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Sim Fairy at work(New Mina & Freebie).

Faith has thawed our sim and so I’m flying around with my fairy wings and wand changing as much of the landscaping to a lovely spring setting as I can before I have to log off.  I’m also playing with the sim windlight setting and just took a quick snap of this one as it looks pretty interesting, unusable but interesting LOL.


So I quickly grabbed this Free top and I swear hand on heart it’s still out, but this is the January gift so HAUL AV ASS! to the Eyelure shop.

xxxfairyuseYou get 2 tops in the same style, a knitted halter top.  The one in the above picture has “Stay Classy” on the front and in the next picture the top is a different colour and if you look closely you will see “Haters back Off” in the sunglasses.  Super sexy with shorts, jeans, bikini bottoms.


I’m rather liking this sim setting as it’s certainly flattering to both the sim and me and has a fresh crisp spring feel to it.

Now for the NEW Mina.  I’ve tried to show you this hair for a couple of days now but because of things out of my control I’ve not been able to so it’s the same hair as above but I’m showing you it in the Nams setting.


This hair is the New Mina hair called, Froukje. Really this picture shows it all, sweet and simple but those tucked behind the ears strand is what makes this standout.  I don’t use mesh heads, although I’m hoping to try out Bento heads soon, I’ve just not found one I can relate to and since I think that unlike feet and hands the heads and to some extent the mesh bodies are still more niche markets I’ll stick to my system head.  I think that this hair will look great with a Mesh/Bento Mesh head esp since they come with the perfectly detailed ears and so a great way to show them off.  It’s also just occurred to me that if you like wearing jewelry but are fed up with a lovely pair of earrings being hidden by your long hair then again a perfect style for that.

This hair is only available @Hairology and that’s an event I love.  It’s not so big you end up giving up half way though, lots of fresh new designs to tempt you etc.

This is also going to be the last time I mention the slight increase in the cost of Mina hair packs because I’ve noticed that she isn’t the only hair creator who has increased her prices.  We forget that some people are trying to make a living and it takes a lot of time, imagination etc to bring us these designs whether it’s clothes, shoes, hairs etc and starting at 300Lds when translated into RL money is actually a small amount.  The other thing i notice is that although the creators are putting up their prices a lot are also increasing what you actually get for your lindens, so in Mina’s case it’s gone from 5 shades in a pack to 10 and as always the actual colours ie brown goes from light brown to dark brown with all the shades inbetween and not just a case of getting 10 shades of almost idential colours.  So as I said last mention of the price increase because it’s just going to be a pretty standard price across the board.



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My poor sorry A** (Freebie).

OH Lord I survived Spin Cycling, but only just.  I’ve spent the last 48 hours walking like a cowboy and with each painful step making moaning noises like a Zombie out of the Walking Dead.

So I gave SL a miss yesterday…OK I spent the best part of the day prone on my bed moaning to everyone who came close to me lol.

So this morning I logged in and sorted out my notes/notices and spotted this simple goodie.  Just the top this time.  You get 5 standard mesh sizes and 5 mesh body sizes so a fit for all shapes and sizes.


Eyelure isn’t a big shop so I decided to have a little wander around and what did I find? some excellent sports/gym clothes.  Suitable for those who play sports in SL or just want to pose like a Gym Bunny. I did grab some demos and then binned them without even trying them on as I just know I would be tempted.


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The Challenge sneaky peeky (plus free gifts)

The Challenge - percent

I’ve got a sneak peek of something from the upcoming The Challenge round ! I couldn’t wait to share it really, it’s so epic and stylish. This is the Transit and wardrobe seat from % Percent. I’ve never ever seen anything like this before, it’s totally unique and is such eye-candy for your home. There are two other colour variants to choose from btw, I just adore this shade of blue. Some lovely poses in the seat (plenty of them), one of them has you sat plucking petals off a daisy awwwww ! All mesh and very low Li yippeee!

The Challenge - percent - FREE Boots Free top & pants

The doors open and reveal clothes hanging inside (which you can edit out to save a few prims, details in the notecard on how best to do it) The more I look at this piece the more I am determined to find a space for it in my SL home. Btw, my outfit and boots are both free gifts I found on the market place. The outfit is by eyelure and costs zero linden dollars.

FREE boots

The boots are a wearable demo from ShuShu and I simply adore them. I didn’t have to edit a thing, just popped them on right outta the box et voilà. Delicate floral print and classic sneaker design, what’s not to love at 0L !

%Percent (don’t forget this isn’t available until the 28th!)

Eyelure free outfit

ShuShu free boots

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Humph!! (Freebies)


AH don’t we all just LOVE Second Life issues, struggling a bit to do an amazing hunt but I’ve put a Jira in and I’m hoping I get some help with sorting that out but until then I have some other goodies for you. A sweet basic and pretty pair of checked mesh shorts from Ruby’s Closet, you do have to join her free group to pick this up as well as another group gift.  This left me rummaging through my invent for a top and as fate would have it I got a notice from Eyelure about their free Spring top so I TPed over and grabbed it.  I’m not actually doing the top justice in this picture.  It’s a double layered top, bra underneath and the over top is split up the back showing of a sexy amount of back and with the bra ties and top ties it is cute and well detailed.  Set out in the entrance way and you don’t even have to join the group to grab it.

Since I’m in such a Humph mood with the issues I’m having I wanted something sweet and I was so pleased that I not only still have this cotton candy cart from Follow Us but it’s still available from Laurent83 Waco shop but tbh it’s not really surprising as this is such a “sweet” detailed decor item I have a feeling that it will be one of classic range for a long time. I chose pink but it was a hard decision between that colour and the blue one.


Thanks to one of our regular visitors to Pure Eggs & Spam asking about one of the hairs I was wearing in a previous post it reminded me that it’s been a long time since I’ve visited Love Soul and if was also an excuse to show off another hair from there.  This one is a paid for hair but the one in the last picture and the OMG so adorable Noodle Mouthie are Lucky Chair wins.  Love soul is packed with hair, prim nails and so many adorable and unique items, wearables, accessories and just plain fun stuff.


This is the free hair from the Lucky chair outside of Love Soul.  Called Milk Cow and the visor has cute moo cows on it.  There are 3 Lucky Chairs outside and they have a board which shows you what you can win and there is some adorable cute items such as the noodle mouthie but I sooo wanted the wearable soap suds!  One of the most relaxing things I find is plonking myself in front of really good Lucky Chairs and just going through all my notes and groups and scouring for any signs of freebies as I wait for my initial to pop up.

Love soul is the largest shop in this small but select shopping mall and even if you’re not interested in a new hair do it’s worth it to just pop over as there is another of our fav shops here, Ribbon, and of course you could also try your hand at the Lucky Chairs.

Love Soul

Eyelure (top)

RC Ruby’s Closet (Shorts)