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Ready steady POSE!

imagineGreat minds think alike and both Faith and I rushed over to ANA_Mations as soon as we got notice of a pretty damned generous FREEBIE’S and discounted sale going on.  Surrealia Anatine has had one of those years which we all suffer from occasionally (sh*t ones that we prefer to ignore) but like a lot of people she has dusted herself down, cleared out the cobwebs and is refreshing not only her RL but also her SL shop, which will now be relaunched as ANA.  In clearing away old stuff for new she is being so generous and has priced ALL of her AOs for 0 Lindens!! Yup FREE.  Although I haven’t owned one of her full AOs I have many individual poses and also a few props from here so I was really pleased to be able to grab all of them and treated myself to a seriously cute Panda bear rug slashed to only 50Lds.  There is a bit more than props and poses because there is a wall of furniture and even some retro homes which again have had their prices slashed. No demos but at the price she has reduced them to certainly worth thinking about.

As far as I know these prices will remain for quite a while and from the note Surrealia has sent out she will be returning with a bang, loads of new stuff, collabs with some of the big names in SL and just MORE.  This also includes her ‘nilla Bean shop which is for the kid stuff.

Heads up to a group Faith is a member of and how she found out about the Ana sale.  It’s called Virtual Vagabond and it seems to be pretty packed not only with notices about sales and free stuff but also a load of fun gifts, LMs to some lovely sims and it’s pretty damned comprehensive so if you have a spare group place and a single Linden (a token cost to join) I would highly recommend you become a “Virtual Vagabond” yourself.

PS.  In the picture I am wearing one of her AOs but of course you can’t see the actual movements but they’re lovely and smooth.

ANA Mations Mainstore

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Party and fine dining.

I love balloons it’s the one thing that is guaranteed to reduce me to a babbling child so when I got a package titled Party table I quickly rezzed so many balloons as a back drop I almost crashed the sim, took a whole load of pictures then logged off for a while.  Later when I looked at the photos I realised that this wasn’t a childs party table this was a very adult orientated table with champagne and elegant wrapped pressies.

PartySo I packed away the balloons and rezzed the sparkly lights and put on my posh frock.

Party2Table loaded with goodies, pile of gifts in front and a chair with various poses inc a smoking one.  The detail is so perfect right down to the scattered confetti on the table.  Take away the glitz and glitter and this is very much a unisexed table with bloke poses  in the chair as well so man, woman or whatever a really elegant party table.

Because Laurent83 Waco regularly updates his shops, group gifts, sub gifts and has a  Group Discount board in his shop there is always something tempting even to a hardened SL hoarder.  Add to that the fact that his prices are so damn reasonable!  Because of that I had to have this kitchen.

Urbain kitchen

I chose the blue but there is a choice of colours.  Comes with single and couple poses not packed with them but damn they’re good.  You get everything you see (apart from the notice board). Comes in 2 parts the lower unit and the upper and everything apart from these 2 are linked.  So once you’ve rezzed you don’t need to move and rearrange anything but there is plenty of shelf space if you want to add your own touches.  You no like this one! then make sure to check out everything because he has other kitchens equal in quality.

Bay kitThis is one of the poses and rezzed set ups. your scooping mix from one bowl to the other another prop pose in you drizzing goodness on some pastry with a pastry tray, can  of squirty cream, rolled out pastry and a bottle ao.

Once I’ve got some more leisure time I’m going to rezz the picnic basket and really have fun with the props and poses but until then check out his goodies you will not be sorry.

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