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Looking good for 45. Special Event.

No freebies, apart from a lovely wearable drink and Hello Kitty balloon, from this event.  Turns out that Hello Kitty is 45 years old and in celebration, the shop Asteria has created a massive family fun and kitten themed fun park.

This is one board showing you all of the fun things you can do and the other board, not shown, shows you the pool and all the different things you can do in and around it.

The map doesn’t really show you how big this event is and even my pictures are just showing you bits of it.

Lots of rides and fun things for you to do either on your own, with a partner or if you have an SL family then it’s perfect even down to child-friendly places.  Which means of course esp when in the pool…keep yer knackers tucked away!!!!

Lots of different rides, this one you need to wear a hud and there is a challenge for you to complete…I think.

The star of the show is this massive Kawaii pool.  Lots of changing rooms and seating areas. If you look at the loungers it gives you some idea of how big this pool is.

Hello Kitty, by Astraila