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Its never slow in my kitchen

I’ve always meant to ask how that name came about “Slow Kitchen”, but I’ve always been too busy slobbering over the gear to remember *grins*. Slow Kitchen has been a fav store of mine for the longest time..such dainty, pritty things..and such good prices. There is always something I *gasp* over and buy each time I go…no big change this time either..I grabbed up the latest group gift above..A line Tshirt in a super marl grey fabric. handy dandy and a real classic, I spotted a pack of leggings for just 30L, so nabbed them and teamed them up with the grey Tee…adorbs!

Whilst dribbling over the leggings pack..I also spied this darling little top (2 colours to choose from) it was just 30L ! There are two ways to wear it..with or without the t-shirt underneath…

Andddd *drum roll* puhlease …this is what got me into a lather..This dress…that comes in black or angelic pure white…with its layers of frothy lace and tiny tiny little diamonds scattered on the skirt…its also has a bow at the nape of the neck…unbelievably just 120L…If youre liking the necklace & earings I’m wearing…youd better dash over to Addiction RIGHT now…cause they are the Secret Wednesday item (well there are two actually!) and for today are only 49L the set...totally different..and unique design, the teeny pearls are the lightest delicate shade of pink..the thing I totally love about this creators gear is she gives you a lot of choices..chest & spine attachment points..resizer or not…fahhhbulous!…

Go get squeeeely: Slow Kitchen

Love Letter jewelry set: Addiction Jewelry


Sparkly !

Oh new sparkliness !!! CandyMetal have this pack of dresses that glitter and make me smile…they are called Toshi and I ❤  them ! Above is the fire engine red version…pretty scrummy huh? (nice nipply detail on the top too!)

The pack also contains this delicious teal blue colour..check out the lowww back..Ive worn it as a shorty short dress but they do look great with leggings & jeans etc as a tank top..

Emychan has thoughtfully placed three pairs of dainty panties in the box for you..white,black & red..I slipped into a pair and wore just the shirt of the purrrple dress to show you..120L for all three dresses with the panties….great deal! Thanks Emychan xx

Go get a deal: CandyMetal