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Bargains !

Oh la la ArisAris have a really good PROMO on at the moment – you can get your paws on this truly decadent gown “Dazzling” for just $99L ! It also comes with a hud to give you six looks in total woohoo ! I got my bouquet today from Gumi’s – a $25L Tuesday offer , touch it and you get a gazillion more colours for the flowers plussss a stash of holding poses to go with it – steal! (Fits included for dress:-Belleza Freya – belleza Isis -Belleza Venus – Maitreya – Lara – Slink – Physique and Hourglass)

Heres the Gown Hud for your perusal.

ArisAris PROMO

Gumi’s Flower Shop


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All the pretty things

Immerse NEW!

Ohh its sunny today and it’s really lifted my spirits ! So, here I am basking in the sunrays at the new surf beach provided by our awesome landlord at Fruit Islands . (If youre looking for land I can totally recommend them) I’m wearing a new dress “Belladonna” from Immerse, who are currently having a whopping 50% off sale yay! The sale runs until the 2nd of Feb, so you’ve got time to dash over and grab up some bargains.

Eclectica NEW! Anna shapes NEW!

My shape is also a  special price, its by Anna Shapes, a favourite shape maker of Zan and I. This one is called “Gisella” and I really like it. You can get this for just 80L at the moment if you visit The Designer Circle event. Notice my stunning jewels? How can you not ! This is a new set from Eclectica called “Artifact”, I find it totally breathtaking to be honest. It’s a really bold design, with nine cabochon stones set in various tones of metal (sold separately). The stones colour can be altered via a simple to use menu system, and as you can see, I’ve chosen this delicate green to compliment my dress perfectly. The set comprises of the neck piece, two cuffs and earings, all made utilising the new materials method. It’s also unrigged, which means you can manually edit the shape and tint if you wish, so handy dandy ! Thanks so much Tiffy ❤



Eclectica market place (demos available)

Anna Shapes at The Designer Circle.

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How to be more lady like 101

PinkCherry NEW! Rosa dress

I normally wander around Second Life partially dressed in whatever I last blogged. My go to outfits are mostly jeans and tee’s. So I decided I should really make more of an effort, you knowww…be glam…a dolly bird (whatever that is) Enter PinkCherry ta dah ! Handily for moi their newest releases are one hundred percent glam & beautiful ! Above is “rosa”, a perky little dress with a fluted style hem and hugging cami top. Gorgeous embroidery skims across the bust area and the back…is verrrrry low. A whole range of colours in this to choose from.

PinkCherry gown - Gabriella NEW!

If I’m going to go the whole hog…and be like a real grown up glamour puss…Id choose “Gabriella”. This gown has a heavy dollop of old Hollywood style. Grabbing at your curves and flaring out at the hem. Again that deeeeep cut back exposing a fraction of bum cleavage. More colours available in store.


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Three into One

You do the maths..I’m useless at it…but the new “Ella” gown by SF Design is 3-in-1…mmhmm you buy one item, but its three totally different styled outfits ! Above I’m showing the sultry rich red tone …my personal favourite colour. For the evening gown you have a classic design…clinging to your torso…with a deep lace flared hem from mid calves down..beautiful top and wrist length sleeves..

The cocktail version is really kinda flirty ! This is the pristine white shade…showing the thigh skimming flexi shirt…and matching shoes…(each colour comes with matching toned pumps)

Last up, and a style that just doesn’t go out of fashion, is the short short mini…easy to wear, always look it with boots, courts, wedges whatever ! Lucious deep lace edging around your thighs…the shoes are really set off with their high shine finish..this LBD will take you anywhere ..The hardest part in all of this? Its gotta be choosing the colour, don’t forget you’re getting all three gowns in whatever you plump for, plus the shooz ! All this and only 500L…steal!

If you’re liking the hair I’m wearing..its new from elikatira , and its mesh *squeee*, just 250 for one tone pack of five shades…pay attention to the notecard and I really suggest you try the demo on before purchasing. Im wearing it without the aid of an alpha layer, luckily for moi, it was a perfect fit and shape yay!

Ella dresse : SF Design (High Society section)

Abbey hair: elikatira


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I wanna be your siss

New to me store “siss boom” has a really special offer on for just a few more hours…so youre going to have to dash over there if you want to take advantage..this simply stunning gown in rich chocolates & cafe brown silks is available for just 100L..its just gorgeous…probably the most unique & unusual gown Ive owned for a long long time…such detail is hard to come by..especially at this special price…I adore it…

There is also another dress on the promotion of 100L…its this sweet dinner dress…a little retro…a little vintage… with its Kath Kitson print big roses on the fabric..super detailing again..makes me think that this designer is really one to keep an eye on for new releases ! Im wearing the newly released ” Cajsa’s Love Pearl Locket” necklace from MIAO…one of my fav jewlery stores..a cute kittycat locket that actually opens so you can place a photo of your sweetheart inside..heaps of colour change for the beads..the metals and the teeny bow on the kitties tail !

While I was at siss boom I also found a few interesting parcels set out on the table- for just one of your linden dollars you can pick up this “lets ride ” outfit..brilliant riding britches type jeans…corset & shrug top…it also comes with a pair of boots but there was no removing my MIEL boots that Ive worn pretty constantly since Player bought them for me for my birthday!

Also the skin Ive worn throughout which is so so SO lovely…was just 20L ! Its fair and dainty…and a rosebud shaped mouth..steal! I also snapped up the gigantic pack of nineteen shades of the Insane casual sweater for only 1L…

You might also want to snaffle up a pack of three sequined boob tubes from the table…very glam and totally free !

All clothing and skin : siss boom

Necklace: MIAO

Daisy necklace: Dark Mouse

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House Of Xevion celebrated their 5000 group member by handing out this dramatic black evening gown…as you know I’m not a huge fan of “gowns” normally..but this one really hooked me. Its chic…and classy..not at all frou frou ..beautiful open back to expose your shoulders and spine…and a stunning spikey collar ruff…

Sleek lines as the dress just drops to the floor…it moves very gracefully as you walk…Im keeping it..go get your own! Thanks Hox & congratulations..

Go get classy: HOX


Every girl needs a Prince Charming…right?

I’m so thrilled to be able to show you  the newest releases from swaffette Firefly  @ SF Design. Steve is wearing “Prince Charming”,which is based upon Prince Williams  Irish Guard uniform. Complete with Order of the Garter blue sash, RAF Wings and Jubilee medal.The uniform includes gloves, cap & shoes (stop swooning and keep up !) I’m sure you’ll agree he looks rather dashing…attention to detail (as usual) is high,and Steve certainly enjoyed swanning about in this outfit…unbelievably this whole look costs just 500L.

I got to dress up also, and alongside our very own Prince I wore the simply adorable Morelia Wedding Gown in Ivory, a show stopper for only 600L. I’m showing the “everything on” version,train,layers,veil and somewhere underneath a pair of divine matching shoes.The creamy heavy silk is richly embroidered (much like Kates gown on the big day )Layers upon layers of detailing and the sweetest bodice & cuffs…want to know this gowns secret? hmm shall I tell you…*ponders*.. long as you promise not to tell a SOUL ! It also doubles up as your honeymoon outfit..isnt that just fabulous??!!  A shorter version is included and as with the wedding gown its self there are different styles to play around with …I SO wish I could do this with my SL wedding dress,sadly no one had this brilliant idea in 2007 booo…

So we have our Prince & Princess…what about the bridesmaids? Solved..with the 3 shade range of the Morelia Gown’s (also double up as evening gowns for those not thinking about weddings) Each dress comes complete with the sweetest matching shoes & flower for your hair,plus varying ways to wear, with or without the mid ruffles..and resizer scripts to get that perfect fit (not that I had to fiddle about at all yay!) I adore this delicate blue…of course you’re wondering if it has a sister version hmm?..

Of course it does…and this is what you come to expect and love about a quality store such as SF Design…each of the colours in the Morelia Gown range has a short version included..makes it very versatile, such hard working additions to your collection. Naturally I fell in love with this dainty pink tone ! Each colour is 500L…a steal .

Head over to the High Society section to find these new releases, and I warn you..try not to stare too hard at the models in the guys section, I was rooted to the spot for ages !

Go get Royal : SF Design