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Miss Versatility

coldLogic new - norton cardi & dress- evenflow. NEW shoes

If you’re anything like moi…you get really stoked when you find clothes that not only look the business but are also versatile…items you can get many wears out of, or pieces you can mingle in with other things you already own…yes? Well its all your birthdays and Christmas’s rolled  into one today ! Theres a fantastical new range that’s out right now in the coldLogic store….and youre so so SO going to love it. Above I’m wearing one of the “norton” combos…whats a combo? Well, it just means you have options…and I love those. You can wear the cardi alone…or with the dress….isnt that wonderful?! This colour I adore.softest grey over a washed out pink…so gentle…and went exceptionally well with my new shooz from even.flow. Lovely pumps in some mouthwatering colours (mine are called Tin Man) from the collection available at the Acid Lilly Gallery, only 69L a pop…

coldLogic milano jacket alone NEW!

Just to show you what a combo is…check this out. I’m wearing part of the new “milano” combo…no dress…just the cardi…I slammed a tank on and a pair of jeans…and you get a whole nother look…yay! My necklace is a dollarbie btw..from Just You Jewels, it is a limited time offer, so if you want the goodies go grab them fast (link below)

coldlogic carnes NEW! Ash tone- jacket wearable alone also

My absolute favourite of this new range has to be “carnes”, its got a real sophisticated feel about it, just right for meeting up with the girls for lunch or drinks..the belt is a separate yet more choice over how you wear this…so well tailored…and fits perfectly. I added some glam with my glasses from maubray…they are currently a free gift instore, you get a whopping pack of all kindsa colours.

coldLogic new lutz bubblegum

This is “lutz”, another combo…isnt it FUN! Big Bold stripes on the dress, and over the top thee cutest little belted jacket..juicy range of colours in this. I promise this will banish any lingering winter blues. Pro tip : Do grab demos and do zoom perv the photos instore and on the market place. You will notice how coldLogic always do such fabulous textures & fabric…top notch .

coldLogic farrow NEW!

Last one for today, “farrow”…again a lovely selection of tones in this, I plumped for it in these delicious chocolate and fawny shades…the dress has an almost knitted look to it…and the jacket is smart enough that you could use it for “work” wear…great detial on the belt ..and as always that superb coldLogic fit…thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic on the market place

coldLogic blog

Just You Jewels


even.flow blog

even.flow at Acid Lily

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Sneakers and Tailoring

even.flow jacket for Acid Lilly 69L, Eclectica antique hearts jewelry coldlogic bradley skirt skirt

Two strange bedfellows huh?  It’s why I so enjoy the Acid Lilly weekly event though…such a wide variety of items. This week even.flow have this divine little tailored mesh blazer on offer for just 65L. Sweet details make it a winner for me. Wrapped tie belt and all over leaf pattern…classic and stylish. I teamed mine up with a skirt from coldLogic called “Bradley”, pinstripe and slate grey, great combo ! ( coldLogic have a ginormous SALE on at the moment – 50% off!) My jewelry is from Eclectica…this is the “Antique  hearts set”, there is also a bracelet that matches and you receive three styles of earings with it ! All texture change for the hearts and metal tones. (psssst Guys, this would make a gorgeous Valentines gift – buy it on the market place and have it sent directly to your lady)

even.flow mesh spiked sneakers for Acid Lilly - UNISEX - 65L

The other offering from even.flow for Acid Lilly , is these terrific Studded sneakers…gawd I love ’em..quite a few colours to choose from, but I adored this creamy shade. You get two versions in the box, silver or gold spikes…PLUS…they are unisex …YAY! Easy to use resize menu means you can get the purrrfect fit, at just 69L Id grab a few pairs up.

even.flow at Acid Lilly Gallery

coldLogic market place

coldLogic inworld store

Eclectica market place store (inworld store has demos)

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Its Summer…somewhere

even.flow NEW! For Acid Lily

It’s certainly not anything like Summer here in the UK…but I know some of you are in the sun ! I have some more goodies from the latest round at Acid Lily…boy-oh-boy its a great place to score a few bargains….even.flow have a couple treats out for you the first being this deeelicious little denim mini skirt…different tones available. It fits really really well..I cant stress that enough , I’ve bought SO many that just don’t. Sooper belt on it also, all that for just 69L *faint*…Im wearing it with another must-have from even.flow, the new mesh bikini , you can buy these mix n match…lotsa different tops and bottoms…just go mad ! The price tag wont scare you,  at 35L its a real steal , so grab a few while the going is gooooood. Thanks Yingy ❤

Acid Lily



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Eva went stomping in her wellies

even.flow wellies

You know earlier I was telling you about the really fabbo skins on offer at Wow? Well I couldn’t resist showing you one…This is Eva…and for not-sure-how-long…you can  buy it for only 5L !

even.flow wellies_003

I’m also wearing the new Wellington boots by even.flow…arent they just to die for? …I adore wellies (and own many many pairs in real life in ALL colours & patterns) These are currently only available in this weeks round at Acid Lily…65L per pair…bargain ! Lotsa colours to choose from too…(my gorgeous rain mac is also from even.flow…large range of tones…and a steal at 99L)

WoW Skins Eva natural 5L

Close up of Eva for you….such a precious shaped face…and sultry eyes…I really like the soft bloom on the cheeks and the pale 60’s style lipstick…


acid Lily

WoW Skins

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LadyBug’s & Warlocks

even.flow LadyBug jacket

Strange combination I know…BUT…even.flow have these sooperdooper little coats out… Spotty and dotty…which always makes me smile…I just adored this colour version, very jolly and seasonal..and guess what?! Its only 69L *faint*…pop over and take a look around..theres some lovely group gifts out at the moment…and everything is verrrrrrrry affordable

ArisAris Warlock new Mesh outfit_002

Now for the Warlock portion, the outfit above is from ArisAris…there is a whole bunch of new releases for you this week…but this one was my favourite…Great fitting skirt, roll neck sweater and a vest…superb fabrics that look kinda worn & shabby…brilliant ! Go and take a peek at all the new goodies, you won’t come away empty-handed …



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Killer Heels

even.flow bow heels acid Lily Gallery_002

Ohlala ! I have some new heels to show you…just released from even.flow for the Acid Lily Gallery…and as you probably already know…everything at the Gallery is under 70L  hurrah! There are two colours…this is the black, they come with a creamy bow…three versions in the box, bow to the heel…bow to the toe..and bow both ends…Ive always had a fondness for stilettos with bows at the heel…

even.flow bow heels acid Lily Gallery_001

Here they are in glossy red…now this colour makes my heart go pittypatter.  Decisions decisions…which colour to go for hmmm? At this price get both ! Thank you Pam & Yingy ❤

Acid Lily Gallery

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The Silver Lining you were looking for?

Yippeeee, at last..The Silver Lining Hunt has begun ! This promises to be a fantastic hunt, so don’t miss out…it runs from  Nov 24th to Dec 09th and features 25 gifts. Fashion to decor, it’s all there, from some really top-notch designers. There is a minimal charge of 5L per gift, and having seen a few of the gifts…you wont have an issue sporting out that tiny amount…totally worth it ! The hunt is based around colour palette grey/ silver. Sooooo every gift will be in theme for tone…lets get this kicked off with a sleek evening number from 22769 casual couture…the dress is called  Anastasia, it’s a long slinky column of fabric, with a beautifully detailed back . Strands of silvery grey wind around you from top to hemline…a classic item that stands alone or can be glammed up…

My excuse for buying this dress at even.flow was uhm…well….it went with the shoes that are their gift? it was just so lovely AND it matched the shoes ! The classic heels in floral silver are just gorgeous…the dress was only 69L  and is called “Bookworm Dress”, lots of other colours available…

Heres a closer look at those prize pretties on my feet, such a sweet flowery print and very subtle. A great shade for Winter.

Last up for today is this marvelous table and Photo frame from estatica …can you believe each piece is just 1 prim? The set has already won a place in my new apartment skyhome…its just a perfect fit, ohhh btw..the frame is modify so you can place your own piccies in it…I resized mine also to fit…fantastic gift !


estatica store

 22769 casual couture

The Silver Lining Blog (hints & info)