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*FAC* Me

Faith talked me into checking out the ‘walk of freebies’ down at FA Creations and I’m back to report that it was definitely time well worth spent. There are a number of group gifts to be grabbed for us guys to go along with the female ones Faith already showed.

I’ve got a few to show you including the ‘Brown Outfit’ shown above which includes the shirt, jeans and hand-wraps you can see in the picture. A great casual outfit this is in an awesome shade of brown. The shirt is slightly open and includes the sculpted collar and rolled cuffs which I didn’t have to edit at all. The hand-wraps look like they’ve seen some kind of action having suspicious red stains on them.

There are a few cool-looking tanks to be grabbed on the walk down at *FAC* but I chose the striped Maya top to show here. It comes on both the jacket and shirt and underwear layers so you can wear it out or tucked in beneath something else. I like the dark shades of the stripes as well as the design in the centre, definitely my favourite tank out of a good bunch.

Finally I picked up the other awesome full outfit on offer, this time in black. It features another somewhat open casual shirt but this one comes with button-up rolled cuffs and epaulets along with a little scarf to wear under the collar. All of which I yet again did not have to edit at all. The jeans you get with this outfit are very cool, faded and worn with a loose look to them.

So you see, the Walk of Freebies is not just for the ladies, you guys should head on down and take a stroll, collecting some cool freebies while you’re there. Just remember to join the group first (something I neglected to do the first time, oops).

Get the gear here: FA Creations

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Fallen Angel

First up big big thanks with a slurpy kiss to Meria who gave me the info for this post ! Meria dropped me a note saying I really ought to go check FAC out and their “walk of freebies”, sooo I did..and wowser..what a haul ! Above I’m showing the “Pinky punk” really 80’s inspired complete outfit, there’s a lot in the box, gloves, boots, pants & corset, choker,bangles and of course those shocking pink belt suspenders !

I also nabbed this outfit called “space body warmer set” fab grey jeans, vest tee,and an awesome little jacket in silver (theres a belt also but I preferred the jeans alone) I’ve collected a few of these little jackets over the last few days..gonna be big time useful to sling on over gear in the cooler months.

Then we have “seduce” fantastic micro skirt, bolero style top,bangles & a great pair of patterned stockings…I know I will wear the shirt with other stuff (IF I can recall its name and where I filed it!)

Couldnt resist taking this cheerful red gingham babydoll dress also. Wear it as a dress or maybe toss it on over some leggings / jeans..pretty as a picture and uber cute…

Saved my fav till last! The “bolero set” is effortlessly classy but up to the minute styling…to-die-for shorts that I will wear wear and wear…plus a gorgeous little jacket..(and shirt to wear under) fabulous prims..none of which needed fiddling with by moi..there was heapssss more on offer too ! When you land, join the group (free join hurrah!) and then follow the signs that take you along a winding pathway of group gifts..its really that simple..enjoy!

All outfits: FAC