  I sure doooo!  Jennie put out a new group gift for everyone!  It’s in the lil pink box on the desk as you walk in her lovely shop!!  It comes with a couple color choices of shorty shorts andddd a couple colors of this simple yet fabulous cami!  On a day like today (it was suuuper rainy out near me), something summery and skimpy makes me just craaave summer! Head on into her shop to snatch up the gift for group members!

::Esther Jen:: Bow Sweater blue - 100L

Andddd also available is this new Bow Sweater!  It comes in 4 colors at 100L each.. you can snatch up the fatpack for 300L!  Adorableee detail of the bow at the bottom of the sweater, and the slouchy sleeves and blousy give you that comfortably sweet look!  Absolutely love the ice blue color!  (I paired it with the shorts in the group gift to give it a very springy feel!)

::Esther Jen:: Patchwork High Tops - 200L

I don’t think ya’ll know this about me yet…but I just loooooooove shoes. I can’t get enough of them, and if my SL closet were real I’d be in huge spacial troubles….hehe anywho….these new Patchwork High Tops are my new fav sneaks to prance around in.  The detailing is phenomenal, and the untied laces are so typically me . These are worth wayyy more than 200L so go get em quick!

::Esther Jen:: Polka Dot Flats - 100L

Need a last minute pair of shoes to go with that Easter outfit?? These Polka Dot Flats are a perrrfect add-on to any outfit!  Whether it’s with your favorite jeans or that flouncy dress, you can never go wrong with flats!  The pastel colors work perfectly for this spring season!  I’ve got them on right now! hehe  Go grab em for 100L!

Don’t forget to join the ::Esther Jen:: group if you haven’t done so already!

Taxi for ::Esther Jen::


The Cat’s Meow…

Aqua: Cat's Meow - hunt gift

Sooooo I got a super faaaabulous tip from the lovely Zan….10L sale at Aqua! Obviously the second I saw that I hoped in a cab and headed right over there!  Before I even searched for the sale items…I spotted an Easter egg hunt sign!! Oh boyyy I can’t resist hunts…so there I went searching for every single possible egg I could find in that store!  Some were reeeeally well blended in…but alas! I found em!! hehe There are 8 eggs in total for women and 8 eggs for men.  If you find them all, they make a complete outfit! Yeeeeee so this is the lovely outfit for our smexy ladies and kittens out there….It’s called the Cat’s Meow, and has a fabulous tiger print!  The arm and leg warmers are such adorable details, and there’s also a longer tank top…butttt I obviously prefer the bikini top! Head on over there and snatch up all those eggs!!!

Aqua: Daring Deirdra - 10L

After I felt completely satisfied in finding my eggs, I stepped on over to the 10L items!  They’re located right by the MM boards in the back.  This Daring Deirdra dress comes in 6 colors, but I just love the silvery mercury color.  It’s uber sexy and the detailing of the texture really hugs your torso.  Only 10L? Amazing!

Aqua: Eversong - Silver Glitter/Pink - 10L

This next evening gown is also only 10L!  Looow deep cut on the torso gives you that obvious opportunity to flaunt what you’ve got ladies! Long sleeves and an a-line skirt gives you just that right amount of elegance for a night out with that special someone.  The diamond detailing under the bust just adds to the sultry look…love it!

Aqua: Swan's Song - 10L

And finally….the Swans song!  This dress gives you a long and short option…for only 10L!  My favorite accent of the outfit is the black feather boa, so even though the dress is super short….the boa covers your shoulder to add a modest touch!  You also have the option of long and short gloves…..as you can tell, I’m a BIG fan of options with outfits!  Who doesn’t want to mix n match?!

Anywayy….head on over to Aqua and scoop up your hunt outfit and these great deals!  ALSO…don’t forget to take a look around the rest of the shop.  There’s also an Easter sale going on….25L for ALL single items.  I snooped around and found looooads of things but I just don’t have enough space to show you all piccies!  hehe Enjoy!

Dive on in: Aqua

*Credits: Hair by Truth | Skin by Lara Hurley Skin | Shoes (in Cat’s Meow outfit) by :::LiNe:::


Spring Spree ::squeeee::

Spring Spree 2011

It’s time for the Spring Spree 2011!!!  There are 23 designers featured at the “spree,” and each of them have 3 items set out.  The 1st item is brand spankin’ NEW at regular price, the 2nd item is made specifically for the fair and is LIMITED to only 100 available, and the 3rd item is FREE!!!  What else could you ask for??  I decided to put a couple items together, sort of a retro pin-up/escort look…who knows I was havin’ a blast outfitting! hehe  Anyways, I won’t ramble on too much about it, head on over there and check it out for yourself 😛

Here is the list of designers featured at the Spring Spree:

mISs rOUx [sKIns and sHApES], .::Divine::., !blkhrt,  Unique Clothing,  ZC Designz,  JD Jewelry,  SE Designz,  Silhouette,  essences,  Calavera  [Acide!]

DnB Designs,  Phresh,  Alli&Ali Designs,  {fright}, Cosmetics  Zibska,  ::SkAnKz Inc::,  LollipopZ,  Concrete Flowers,  *Mayden Couture*,  ::Ci Co::

Embody,  Oceane,  Outfit

 Credits:  Minka hair, purple – Alli&Ali Designs – 0L,   Lace face tattoo – Phresh – 0L,  Marvelous Black n White outfit – Silhouette – 100L

Leather Cross white bracelet – JD Jewelry – 0L , Lime boots – .::Divine::. – 150L

Go get springy: Spring Spree 2011