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Miss American Pie

KaliKo 21: American Pie Strawberry - 60L

Need a cute lil Western outfit for an event or RPG? Maybe even to just prance around showing your stuff? Well here’s the perfect fit! KaliKo 21 has this adorable top and skirt outfit available this weekend for 60L weekends.  The Strawberry is available until Sunday night for only 60L, however she informed me that most of the time she leaves that promo price until Monday morning!  The other colors will be available at regular price, 175L, on Monday.

I love the soft pink gingham pattern of the crop top is just oh so cute! I love the lace trimming along the bust line…and the puffy sleeves gives it a great feminine feel!  The denim mini skirt with the lace trimming matches perfectly to the top…and I love the belt texturing!

American Pie includes the top in all three layers. The sculpted sleeves are optional of course, however why wouldn’t you want to wear them?  The skirt is a pants layer with the skirt prim to complete it.  All parts are copy/mod for easy adjusting!  I only needed minor adjusting on the skirt prim and BAM! Looks so super cute!!

KaliKo was created by the lovely Kaliope Karas, who was in need of creating frontier-wear for everyday use.  She created the KaliKo 21 line when she got the urge to make some more modern clothing.  Definitely check out her shop!  I absolutely adored the feel of it all!

Taxi for KaliKo –> KaliKo at The Eyrie


Laced Up Heart

Esther Jen: Damask Corset Black/White - 50L

I popped on into Esther Jen to check out the newest releases available and here they are!  Super cute and totally to-die-for pieces!  I absolutely love this Damask Corset in black/white.  The lace trim along the cleavage adds the perfect touch to it, and ending right at your waist, you can pair it back to any bottoms you may have!  The pattern is absolutely beautiful…I couldn’t help myself so I picked the pink/white one up too!  They’re only 50L each so go grab them!

Esther Jen: Corsage Top - 50L

Also new to the store are these Corsage Tops…soooo cute!  I’ve been after this hot pink all summer and I just couldn’t resist.  The lacing at the bottom right below the bust-line gives the top that extra edge.  You can pair it with your favorite jeans, shorts, skirts, etc.  Anything!  Also only 50L so scoop up all of the colors!

Esther Jen: Caged Heart Necklace *Group Gift*

And don’t forget to stop by the desk and pick up the latest group gifts!  This amazing necklace is available free for group members! The length of the chain fits perfectly right below your cleavage, and dangles to show an adorable glowing heart within a cage.  The color of the metal is so vintage, it’s perfect to add to any outfit!  Also, the skull eyepatch below is your second group gift available.  The lil skull with a pink bow on its head is just tooo cute, you just need to pick it up!  Don’t forget to join the group if you haven’t already!

Esther Jen: Skull Eyepatch *Group Gift*

Also if you haven’t picked up the Very Cherry Dress or Rings from one of my previous posts, Jennie has just added them to the lucky boards upstairs so go on and try your luck!

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Nicole Bares It All…

Bare Sensual: Nicole in Deep Tan - 25L

Just in time for summer….we welcome Nicole as the newest skin for Bare Sensual!  It comes in 5 different skin tones, each having 6 makeup options.  There’s also this Deep Tan available for 25L for those of you who want to put on that smexy tanned glow.  The makeup is sultry yet sweet, the pink of the lips really enhancing the deep tan of the skin.  My favorite is the detailing of the sunkissed freckles around the nose!  Absolutely beautiful…don’t forget to join the group and check out the rest of the store!

Go get tan here –> Bare Sensual


Happy Birthday to Issy Wonder!

M.O.a.R. - Red Corset & White High Waisted Leggins

Biiiiig Happy RL Birthday to Issy Wonder, created of [M.O.a.R.]!!! In celebration, today June 3rd, and today only….the ENTIRE store is marked down to 10L!  Yes you read that correctly….allll items in the store are marked down to 10L but only for today!  I snatched up pretty much everything there was! Head on in and check out the awesome product available!  Above, I’m wearing the Retro Red Corset paired back to the White Highwaisted Leggins.  Super adorable and really gives off a fabulous vintage feel!  There are so many items to choose from, you’ll be squeeing all the way through the store!

M.O.a.R. - Delicacy Tattoo

Definitely head upstairs and check out the great tattoo’s available!  This one is the Delicacy tattoo…and again is only 10L for TODAY only! I love the detailing of this tattoo, the delicate swirls really giving you that feminine edge.  (Bandaids and shorts not included).  You can find these shorts within the June In-Store Group Gift as you walk in, but make sure you join the group first!  And yes….this is the same pair of shorts!  Two-toned, you get a different view from the front and back!  If you see Issy, don’t forget to say Happy Birthday!

I repeat…this deal is only good for today, June 3rd!

Grab the 10L deals here –> [M.O.a.R.]





Key to my Heart

Esther Jen: Key Necklace - 50L

Yaaay!! Jewelry from Esther Jen!  The newest release of Jennie’s is this fabulous Key Necklace.  The coppery brass color of the chain really gives it that vintage feel, especially with the old world key design!  It’s just long enough to hang right below your cleavage, and is priced at 50L!  Awesome bargain for a great piece!

Esther Jen: Jean Tube Top w/ Tee - 75L

Another recent release is this fabulous jean tube top!  And it comes with different layers so you can wear it differently.  Whatever weather you decide to dress for….either the jean top alone to flaunt your smexy self, or wear it with the long sleeve tee underneath if you’d like to go a bit modest!  It’s so versatile, and priced at only 75L!

Esther Jen: Roller Girl - 75L

Another fave that I’ve been strutting around in allll day is this new roller girl outfit!  It is sooo super cute!  Between the deep low cut of the tee, the low hip slung shorties, and the adorable white thigh high socks, you’re all set to skate around looking all sorts of adorable!  It is smexy and fun….and don’t forget to pair it with your favorite pair of roller skates!  Definitely a must-have!

Esther Jen: Soak Up the Sun *Gift*

I loooove summer outfits…anything to show off that new summer glow!  And Jennie definitely gave you the tools to do so!  This Soak Up the Sun outfit is available as a gift on the desk in the entrance.  I looove the denim shorts that roll up at the bottom, and paired back to the sexy bra top with lace peeking over….perfect outfit to throw on and bask in the sun!  Another gift by the generous Jennie is also on the desk….this sexy Straps dress pictured below!  I love the shade of purple…and the straps go ohhhh so low.  You’ll look absolutely daring in this mini dress so go grab it!

Esther Jen: Straps *Gift*

Don’t forget to join the group!!

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What’s your Essence?

Essences: Sarah skin in mocha - 800L

So I’ve been looking for some great new skin around town, and I ran into a lovely lady named Inka Mexicola, creator of Essences.  She makes some great skins that are available in her store right now!  This one is her newest skin called Sarah in mocha, and has SO much variety!  There are 5 skin tones available, and 8 makeup options for each skin tone.  You can buy individual skins for 800L, or buy all 8 options in a skin tone for 2500L.  Each skin has the option of cleavage or no cleavage.  You see no cleavage here as I have nothing on!  Also included are hairbases for ash black, black, dark red strong, platinum, red, and red brown hair.  They do match most colors of hair that you may have!  You know when you find a skin you like, put it on, but it completely changes your face?  This skin barely changed my face!  I was so pleased!  Make sure you check out Inka’s store Essences and join her group for information on updates!  I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her work around town!

Essences: Sarah skin in Nougat - 800L

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Like the lil monarch butterflies over my lady bits?? Pick them up by the group gifties for free over at Hudson’s!


Purely Polka Dots!

Purple Moon: Daisy Gown & Polka Pumps - 55L each (Thursday)

Awesome deal for you guys!  Purple Moon has two of it’s latest Boho House designs on special promo for 55L Thursdays!  The Daisy Gown in brown is set out for 55L, but only for today!  The matching Polka Pumps in cream & orange are absolutely perrrrfect to wear with it, and are also set out for 55L!  The dress has a fabulous alpha layer to hide your breasts so you don’t have to worry about resizing!  The textures are just phenomenal….I love the happy feel of the polka dots!  Be sure to take a look around the rest of the Boho House to see all the fabulous new designs!  I also have on the Feather Earrings in Gold, available for 10L in the Boho House!  Don’t forget…this deal is only good for today so hurry on in there!

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