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Trust me (freebie, cheapie).

Although for eyes I should try to get a much closer shot I’m pretty useless at it and would just end up with that freakishly weird inside of your head shot. However I’m pretty darn happy with this close up esp since as a stroke of luck was that the skin I want to show you comes with a layer that has this beautifully matching violet/purple look to it.  All eyes and some tights come as new and old Group, free to join, Gifts.


The skin comes from Flounce and cost only 99Lds and you get so much for such a small price.


This skin comes with a total of…6 skins, 4 cleavage tattoo layers, 1 lip,1 eyebrow and 1 freckle tattoo layer and last but by no means least SLink hands, feet and even Lola Tangos so a whole lotta looks for just 99Lds.  I picked the cream coloured version but there are 2 other more tanned options and a Demo to try them one first.


Both the top shots come with the preset eyeshadow with the added tattoo lipstick layer on, but this bottom skin is the nude version and it’s perfect for leaving it on it’s own or adding your own make up and creating so many individual looks.

And remember all those lovely eyes come free from UMEBOSH all you have to do is join the group grab the goodies and if you have some spare time to kill there are some LBs for you to try.

OK Rush post because I made the mistake of having Hoarders on TV as I do this post and I got to go and throw something out and do a bit of dusting and then have a good shower just to make myself feel clean.



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Heart Breaker.

HeartyI have to confess I’ve not even heard of the Kustom 9 event which turns out to be on its eighth round!  At the beginning of each month, timed to people’s payday, a whole new batch of goodies are set out to tempt you and your purse/wallet and damn I was tempted, not only by this sweet old-fashioned lingerie set (60Lds, non mesh), but by eyes, lip stick, bags and even a rug or 2 so as you can see there is quite a variety of items in the small shops set around a yard.  The bag, which I will take a picture of another time, has a brilliant telephone handle and like the rugs I picked up this is a Gacha item.  The Lingerie set is from the Blah Blah Blah shop and I’ve spotted a couple of other big names but also a few I’ve not seen before and everything is so goooooood and I spent way to much.

Kustom 9

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Scored Big Scored Cheap (Hunt items).

Second shop on my Christmas Candy Can Hunt list and I scored so well I’m really chuffed.  First thing though wasn’t a hunt prize but check this out.

PlanterOMG 2 prims ALL of those plants on a boat shaped planter=2 prims!  This is such great quality and texturing.  Called Boat planter because it has a bowed bottom to it but in all honestly I’ve just placed mine of water for the fun of it because it can be placed anywhere.  Our sim is almost whitened out so I thought that one of the more flowery and colourful planters would be out of place so I chose the more sedate grassy one but if you’re still in SL summertime mode then the other boxes are in full bright bloom, packed with flowers and greenery.  Excellent all round including the 49Ld price tag.

WateringJust to give you a better indication of the size, depth and quality I took this picture.

Autum treeThese tree’s are the Lets Give Thanks Hunt Item (or the picture of the pumpkin) and are FREE.  Pretty generous when yet again you have such great texturing and low primmedness.  If I remember correctly you get 5/6 different shapes in the pack and they’re copyable and at 2 prims you could rezz a whole forest of them..

And then the icing on the cake is this.

CandyI had stood and admired these in the shop I didn’t really have the Lindens left to buy them(roll on payday) I had earmarked them for a later date when I had some Lindens to spend  and then I stumbled on to the Christmas Candy Cane hunt item (cupcake with a candy stick in it) and YES this was in it! and it’s copyable.  I’ve just quickly rezzed items on my land because I so want to get back to hunting as there is so much good stuff out there and I want it all, but when I get back inworld I might just rezz this cutie inside my home.  All the above photos were taken in my Nams Optimal Prim and Skin setting but esp the Peppermint Candy Cane tree looks stunning in all windlights.

3 Hunts going on in Alyxen’s shop at the moment and all can be found in his furniture shop but please check out the TP to his Garden shop, Mens Clothes and Skyboxes.  Each dept has something that stands out as being rather different.  The furniture shop, obviously the planters but it also has bed’s, thrones, Christmas Tree’s etc etc.  The garden shop has tree’s, landscaping, butterflies etc and the clothes department has some really cute and cheeky “peeking” mens boxers and I’m hoping to send Baylen there to pick a pair up (I promise piccies if he does) but even the mensware dept had something for me, bright eyes for only 9Lds.  I picked myself a pair of orange ones up and I was so pleased with them when I get back inworld my last Lindens is going on some of the bright and unusual ones.

Alyxen Designs

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Don’t Be Lazy Lady!

Stumbled upon these skins from The Plastik which is their Lazy Sunday offer so I am assuming that this is last Sundays offering in which case RUN and grab them because you not only get 2 amazingly individually unique skins but for the small price of 75Lds but a lot of eyes, brows n stuff AND they’re Lola’d.

SmudgetvThis is the Astrali skin which is a stunningly dark intense skin.  Comes with a choice of eyes, lips and body/face freckles and this has a n applier in it which although it doesn’t say Lola Tango does actually work with my Lolas.

Smudge 2This is the other skin which is called Turk Mer Skin  yet again comes with a load of choices in freckles and brows.

Both skins are so unique and beautiful and ethreal the Lolas applier is not the only added bonus but each box comes with a massive amount of shop quality freebies.  Sorry I’m not sure which box contains which freeness and I wasn’t even going to look at them but I’m so glad I did because you get a massive amount of eyes, tattoos (light coloured animal prints which are so subtle and lovely) and a vast selection of great eye make up.

So be quick and be different and TP direct to and these are just in the entrance.

The Plastik

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There I was posing and setting up props for other items but as soon as I saw this skin from Dulce Secrets I dropped everything and TPed off to grab it.  Best of all FREE because this is in fact a Runway Perfect Hunt item and it was so easy to find, so is the other hunt item which is a black pumpkin.  It was the bright blue lipstick that grabbed my attention and I just thought that the cool of the skin and lips contrasted so well with the bright shock of hair and the beautiful and yet slightly unnerving eyes.
Don’t forget Dulcie has a whole wall of 55Lds skins, freebies, Dollarbies and as you enter the shop free skins are sent to you so it’s a win win situation.

The eyes are an old subscription gift  from Plastik so I’m not sure if they’re still available but they’re called [Plastik]VaeColl.-Fool-Blood  and I must confess this photo doesn’t do them justice.  They are prim eyes, although you can wear them without the prim, and they are the best prim eyes I’ve found so far.  They look bright and dramatic in the photo but in SL in dark they’re positively luminous.  Real “eye stoppers”.  Time for me to revisit Plastik I think and see what else they have to offer.

Dulcie Secrets


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Lotsa Skins

I was so desperate to get a great skin not only because we all love great skins but I wanted to try out my latest Virtual Props and Poses bathtub and both look GREAT.  Ashby is the name of this skin and it was sent to me and I hope you can see it’s a lightly tanned, clean-looking creamy skin.  So sweet, lovely nude lips and dark eyes.  55Lds! onl but it turns out they have a whole wall of 55Lds skins! No demos with these skins and if you don’t want to risk spending the Lindens their 300Lds ranges do come with demos so you can try out the quality and even at 350Ld very temptingly reasonably priced.

But it doesn’t stop there because there is a couple of Dollarbie’s and I’m wearing the one called Loredana, and it’s PACKED with 30 shades, cleavage choices and even down you hair preference (not talking about head hair). The other Dollarbie is a set of very glassy dramatic eyes.

And even MORE! because just by walking in you get sent 2 skins from Fashioncentric.  I’m wearing the Sarrisa Tequila skin and they even have hunts going on.  So a skin to suit not only evey style but every pocket.

Always appreciate when people make their outside of the shops so nice and Anne Maertens has.  You can sauter past waterfalls and bright flowers brings you to The Retreat.  A small shop of a selection of designer items and nothing more than 50Lds but more than that plenty of nice scenery and sitting areas.

Dulce Secrets

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I Have the Right to Remain Silent

But I just can’t because The Men’s Dept has all-new stock in and as always there is absolute treasure trove to go looking at, picking through and picking up.

There are some great brands on show this month, some new to the Men’s Dept (I think, I just may have missed them during my previous visits) and some old favourites. For the purposes of my picture above, I picked out a couple of things to show you all.

The brilliant hoodie I’ve got on is from !gO! and is a great mesh piece. The texture on this is absolutely fantastic, it looks very cool on. You get this in five sizes so you should definitely be able to slip it on with no problem and you also get a version of this hoodie with the hood worn down included!

The other item I picked up while wandering around the halls of the Mens Dept was yet another pair of eyes from PC. These are called Tropical Reef and are from the classic gen4 range of eyes that you can pick up in a heap of colours right now. There are 9 different versions of these eyes in the pack (size and brightness variants) as well as prim eyes for each version, it really is a massive pack for your peepers.

These two items are just a small taste of what is on offer at the Mens Dept right now. More clothes, jewellery, furnishings and more are yours for the taking and for amazing bargains! You need to get on down while this stock set is still there.

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept