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Preview, Freebie & New Ever More.

As soon as I got it into my mind that it’s time to change the welcome area we have set out for visitors to our sim I couldn’t help myself and within half an hour I’d packed up the pool and loungers etc and I’m well on my way to making what is hopefully a warm, wintry and welcoming area for our visitors…..Faith look away because it’s not finished yet!


Thats me waving my magic wand, as I was rummaging through my invent for lights I came across a whole load of stuff from More Than Never and so I thought I would multitask and show you this  dress at the same time.


The dress is called Thorn Dress/Ferocious Spiked Dress which is because of those sharp-looking spikes and that thick chain strap turn a lovely knitted textured dress into something “fierce” LOL but do NOT buy it or any of the other colours from Ever More’s mainshop as they’re on special offer@The Designer Showcase event.  In her main shop they’re 200Lds at this event 150Lds but the copper colour version is only 75Lds so a lovely price for all pockets.  There is also a new September gift set out in her mainshop and a different one set out at the Designer Event.

While I was there at the Designer Showcase checking it out I noticed that next door in the small AnaMarkova shop there is also a giftie waiting for you.  You will have to join the ….Free group to grab this one but I’ve had a quick run around this event, time was very short, and I’ve spotted other gifts out so if you have more time than I did it’s well worth a wander around as there are some great new designs and gifties.


This is what was in the gift box and I almost didn’t try it because the name suggested that this was going to be a summer outfit and I’m definitely into Autumnal mode here in SL and RL but as you can see it’s a beautiful golden-yellow colour and perfect for this season as well.

PS special mention to the skin, it’s the PumeC group skin which I blogged about a couple of posts ago but doesn’t it look so nice, I have added an eyeshadow layer but those very distinctive lips are with the skin.  This isn’t a Free group any more but the 199Ld joining fee is a mere token for all the regular Group Gifts that are put out.  So I’m popping the LM in and pop over to check out all of her skins because even at full priced with all the Appliers these are not only stunning skins but amazingly reasonably priced.

More Than Ever Mainshop

More Than Ever@Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase


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We are blessed.

I logged in this morning intending on just grabbing any notices and checking out the Lazy Sunday offers when I spotted that Ever Wonder had sent me this.

OK a bit more waffling before I show you what I got, in the UK we have the NHS which means FREE health care for those who need it.  So when you’re at your lowest the last thing you have to think about is a stonking great big bill at the end of your treatment.  This isn’t the case for a long time SL resident and designer called Lexi Zelin, only 28 years old and a Mum of a little girl and now has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma! TBH I can’t really read much more because I think I would end up crying.

I’ve put the link to the website with all the info on why a MASSIVE amount of amazing and well knows SL designers/shop owners have come forward to set out items of some of them clearly market that 100% of the proceeds will go towards Lexi and knowing how BIG medical bills can be if you can find it in your heart and wallet there is also a Gofundme page.  All the details are in the link I will put at the end.

So finally this is what Ever Wonder sent to me, her shop is called More Than Never and I always thought she’s managed to get a great name “Ever Wonder” because you do don’t you.

pompoms use

As soon as I put the skirt/top on I thought it looked a bit sporty and it also gave me the excuse to use my Pom Poms which send me into a frantic Cheerleader dance LOL.  As it happens I also knew that I have a pair of Low Tops From Ever Wonders shop and at 50Lds a try, a Gacha win, and they’re non SLink they look perfect.  I’ll put the link to her shop as well because she also always has GGs and Sub gifts out for Free, I’ve LM grabbed and that lovely strawberry pink Summer dress is still there waiting to be snagged.


The top says it all.  It maybe cold and grey outside but we need to remember what we should be more grateful for, our health, the love of good people and a safe and warm home.

Again follow the link and even if you don’t want to read Lexi’s story check out that list of stalls which have been set up! You may have to wait a little while to get in because as you can imagine people are lining up to see whats there but I know I’ll be TPing in as soon as I can.

OH! and I bet you’re just grateful I’m not being completely British and moaning about the weather…which is cold and raining.

The Lexi Project Blogg

The Lexi Project

More Than Never

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So Hot! (Bargain&Freebie).

Today is going to be the hottest day in the UK for 9 years and I’m off out, ok just to my back garden but I have my lounger, parasol, cushions, throws, books and in the fridge a large jug of water and lemon slices.  If you’re stuck at work I hope the air con is working and if you’re stuck at home it’s time to ditch the housework and get outside.

Having said all that I’d still rather be here!


You get not only the top and shorts but also the belt and all in a 50Ld pack.  I don’t know if this is a new addition to her stall just outside of her shop or I missed it on my last visit. For only 50Lds you get the shorts, top and belt.  Again the colouring of the top is excellent it reminds me of crushed strawberries.  Even though this is just 50Lds there is a demo available for you to try.


Maybe I should have taken this picture from further away or popped a “censor” bar on LOL.  If you’re squinting to see how low these shorts are then you will go blind.  If you don’t like to flash so much flesh then you can simply pop the belt back on or  a simple addition of a system layer or a mesh bikini pair will look great.  As I’ve said it’s only 50Lds for the pack.


What you won’t be able to miss is the Hot Summer Night prize on the stall, a lolly pop, and this is the prize.  A bright zingy  “Lemon Bar dress”.  Again great colour and texturing and fit and FREE.

There is a big discounted cart and hunt sale going on at the moment on the Flawless Shopping sim.  I’ve already shown you the More Than Ever discounted item but not the shorts or this freebie.  Again time and the sun are calling me so I’m still not going to be able to have a wander around but I’m hoping to later when the sun gets too hot and see what else is out there for us.


More Than Never

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Ever More.

I bet Faith like myself loved as children dressing up our dolls and in a way a lot of people come into SL just for that purpose, so when I got my New Mina hair the first thought was “what am I going to wear with it” and I hadn’t a clue.  So I filed it away for a later day but yesterday when when I was at Ever Wonders shop LM grabbing I found this…


A classic SL design which means you can get a similar style outfit but they’re not all the same and in this case the combination of just the right amount of belly and boob showing make this so sexy add to that some excellent texturing.  I’ve taken these pictures in the Sims Windlight setting which is pretty close to my usual Nams just so you can see the excellence of not only the outfit but the hair and skin (PumeC skin of course).

Now check out the “Barnett” which is Cockney slang for hair.


BIG HAIR for a big look.  Have to confess I have the whole colour pack (Oh YEAHHHH) and I had first put on a Junburg dress which was black and Vampireish(sic) and with a black shade of hair it was stunning and dramatic but I just didn’t want you to think that you could only wear such a big hair with a specialised look.

Not free but not everything in life or SL should be free but grab the demo whilst you’re over there grabbing the freebie I’ve just done a post about and you might be tempted.  The hair is also a non Freebie but because it’s at the latest round of Chapter Four which means it’s slashed down to half price of just 125 for each colour pack.

More Than Never

More Than Never Marketplace

Chapter Four

Mina Mainshop

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Friends Like This (Freebie).

Ever Wonder sent me this dress last night and yes that’s her name but her shop is called More Than Ever.  Even the name of this dress is bright, sunny and summery “Summer Rose Dress” it really is such a lovely thing guaranteed to cheer you and anyone up who see’s it and brilliantly it’s a Free Group Gift/Subscribers Gift.


As soon as I spotted this little lady on our sim, she’s a model not a real AV I had to take this picture lol.


Even from the back this dress is a great fit/texturing and the darker shading on the hems make them stand out more.  I’ve taken these picture in my Nams setting and other than the frames I’ve not edited the pictures because I wanted to show off the RL/SL colours.

Special mention to the Gacha just inside the front door.  It contains some of the best trainers/sneakers I’ve come across for a long time and only 50Lds a pop.

I’ve also put the LM for our pool.  As we always say anyone is welcome to our sim, you can hang around the pool or with the horses but Faith likes her privacy and has a kick ass security system around her house which does kick your ass (about 20mts away LOL).  Don’t worry though as her’s in up on the hill so you can’t miss it my home/boat/private pool and sheds are open to all so if you want to wander around please feel free.  Sorry no naughty pose balls though I’m such a PRUDE!

More Than Never


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Give a Little get a lot. Nepal Fund Raising.

Can there be anyone on this Gods Earth who hasn’t heard of the horrible tragedy which is still happening in Nepal.  This has struck a dagger at the heart of an already impoverished country and basically they NEED our help.  The wonderful people of SL are pulling together and the fund-raising has started with the “Join Hands For Nepal” event.  A whole load of SL designers have come together to raise funds and this gown called “Starry Nights” is Ever Wonders offering for the cause.


I’ve not edited the picture in any way so you can see exactly what your Lindens are paying for and check out that sparkle!  Only cost 150lds and 100% of that goes towards the charity.  A 150lds in real term is COPPERS, PENNIES, DIMES etc really! so even the poorest of us can give a little, a little always adds up to a Hell of a lot in the end, and in this case you get something, apart from a warm cosy snug feeling, you get a quality dress to wear.


My sim setting and the skybox will have added to the whole look but again I’ve deliberately not fiddled with the picture so you can see how glorious it is and of course you don’t have to have a such dramatic skin as mine it will look stunning on any skin.  You can of course try on the demo for yourself.  I was so taken with this whole look I almost forgot to mention that there is a blue option as well.  Actually if you also check out my last post, those shoes will look amazing with this as well.


I’ve put the More Than Ever  shops LM as well and you can see the 2 dresses she has for this fund-raiser and there is a sign for you to click on that will give you much more info about this event and LMs but if you want to go direct to the More Than Ever dresses the second LM will take you there.  Go with some Lindens to spend! I’ve managed to have a quick walk around but had to leave but what little I saw was enough to show me that this is GOOD stuff or as I call it Shop Quality Stuff.

I’ve also added a link to a donate site that accepts PayPal.  I for one do not like to use any sort of card to register even with charities and so this PayPal one was perfect but please use whatever one you want to AND although all of them use preset donation amounts you will also see a box that allows you to add as much or as little as you can afford. If you have a roof over your head, food in your pantry, clean water coming out of your tap and a Doctor who can give you medicine to keep you healthy then you are truly rich because these people have nothing.

More Than Ever

More Than Ever@Join Hands for Nepal

Donate Here PayPal (or anywhere as long as you do)