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Ha! (Freebie).

This outfit just had me sniggering in disbelief.  As always my note to Faith said “back off Biatch the FAC(FA Creations) giftie is MINE!” and then I hauled ass and as ALWAYS it’s a winner but only in SL lol.


I’ve actually just taken the exact same jumper/dress to a charity shop as unlike my SL self on my RL self it looks horrible! At least this way my loss is someone else’s gain and of course I had a good rummage through the racks of clothes.

As always with FA Creations a quality classic, etc texturing and a Hud for a colour choice and yes just to show you I am wearing one more of Mina’s hat/hairs.  The last one I will show you but hopefully, the past couple of pictures with Mina hat/hairs will encourage you to go to try them for yourself.

A quick post as I was RL work busy, BOOOO and SL landscaping, YESSSS but I did do that small yet fab upcycling hunt and I promise to get that done either later today or tomorrow as I scored some really lovely stuff, well pleased with not just what I found but also  a couple of new to me shops but more about that in my next post.

TAXI to FAC (FA Creations).

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It’s September at FAC (Freebie).

I decided I simply couldn’t face unpacking all those gifts from the Enchantment event and so I decided to just sim hop which basically means I open my world map and when I see either sims which look as though they have something interesting on them or so many AV dots I gotta TP over just to be nosy.  Sometimes it works and sometimes(most times) it fails and this time it FAILED and I found nothing of much interest but fortunately for me, I keep a little list of the shops guaranteed to have something sweet for us and FA Creations has never failed  me yet.

XXXFacuseA simple and yet detailed quality romper.  Great satin texture a mesh fit for all inc mesh bods and a 2 colour Hud option which has this light cream or a black satin option.  Free to join group and although by the time I went to grab this I ran out of SL time and didn’t get to have a good “neb” (slang for being nosy) around the shop I know that last late summer/early autumn I picked up some really good clothes inc big fat Huds.  So once you’ve snagged check to see if the new seasons clothes are in stock.

FA Creations

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Sweet FA(Freebie).

Faith and I both have our “Favs” and we don’t step on each others toes but it’s not uncommon for us to drop each other a note when we’ve found something we love and want to tell the other one to “BACK OFF BIATCH” and yes that’s usually what the note says LOL.

FA Creations is one of my Favs, each month as regular as clock work a FREEBIE is set out and as soon as this one was it’s been turning up in the Free Flickr groups like mad.


Poppy is just an excellent basic 2 piece, skirt and top and a nice touch is that they come as separates which makes them even more useful as they can be teamed up with other items of clothing.


The skirt is a flirty high and as you can see the shirt has that lovely ribbon.

Since I am a nosy blogger and I zoom in on everything, click everything and cam like a maniac I noticed another FREEBIE set out for us.  I think a lot of people may miss it because it’s actually outside next to the newly placed out swimming pool.


A golden, snake-skin, holograph? design, not too sure but who cares it turned out to be yet another excellent giftie from FA Creations.

I’ve not had time to have a mooch around the shop this time but I know this shop reasonably well as I have actually spent Lindens here! Esp the last seasons woolies but I didn’t really have much time to check out any new stock esp for the new season so that’s something for me to do when I get back inworld.

FA Creations

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I Haz this (Freebie).

In the New Year I’m going to start making a planner out of shops I should visit on a weekly/monthly basis and FA Creations is going to be a weekly visit even if it’s just to make sure I don’t miss the great Free GG’s.  I’ve blogged them previously because of what I consider to be great clothes, great texturing, great colour Hud options and great pricing.  Each time I’ve visited I’ve not only walked away with the free to join Group Gift but usual I’ve been so tempted I’ve actually spent Lindens here and in fact when I return to LM grab there is a new cute little Dog Toothed pinafore dress that I’m going to try on.

UPDATE and how cruel! I’m stood here in front of the new items and I want all 3 and individually they’re reasonably priced but all 3 of them put together they make such a great look, there is also a  model in the reception area and you can see how good these clothes look together as a complete outfit but of course they may fit together so well they also stand out on their own.  I just have to grab all of the Demos and go away and just have a think about it..


BUT this believe it or not is the FREEEEEEBIE and I’m so pleased with it.  I for one am always grateful for any shop/designer who does give out Freebies and Gifts so even when I’ve snagged a goodie and it’s turned out to be a bit of a stinker I don’t mind because at least they have offered something and of course someone else may love it but it also means when you come across a GREAT Freebie is makes you grin and this dress is def a grinner LOL.  Actually you get a Hud which gives you the choice of this grey patterned on and a black one and both versions are exc.  Although the outfit looks very black look at it closely and you can see it has the shading and texturing of a quality outfit.

I had to pop home to take this picture as this sim didn’t wouldn’t allow me to change the colour.  I got Faith to dump a load of Christmas tree’s outside of my house  to choose from last week and so far I’ve still not made a choice!


The hair is a special offer from Mina’s.  This is the one you will find on her The Mix stand in her shop and it’s HALF price actually there is quite a selecion of the “specials” for half price but if you’re not  Grace is a slightly windy hair which gives it just that little bit extra life to it. The offer is just for the Grace Specials but if crazy colours aren’t your fav then there are subtle shades such as the brown ombre in the bottom picture but check out that top grey shade, love it.  The best thing about Mina’s grey shades is they don’t look like you’re walking around with unrezzed hair which is why I find that shade in most hair shops not one I would go for but Mina’s grey are so well shaded no one will think your hair is simply unrezzed.   For a few Lindens more you can also buy the Essentials pack which give you a few more of the basic shades from matt black to ditsy blonde and all the shades inbetween.

If you’re interested, those Mittens come from League and I picked them up last Winter and they’re still here for 95Ld a single colour or 425Lds for the Fat Pack.  I can’t see a Demo for you to try but they are very realistic even down to the Pom Poms LOL.  Mesh but no Mesh hands needed. While you’re here grab the Giftie which is next to the Group Inviter although it’s actually free for all.  A handy pack of snoods and I tried one on and it’s worth it but sadly I’ve run out of SL time LOL.  I might show it off in my next post though.  You have to click and pay the picture for it.

PS Remember to click on the link for the Avi Choice Awards and of course click Mina Nakamura’s name for both Best Female hair & male hair.  Won’t bore you again with why I feel she deserves this pat on the back but remember that behind the designers is just normal peeps like us and just having people recognise the hard work you put into making others SL’s much nicer is reward in itself.

FA Creations



Avi Choice Awards

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Sundays perfect days for quickies (freebie).

The sun is out (and in and out and in again) so I’m heading off to my garden with my new sun hat and my latest book but I since it’s been a few days since my last Freebie and I have a Freebie Addiction that needs to be fed check out this quick post.


A very simple sweet rose textured mesh dress.  Comes in all the standard sizing and Fitmesh which is the one I’m wearing.  This comes from FA Creations and although I grabbed and ran as soon as I saw this I do remember from previous visits/blog posts that this is one of the shops where a lot of the items come with colour changing Huds as standard and since most items are reasonably priced in the first place it means you get much more for your Lindens. As it happens this dress does come 2 colour options this old-fashioned rose one and a blue and white chintz pattern.

OK the sun is out and so am I, have a great day and I’ll see you all  later.

FA Creations

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Save a little spend a little (Freebie n Bargain).

I’m back from my weekender and raring to go.  As it happens I spotted this excellent freebie just before I went away and as soon as I got back inworld I popped over to grab it but I also found something I think is well worth the Lindens.

First the freebies.


A short n top combo, both are Marches group gits from FA Creations.  They come in the same pack but of course can be worn as separates as both are perfect together and also teamed up with other items of clothing.

This skirt called Frizzle is the non freebie but you get so much for your 99Lds it’s worth it.


Just loving the waffly, frilly, floaty skirt it has life and movement to it.  You actually get a Hud with 8 colours in it and another option of the same 8 colours but with a rhinestone layer over it.  I was too impatient to get piccies and this posted I forgot to take a picture of that layer but there is a demo available for you to try yourself.


I’ve taken these pictures in my nam setting and although I’ve not used any photo tricks the fact that I took them in a photocube means the colour is a little bit more enhanced but as I’m mentioned there is a demo available so make sure to try out but I promise you the skirt is delightful and a good addition to my invent.


The hair of course is a Mina’s and now that it should be a bit quieter it’s time to pop over to the …and snag it at the discounted price of 125Lds.

FA Creations

Mina Hair@The Chapter Four

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The Human Centipede pt 3

Will you all think less of me if I admit that I love the films the Human Centipede 1 & 2?  Never said I had good taste.  In anycase there I was meandering and came across this and it was too icky for me not to hop on it and react some of my fav scenes.

CenterI hung around like this for a while and went through my notes and notices and I came across a great Freebe from FA Creations.


We all in RL have this shirt or something very similar to it because you simply cannot beat a simple oversized cotton shirt, I’m even watching some on ebay at this moment.  They’re so easy to wear, casual and yet not sloppy.  The quality of this freebie is second to none and the buckled belt a great finish.  A

hair 2

This isn’t a freebie but not only was I surprised it cost only 50Lds but I was equally surprised it actually comes with a colour changing Hud so you get in total 8 Autumnal shades.  This also comes from FA Creations and is in the entrance marked “new”.  Make sure to check out the rest of Sandie Saenz shop because it seems most of her clothing comes with colour option Huds and very reasonable price tags. I spotted a cropped, slashed back, cable knitted jumper for 70Lds which I’m going to assume also comes with a Hud and a lovely and sheer crotchet top again with a Hud the only reason I’m assuming that is because when I grabbed the Demos I forgot to relabel them so I can easily find them and they’ve been sucked into the black hole of my invent.  I’m almost hoping they’re rubbish so I don’t spend more Lindens but I have a feeling they’re going to be great.  Loads of demos here so come and be tempted.  There are more GG’s upstairs but as far as I could see they’re all non mesh so handy for non meshers but I didn’t pay much attention.

FA Creations