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Chloe needs your help !


I received a notecard from one of my fav pose & props makers Rubystarlight Writer @ Exposeur. It was detailing a mahoosive sale at her store that’s taking place in aid of that sweet little furball Chloe above. Chloe is poorly and the vets bills are going to be huge, here’s some more info:

Today my poor sweet princess Chloe had a tooth bending completely forward, ready to fall out. Of course, I took her to the vet only to find out it’s not just one tooth. In addition to the one falling out, the vet feels that most (if not all) of her teeth are infected and putting her at risk of the infection spreading to her organs. Right now, I can’t even afford the x-rays so i don’t know exactly how bad it is. They gave her antibiotics to fight the infection and he said the broken tooth will fall out on it’s own in a day or two. But the gum disease and gingivitis in her poor little mouth can’t be cured by an antibiotic, so the infection will come back and make work of her already degenerating teeth.

The surgery required to remove the teeth that can’t be fixed along with cleaning out the infected teeth that have a chance requires a pretty major procedure. Until I have the x-rays done, I won’t know the cost for sure but the estimate is anywhere from $1000 – $5000. I wish I had this kind of money to get her the care she needs, but I don’t. I know a lot of people would just euthanize a pet who would cost this much, but I’ve had her for my entire adult life and I’m not ready to let her down like that. I’m not ready to give up and let her go over infected teeth. I hope there are enough people out there with pets who understand that and can help me.

I don’t know if I can raise enough money with a sale at my store… I’m not a huge major brand, but I have to try. So right now my whole store is on sale. Everything is L$50-L$100, including my large props. My gachas are marked down to L$15. If you have any use for poses, please consider shopping. The sale will go on for at least a week, but perhaps longer depending on how much I can raise.

If I do not raise enough money for Chloe and she’s unable to have the surgery now, I will save the money and save all I can in the coming weeks while working with the vet to keep her infection and pain managed. But I hope Second Lifers (along with RL family and friends) will come through for her… if not me.

I’m happy to share vet records with anyone who would like confirmation of the validity of her diagnosis.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your help.

I think I own pretty much everrrrrything already in the store, but I did find a few more pose packs, had a few gacha machine tries & grabbed a coupla props  (which are really SO brilliant if you take photos in SL) Go take a peek , help Chloe and grab yourself some lovely gear! (To get to the props section, use the teleporter at the front desk.)


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Summer shorties

Jane NEW! Shimmy shorts & ruffle top infiniti bird prop Fantasy carnival gacha NEW!

I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree for props lately, and couldn’t resist playing with them. So I’ve taken the chance to share a couple more Jane pieces from the new collection. I’m wearing the new ruffle top and also the shimmy shorts. Don’t forget you now get quite a few size options in the new gear some for the most popular mesh bodies (I’m wearing the one for the Slink Physique), plus of course the usual standard mesh sizes too.

Jane - New - tulip dress

This is the tulip dress, covered alllll over  in dainty tulip outlines and is available in various colours. I’m sooper happy about the Physique size as it makes me even MORE lazy, I keep the one size and don’t even have to fiddle with my alpha HUD – your mileage may vary depending on your shape type.

a Jane deity dress & Pink Acid crown Fantasy Carnival Gacha

This is deity by Jane, and wearing it made me come over all angelic *wink* – its such a girly shape with its frilly hem and neat pulled in waist . Topped off with my “good witch” crown from Pink Acid, part of a gacha collection at the newly opened Fantasy Carnival Gacha event.

Jane store

Fantasy Carnival Gacha

poses & props: Infiniti, exposeur

Jewelry: Secret Love

Hair: Tableaux Vivant & Argrace