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Faith and I for many many years ran a rental company but sadly RL pressures meant that something had to go and it was that side of SL and yet even after all this time we still miss some of the aspects of it.  So when I got a note off Pet (petunia908.pinklady) telling me that she has had the opportunity to set up a few homes part of me felt a pang of jealousy.


Honestly I only ever make mistakes on my blog when I don’t do the write up when I’m stood in the shop so I can double check and in this case I’m pretty glad I did because this is how this home looked yesterday but today it looks like…………………….


This is a perfect opportunity for those of you who are looking for a home to rent for winter or have never rented before and aren’t sure how to do it.  I know that Pet is frequently in SL running her business and chatting with her friends so she isn’t going to be one of those landlords who never help you if a problem occurs (remember folks NOTES not IMs how I remember that desperate plea lol).

If you’ve never rented before it can’t be any simpler.  This home is not rented because you can see that the rental box is large and noticeable, click the box and it should give you the rental details you need to know, simply how much each week, how man prims you can use and which group to join so you can rezz your possession. If those details seem reasonable to you reclick the box and pay and voila you have a home (the box should shrink, fade and move up into the sky).  As an old hand at the game the prices are more than reasonable and the prim allowance is more than generous.  The houses are set on one side of the sim and each also has a small beach area but she has also laid out a pictureque skating pond, seating and the cutest skating penguins ever.

PlantPet also has her Christmas shop open so naturally I went shopping.  Not only are her items reasonably priced I love them.  The very large white privacy bush is a prime example. Large beautiful and deep and yet only a single prim and 50Lds.  Going to be dotting these all over the sim (copy of course).  A brilliant splash of cold.

floThis, if I remember correctly, is also available in the main shop because I had meant to pick it up previously but forgot.  A simple translucent floral picture to hang at a window to allow the light to show through. I’m so pleased that she’s also put this into her Christmas shop as although it’s not Christmassy I think it looks gorgeous there.  Might shove one of her colourful Poinsettias on the windowsill later.

Plant2This isn’t wrapping paper texture this is an extreme close up of one of the shrubs called Winter poinsettia and look at that depth! This is believe it or not a 1 prim shrub.  All of her shrubs even though they are single prims have a real full look to them.  She has a whole selection of garden plants from the berry laidened bushes to frost covered trees and yet again so reasonably priced and copy.

Her main shop is much bigger than her Christmas shop and both inside and outside are packed so please check it out.  I have put her link to the Marketplace but really you need to see these in world to really appreciate the quality.


Persnickity Christmas Shop

Persnickity Main Shop

Persnickity Marketplace

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On my way.

LourdesSomehow I can’t really remember if I’ve ever blogged Loordes of London before and I have no idea of why not because this is a TOP shop for such quality shoes, bags and now more and more clothes.

This outfit comes from their main shop and cost a whopping 60Lindens!  Yup only 60Lds for that outfit (the skirt and jacket are all one piece). It’s classy, beautifully textured and coloured piece with a slightly old-fashioned look but in a new way.  I chose the tan/olive colour but there is a mix of pink/olive, Persimmon/brown etc and whatever you do don’t look at the bags next to them because they’re just what I love and at 55Lds I’m not sure why I’m not snapping one up!

ShoeslourCheck out the table in the middle of the shop for some old hunt goodies. Prices start at 1LD which if I remember correctly is what these boots/shoes cost.  Scored well because they’re a perfect match for my new outfit.  I’ve got Baylen to come inworld to grab some goodies as well.

Make sure to click Loordes sub board because they regularly send out comprehensive lists of whats on offer and where to get them from as she has many satellite shops and events going on in and tbh bargains like the Carpathia (name of the outfit) and the shoes are pretty frequent so you wouldn’t want to miss such great bargains.

HatsThis outfit also gave me the excuse to wear my Clawtooth Roaring 40ties hair and hat combo but because I had forgotten to take a photo of it with the ribbon and buttons on I had to redo the photo.  The hat comes in several colour and hair combo and the same for the ribbon and button details which you can leave off if you want to.  Clawtooth has quirky and yet so wearable hair.


I knew this was an unisexed hoodie.  Looks equally as goon on me and Baylen and remember there is also a pair of biker boots on the old hunt items table and in the pack are male and female sizing.

Loordes of London


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Topless Photos!

RaspYup I bet that got you looking.  My excuse is that because of busy RL these excellent Freebies have been sitting and waiting since Monday to be posted so I took the best shots I could and in this case since I wanted you to see close up the lovely details I took it “topless”.

IceThe skirt is the Freeness in this picture but that stunning coat was a FLF goodie (Fifty Lindens Friday) the reason we don’t blog FLF is because the goodies are up for such a short time we wouldn’t really be able to do them justice but you’d be a fool not to either join the FLF group or at least slap the Sub board for one of the shops which regularly promote their items through it and then you will get the note sent out with that Fridays list.  The jacket is from Drift and it’s so super cool and ice cream colours that at whatever price is is now back up to it’s worth it.  Special mention to the fact that it’s an excellent Alpha fit no gaps. The skirt is the Freebie mesh with a tie in the front which makes it more of a sports/exercise looking skirt but again the colour match to the jacket was just so good so I thought I would team them together.

BrownAnd yet another skirt freebie but check out that adorable mesh see through top.  Thats a Freebie from A&C Sweet.  New shop to me and again I’ve not had much of a chance to scout around the shop but I did notice it’s BIG on the Boobies so Lola fans out there need to check it out for sure.

TopYup another skirt.  OK so all the skirts come from Blueberry and apart (from the last white one, it has a light grey pin stripe) are free to join Group Gifts the last skirt is Blueberry’s  “Endless Summers Hunt offer and in fact now I’ve gone back to get the LM she does actually have 2 boxes out so looks like that not only can you grab all the excellent shop quality Free to join Group Gifts but also 2 hunt items.  Don’t worry if you don’t need more skirts because there is a total of 11 group gifts out inc tops and dresses (group gifts in the back of the discount dept). Happy to pass on the hunt clue as it’s freely given so it’s “don’t forget to check out all the counters” but also don’t forget to check out the whole shop because this is real good quality stuff

PS. My next blogged item with also be from this shop as I was happy to find that a cardie that I had wanted on a previous visit is now in the discounted section and I will also be doing the new hair do in Ice Cream photo.

Lenox and Blueberry

A&C Sweet

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Eggie Hunt (Christmas Hunt, Valentines Hunt, Lots of Hunts)

SL is hating me at the moment but fortunately I managed a TP to Ricielli  where they have the biggest easter eggs I’ve ever seen which is a blessing for us saddos (ME) who cannot find hunt items unless they’re pointed out to me.  Each egg costs a mere 15Lds and each item is more than worth it BUT the icing on the cake is that  Fhara Ricielli Marchiori is sooo freaking sweet she has posters  up to show you exactly what is in each egg and the number of that egg which means that us poor people who have a pair of shoes too many or cannot count the number of dresses they have can pick and chose what they would like.

Kevin RainThis shot was more for fun than to show off the clothing but yes the shoes, trousers and bustier are all hunt items.  The boots come in 4 colours and s/m/l sizes which is excellent.  The top is a studded style bustier and the leather trousers have lacing details to them, Sorry folks they’re all mesh still worth a visit because they have a skin and make up which you may like,  I tried, loved but didn’t wear it LOL.  The boots however are not in the Egg Hunt.  Wander through the shop and you will come to a room that has all of the old Christmas and Valentines items out and again the posters are there to show you exactly what is in the boxes.

BagsNo camera tricks, not fancy lightning just look how freaking nice these bags are.  The crumpling shadowing is just like a RL bag, bold bright colours great straps to them and best of all you not only get 2 colours but a choice of hand or arm attaching and a really good bag holding AO.  They look great on as well, very wearable.  If you gaze past the bag you can see I’m still wearing the other clothes from the first photo but again Fhara Ricielli Marchiori has placed great big boards outside the shop so you can pick and chose to your heart’s content to suit your needs.


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Polak Cornered

I was so excited when I found these 2 items I couldn’t wait to show Faith.  This is from Shi.   This hoodie is one of the examples of their goodies.  Uni sexed and comes with all the sizes to fit both male and female AVs but if in doubt try the Demos.  has it happens I got the Demos off Marketplace so I will give you the link.  I just love it’s style, the hood covers the face slightly giving you a monk/emo/loner look and it’s sleeveless.  This one is edged with a black leather look but the others come with different edgings to them  a more than reasonable choice of colours. 250Lds and I know you can get cheaper but I’ve not seen this anywhere else and I think it’s more than worth it to have something so simple and yet makes you stand out.


As you will know I am into the occasional boob flashing especially when it’s done as stylish as this “Toga Dress”. The fabric is very drapey and lush red but you do have a choice of colours and of course the Demos to try.  It may seem I don’t have much to say about this dress but I actually love it.  It’s dirty, sexy and delicious and at 225Lds a damned good price.

This is one of the shops where you go in and wish it was a lot bigger because everything they have you want.  Sadly for the sake of my tier fee I’ve had to walk away and maybe return at a later date for a few other items but more than happy with what I got. A small selection of mens clothes, some unisexed, hat, bags and even some great poses.  You can join the group and recieve some goodies but since I’m down to zero group space that too will have to be at a later date as well.