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Spring time Wedding


Immerse Weekend offer

Super Sales Weekend is ahead and this gorgeous slinky gown is up for grabs at just 90L. Its called Zuri and is an off the shoulder design, it also comes with an optional floral shoulder attachment and jewelled brooch. I’m also wearing a sweet little clutch bag from Glow Designs, which comes in a whole heap of other colour choices – love the heart shaped links on the handle ! Would be a perfect outfit for one of those Spring weddings no? This time of year always see’s a flurry of wedding invites for me in real life, sometimes SecondLife – c’mon someone get married and invite me !

Aphrodite Store - Wedding cakes NEW!

Of course any wedding needs a cake, and I’ve got these to show you from Aphrodite Store. They are beautifully crafted, and I actually felt like swirling a fingertip through the icing to get a sneaky taste ! Three themes (that should keep even the most hardened bridezilla happy.) There is “Choco Roses”, my personal fav, “loving swans” which is so delicately iced and has a pair of swans nuzzling on the top and also “beach lovers”. Each cake dispenses wearable foodie items for your guests, lovely animations in them too. Wayyyyy back in 2007 our wedding cake was a prim nightmare – if memory serves me right it was around the 170 prim mark. These are seriously low prim and you can entertain your guests perfectly in such style.


Aphrodite store

Aphrodite blog

Aphrodite market place

Glow Designs



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All the pretty things

Immerse NEW!

Ohh its sunny today and it’s really lifted my spirits ! So, here I am basking in the sunrays at the new surf beach provided by our awesome landlord at Fruit Islands . (If youre looking for land I can totally recommend them) I’m wearing a new dress “Belladonna” from Immerse, who are currently having a whopping 50% off sale yay! The sale runs until the 2nd of Feb, so you’ve got time to dash over and grab up some bargains.

Eclectica NEW! Anna shapes NEW!

My shape is also a  special price, its by Anna Shapes, a favourite shape maker of Zan and I. This one is called “Gisella” and I really like it. You can get this for just 80L at the moment if you visit The Designer Circle event. Notice my stunning jewels? How can you not ! This is a new set from Eclectica called “Artifact”, I find it totally breathtaking to be honest. It’s a really bold design, with nine cabochon stones set in various tones of metal (sold separately). The stones colour can be altered via a simple to use menu system, and as you can see, I’ve chosen this delicate green to compliment my dress perfectly. The set comprises of the neck piece, two cuffs and earings, all made utilising the new materials method. It’s also unrigged, which means you can manually edit the shape and tint if you wish, so handy dandy ! Thanks so much Tiffy ❤



Eclectica market place (demos available)

Anna Shapes at The Designer Circle.

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All dressed up

ever an angel FREE mesh gown

All dressed up and no place to go…yes, thats me. I found this glorious mesh gown as a group gift (free to join) at Ever an angel yesterday. Its called “Paparazzi”, in  a rich chocolate brown satin with two beautiful peacocks that fan out around the hem. My jewelry is from Dahlinks, sale on at the moment (not sure when it ends sorry) I went a bit crazzzzylegs as everything was SO marked down and stocked up on old favourites in a other colours while the going was good !

ever an angel FREE mesh gown!

The front of the gown is equally as stunning as the rear, soft drapes of fabric over your torso and a deliate frilled ruffle of fabric over the bust area. Its a real winner and for once…Im keeping it !

Ever An Angel


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Ladies Hour

PinkCherry NEW! Natalia mesh gown

Everywhere I turn I see new gowns lately …some sleek..some flouncy….its seems it’s all the rage !.::PiNK CHERRY::. have recently released two corkers ..and if you’re into slinky…these are SO for you. Above I’m wearing “Natalia”, a sheath of coloured satin, low dipped back and snug bustiere…classic styling and a beautiful range of tones for you to choose from. Of course I was always going to go for the pink one right? ! My choker I picked up from a new-to-me event called The Thrift Shop..

Manna New! Reverie choker - The Thrift Store - half price!

…it’s from Manna who I think a while back I noticed at another event…a few colour versions of this piece out, the pink is called “reverie”, I also snapped up a coupla more, its approx half the usual store price, at 113L a steal ! Its pretty busy at the thrift shop currently, but brave it as there’s so much to see and some marvelous bargains to collect.

PinkCherry NEW! Gown Felicitas - mesh

One more pretty from .::PiNK CHERRY::….some real Hollywood glamour going on…so retro …ruched body and layered hem…I felt like such a movie star on the catwalk with this. I chose the traditional starlet silver..but there are many other tones to look at, gorgeous seam detailing down the back also.


The Thrift Shop

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Not a floral meringue in sight…thank goodness

SF Design Bridesmaid dress Ariadne (complete with shoes and floral head circlet) Bouquet by Rebel Hope

I’ve been a bridesmaid several times over in real life and in SL.  I’ve always been curious as to why my girlfriends want to dress me as some sort of fairy on acid! (Some of the dresses were just too hideous to even look back on and laugh ) Whyyy do they do that? , when nowadays you find such glorious frocks for your maids. I don’t often wear “gowns” but I do feel that a traditional type one for a wedding is lovely, and I really do enjoy wearing them. If only the Brides had been to SF Design ! Above is the new Ariadne Bridesmaid outfit. Its sleek and non – fussy, no over abundance of frills or netting or puffiness …it’s just classy and feminine. I loved wearing it today, and would definitely make it a keeper if it was my maids dress.

SF Design Bridesmaid dress - mesh

Beautiful details around the waist and a dipped back that’s not too low (I’m not a big fan of the buttocks revealed style of gown). It has an almost innocent air about it, which I think is perfect for a wedding. Ariadne is a complete outfit, meaning that not only do you get the mesh dress, but also the most stunning floral circlet to wear in your hair…

SF Design Ariadne shoes

Plus… unbelievably..these stunning shoes. When you wear the full outfit, the shoes verrrry slightly peek out from under the dress hemline, I especially liked that as it seems almost criminal for them not to be seen. The level of detail is incredible, and the HUD to skin match is really easy to use. Swaffette has also included some “blending stockings” to help if you find it hard tinting – so you can achieve a very good match…never seen that before, fantastic idea ! Ariadne is available in a wonderful assortment of colours. Actually, Id be tempted to wear the gorgeous creamy shade as a wedding dress, its just SO elegant.  When you land at the mainstore, use the teleporter board and head over to the High Society section. Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

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Meet the girls

Immerse NEW! Jenny - blue garden

Immerse has some new items out…and I think Lilly is getting in touch with some of her English roots. This long feminine dress is called Jenny and I’m wearing the blue floral version…such an English garden party print ! All the colour options are gorgeous, to be honest it was a really hard decision which to show…but this one won out, its delicate and fresh.

Immerse NEW! WoW skins Sasha NEW!

I’m also wearing a new look from WoW Skins, called Sacha, my own shape (yes, I’m very attached to it !),there is a Sacha shape to buy also. In my opinion this is the best WoW skin to date…lovely lips…and the issue I used to sometimes see with the neck and torso skin being a tiny bit mismatched is gone yay! Go grab a demo, you wont be disappointed.(Its available at the SL Fashion week currently – landmark below)

Immerse new! Julie with optional mermaid style skirt or sleek

My final bundle of gorgeousness is called Julie, I chose the peach version as the stunning fabric and texturing just blew me away. It gives the impression of a heavy satin…the folds and creases are perfect…check out the rear and those tiny fabric covered buttons ! You get two options with this…long and sleek like I’m wearing it on the right…or add a mermaid’s tail type flared skirt, as on the left of the photo above..clever huh? Thanks Lilly ❤


WoW Skins at SL Fashion Week

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Breakfast at Tiffany(s)

SFD Group gift_003

Great news ! Its time for a new group gift from SF Design.(and if you’re not a VIP member WHY not !)..and this month its this black & white dress called “Tiffany”…I havent worn a non mesh dress for simply ages…and this was such a pleasant surprise. Its twirls and sways as you move…gently and subtly….there are delicate layers of lace along and underneath the hemline that peek through when you move or dance…I have to say, it totally stole my heart this morning when I tried it on. I came over all Audrey Hepburn !

SFD Group gift

It comes with a belt, two options resize or not…plus a really well made “balconette” piece for the bust area that finishes the style off perfectly…you also receive the long rather glamorous gloves…ohhhhh musnt forget to tell you…I took these photos at a new little club that’s opened…such an atmospheric place outside and in..its called “Club Noir” and caters for the Jazz & Swing crowd…it was not the right time of day when I visited for a jiggle but I think I’ll return another time and give it a whirl !

SF Design

Club Noir