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Intimately Exposed

Just in time to treat yourself for Christmas – who needs an excuse ! This is the new package of intimates from Neve called “Exposed”, ad with the options included in the Hud – you can or will be exposed. Soooo many options its amazing, from frills, to topless, sheer or not, top rate fiddling powers with colour options to get a really totally unique look.

The textures are truly divine, patterns and plains, lacey and sheer, it’s all there to choose from. Mix and match the frills and flounces, bows and trimmings to your heart’s content. I’m showing the option for no bra above…but with a single click…

You can be down to just your knickers…well hubba hubba. So feminine and so sexy – say Hi if you see me around strutting my stuff – cause it’s not coming off anytime soon, you can grab your own at the latest round of the Seduction Fair – thanks Neve team ❤

The Seduction Fair



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Morning of the night before…

PinkCherry NEW!!

Great night out…wake up…and your far from home…knickerless and lost your bag…typical! (so my friends tell me anyway ! ) When I saw this new release from PinkCherry I adored it…such a sweet front…

PinkCherry NEW!

Cute frilled mini dress with a leopard print insert to run from bust to hem…dainty shoulder straps…but its the rear that’s the killer deal ! Laced over your exposed skin, leaving n o t h i n g to the imagination…rawrrrrr! Big selection of colours in this so go take a peek !