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It’s September at FAC (Freebie).

I decided I simply couldn’t face unpacking all those gifts from the Enchantment event and so I decided to just sim hop which basically means I open my world map and when I see either sims which look as though they have something interesting on them or so many AV dots I gotta TP over just to be nosy.  Sometimes it works and sometimes(most times) it fails and this time it FAILED and I found nothing of much interest but fortunately for me, I keep a little list of the shops guaranteed to have something sweet for us and FA Creations has never failed  me yet.

XXXFacuseA simple and yet detailed quality romper.  Great satin texture a mesh fit for all inc mesh bods and a 2 colour Hud option which has this light cream or a black satin option.  Free to join group and although by the time I went to grab this I ran out of SL time and didn’t get to have a good “neb” (slang for being nosy) around the shop I know that last late summer/early autumn I picked up some really good clothes inc big fat Huds.  So once you’ve snagged check to see if the new seasons clothes are in stock.

FA Creations

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Failsafe (Freebie).

Yup poor Faith is having a super busy RL with her “wrinklies” & work and that RL stuff but at least Dad is on the mend.

So as always as soon as the notice came through for a completely failsafe shop and their latest GG I was off like a shot.  FAC (FA Creations) is the shop and I do believe I’ve shown you every group gift they have ever put out as they’ve all turned out to be top quality and this is just like the rest 100% top quality.


Such a good outfit, the drape of the skirt, texturing, fit on and on can’t be bettered.

Ignore the lighting, because this was such an easy find and a treat to take a picture of, I spent a little time playing with the windlight setting on our sim because God knows were not going to get any sun in RL and I rather liked this setting.  So I just pulled a few poses.


Comes in all standard mesh and fit mesh sizing plus 2 mesh body sizing but not my SLink Physique one, not that that is an issue because with all those fits you’re guaranteed to find a great fit.  Add to all of that this come as separates! both the top and skirt go so well with each other but have lots of potential to go with other items of clothing and thats such a bonus and I’m keeping these for sure.

Didn’t manage to do my usual walk through the FA Creations shop to check out any new stuff but there usually is something tempting.  So make sure to check out the rest of the shop once you’ve grabbed this goodie.

PS The GG’s is to the side of the entrance wall, em not explaining that too well but when you get there just head to the right to go behind the wall in the entrance and it’s there.  As it happens the “wall” is usually where the new stuff is but I was in such a rush to grab this I forgot to even pause to check that out!

FA Creations

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Sweet FA(Freebie).

Faith and I both have our “Favs” and we don’t step on each others toes but it’s not uncommon for us to drop each other a note when we’ve found something we love and want to tell the other one to “BACK OFF BIATCH” and yes that’s usually what the note says LOL.

FA Creations is one of my Favs, each month as regular as clock work a FREEBIE is set out and as soon as this one was it’s been turning up in the Free Flickr groups like mad.


Poppy is just an excellent basic 2 piece, skirt and top and a nice touch is that they come as separates which makes them even more useful as they can be teamed up with other items of clothing.


The skirt is a flirty high and as you can see the shirt has that lovely ribbon.

Since I am a nosy blogger and I zoom in on everything, click everything and cam like a maniac I noticed another FREEBIE set out for us.  I think a lot of people may miss it because it’s actually outside next to the newly placed out swimming pool.


A golden, snake-skin, holograph? design, not too sure but who cares it turned out to be yet another excellent giftie from FA Creations.

I’ve not had time to have a mooch around the shop this time but I know this shop reasonably well as I have actually spent Lindens here! Esp the last seasons woolies but I didn’t really have much time to check out any new stock esp for the new season so that’s something for me to do when I get back inworld.

FA Creations

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Shock, Horror I Spent LINDENS! (and grabbed a FREEBIE at the same time).

It takes a lot to make me spend my Lindens and yesterday 2 shops made me to just that.  The first was !gO but I’m not showing you the skirt I picked up from there but I’m hoping to show that off in my next post. Till then check out my new Woolies!


I popped over to FAC (FA Creations) to pick up the new free group gift but as soon as I saw these new sweaters I got stopped in my tracks.  As it happens there is also an AV right next to the new item wearing this jumper  modelling it and everything about the quality struck me in the face, a unique look amazing texturing, realistic folds in the shape and on and on.


I even deliberately wore one of my long Mina hairs just to show you that you don’t have to wear it just with short hair.  Add to all of this a price tag of just 99Lds and that’s NOT just for the 1 shade but a colour changing Hud with 4 shades!  Also although I ended up picking the darker earthier colours there is also a more pastel pallet and a patterned option to choose from.  Each colour pack is only 99Lds.  Of course Demos available for you to try.


This is the Freebie from FAC and it’s a great gift.  The fact that the skirt and jumper comes as separates is always much appreciated.

Special mention, I notice that Danny Bourne has a new build up on his sim and so I decided to just pop in and check it out and spent so much time wandering around the amazing builds.  The designs are so varied and so complete I can’t really describe them so I’m going to give you the LM and let you see some amazing SL homes.  When you get to the LM just grab the Hud and you can TP to every build and again trust me even as a hardened SL home owner I stand there whimpering because although not cheap they’re worth every Linden but my biggest problem is I wouldn’t know which home to buy and sadly for such quality you need a healthy prim balance but I can still wander around them and dream.

UPDATE because I couldn’t resist it and it was right there.  As I was LM grabbing for Rebourne I noticed that the new build, The Lakehouse, is right outside of the glass cube you rezz in so a quick cam and a quick snap in the sim setting just to give you a taste of what to expect.


FAC (FA Creations).


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Its all fun in the sun (hunt gifts)

Hunt Prizes - NEW!

I had a little downtime yesterday and decided to hook up with a couple of hunts that have just begun. The Welcome to summer & day at the beach hunt’s started on the 1st of June, so you have plenty of time to complete them. I trundled over to Fairy Angel Creations, I don’t usually find her hunt gifts as she’s pretty darn good at hiding them ! Struck Lucky this time though and found this sweet little beach scene. You get the sandy base, surf board and a bunch of lovely poses built right in. The bucket and decor are from The mustard seed, the lights on the branches actually twinkle ! (day at the beach prize for tms, welcome to summer for FAC)

Hunt Prize new!!

I also spied this AT FAC, the prize for the Day at the beach hunt – isn’t it fab? A lifeguards hut, complete with poses for the couch, dressing room, porch etc. Seem to recall it was 17 prims, this includes the decor and plants and ring. See blogs listed below for other participating stores and more info. All prizes cost just $1L.



Welcome to Summer hunt blog

Day at the beach hunt blog

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Group gifts with extra snuggles

FAC Group gift sweater

I snagged a wonderful group gift from FAC yesterday that I want to share with you. Its this nordic style fisherman’s sweater. Bloomin perfect for trundling about outside in, or for snuggling up infront of the fire. (You’ll find a pair of system layer denim jeggings to wear with the sweater in the parcel too) The group is free to join and if you take a wander upstairs there are some further gifts to take , mostly sculpted but some real gems to find.

FAC Group gift sweater  jeggings_004

Also under the Christmas tree is this sweater style dress for group members, not sure how long this will be around for so go get pronto ! I slung some woolie tights and boots on with it, added the scarf that comes along in the box, et voila.


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Menswear Fashion Week

Menswear Fashion Week is in full swing and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome to have an event for us guys to mooch around. Speaking of mooching, yours truly has walked the circuit once or twice (maybe three or four times) and there are many, many amazing stores with stalls down there packed with some great goodies.

SF Design has one such stall with a couple of new release items out for you to grab. The first of these is called the ‘Ewan’ outfit and it is wicked. Ultra hip, this ensemble features a gorgeous suede jacket, plaid pants and a mesh tee. I love the look of the jacket in any of the three colours available (brown, blue or grey), I’ll definitely be wearing this a lot, either with the outfit as a whole or just by itself. The sculpted cuffs, collar and lapel all fit perfectly and the texturing is divine.

The mesh tee that comes with the Ewan outfit, as you can see, looks brilliant worn without the jacket and trust me when I tell you, I never thought that I would be saying that about a mesh t-shirt, like, ever. This tee can be worn tucked in or, if you have a viewer that allows multiple layers, you can wear it out with the pants layer.

SF Design also have this super mesh sweater and shirt combo in blue or black. This is an extremely preppy little combination that I like a lot. You’ll need a mesh enabled viewer to see these but it’s definitely worth it. The mesh comes in two sizes and I had no problem at all fitting into it. Definitely a very cool item that can be worn in any number of situations.

There are also some gifts dotted about MFW if you keep your eyes peeled. Gifts like this funky ‘Wake Up!’ shirt from FA Creations.  Basic black with sculpted sleeves, a perfect casual top. My favourite part about this shirt (other than the fact that it was free) is the sculpted bottom that comes with its own belt, it’s very well made and adds to the effect of the shirt. The tattoo you can see peeking out from the sleeves is a gift from *Birth* and comes on all different layers and in different levels of darkness (I went with the light shade for this pic). I’ve kept it on to show it off properly in the next picture below as well.

Last but not least, the ever amazing Akeruka have a stall at Menswear Fashion Week also. Many of their great skins are available there to buy, including this special version of ‘Damien’. Pale with dark lips teamed with the usual fantastic looking details, this is a tremendous skin for those of you who like to roleplay or to those of you who just like that child of the night look.

On a final note, the sunglasses you see me wearing in these last two pictures are a new release from Redgrave that you can also pick up at the MFW event. I fell in love with these ‘Zenith’ glasses the moment I saw them, they are colour changeable and look simply stunning. I was fortunate that my wonderfully generous partner bought them for me and thought I’d show them off (thanks bunches Roni x).

So there you have it, absolutely shedloads of amazing gear you can find at Menswear Fashion Week. This is but a small sampling. Head on down before the end of this week and take a long, leisurely stroll around and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

Get the gear here: Menswear Fashion Week