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The scent of Spring is in the air

All around in merry ole England spring flowers are poking their heads up early…such a lovely time of year..and to celebrate the fast arriving season CandyMetal have a fantastic spring gift out for you ! You will get this beautiful mesh dress..a pair of matching vintage pumps…plussss the skin I’m wearing…Totally deelicious ! Thanks Emychan xx

CandyMetal also have some new releases to look out for..the sport mini skirt..which is really really short oot oot ! …and the Kana sweater and tank’s..easy to wear..and look great. If like me you love homey & kitchen type items..check out my pot of chilli…its a free gift from Kei-spot…it comes with a wearable animated spoon..touch the pot and it gives you a choice of foods to show cooking…

plussss this frypan..choice of foods to cook..animated spatula…of course I chose a traditional English fry up ! Have a good browse around Kei-spot..I saw some sooper lovely items on sale…low prim and stuffed full of animations..some really unique creations (LOVE the pond!)


Next door I wandered into Evillicious and found this cracking set of free one prim barrells..they have six poses in them…won a place in my yard already! See my little pot of spring tulips? and the books? both group gifts from FD decor…low prim and soooper pretty ! (the sandals are another new release from CandyMetal called “Tara”)




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