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Pretty as a picture (free)

Free dress & Jewellery

Most of you know that I don’t “do” gowns, I really try to avoid having to wear one at all costs. Dunno know why, I think it’s a throwback from the 2007 era and all that flexiiiiiified mess we had to wear! Anyhooo I was searching the market place for a few items for my home when this POPPED up. A stunning mesh dress by Awear, its so girly and pretty and really perfect for a big night out on Valentines day no? It even comes with a necklace and matching earrings. At the rear is the sweetest big bow, you don’t have to add it but I bet you do!

FREE shoes for slink high feet

What you can’t see , is underneath the dress I’m wearing these nifty heels by VaVaVoom, for Slink high feet and also totally free.

Awear Dress & jewellery 

VaVaVoom shoes

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

oO Sparklies !

I don’t often get to twirl around in gowns…but when I do you can rest assured they must be VERY special indeed. I’m not a gown kinda gal…but sometimes, something a bit gorgeous hits my desk and I just have to show you…this mesh gown is called *netia* and is by Armony…it really just seduced me into wearing it…sleek black with inserts of burnished gold …such a beautiful silhouette, definitely something I would wear for an occasion..

There is an upcoming event called “Tolerance is the only way” and ArisAris have created this gown especially for the associated fair. It’s a project  that wants to bring tolerance and fight homophobia, which is one of the biggest problems in our society. You can find out more about this event here : Toitow

Stunning gown with a corset style bodice…one side white, the other jet black…it seemed to beg for silver…so I dressed mine up with lashings of bangles and a statement necklace…I adore ❤

Also new at ArisAris is thisssss ! I so love the new range of mesh multi texture clothes…versatile..and more for your money ..this simple looking sweater dress hides a secret…it comes with a HUD so you can change not only the colours but textures too…ten in total *phew*…absolutely loving my new Lassitude & ennui Thecla boots…so easy to wear and look great with the more wintery clothing that’s all around us at the moment…

I chose to show you a couple of my fav’s….but in the HUD there’s oooodles more !



Tolerance is the only way Fair (October 27th and 28th, 2012 at the Patch Thibeaud Auditorium, October 31  at  Solo Evane Agency and November 3 at BeStyle Destrict Agency. Four shows showing unique designs created by the incredible designers of Second Life and modeled by some of the best runway models in Second Life. Once the fashion shows are over an exhibition will be opened where the designs will be shown for a week. The earnings from the designs sales will be donated complete to the nonprofit organization: COGAM (

Lassitude & ennui


Regrets..Ive had a few…

..and then again, too few to mention (sing alonggg everyone)..New release from Bubblez..a stunning gown called “Le Regret”…raven black..with pure white trimmings..a real gothy frothy frock..beautifully detailed with a sash of flowers around your waist..a lush floppy bow at the rear and frilled collar..even a magnificent mini hat…

A close up of the bodice reveals the sumptuous velvet fabric across the corset style top and matching floral tribute around the hat..absolutely divine (thank you milo xx)

Go get Gothed: Bubblez