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Weekend Sales – Which ones am I doing?

Spirit $77L each item

I already started my weekend sale shopping , above is the 7 days Sale offering from Spirit. “Lucy” is a top and pants offer. Each item is just $77L. You get a logo top and a plain one, with the pants you get a Hud with all sorts of options for the fishnet and trims – very happy with it ! As the name suggests you’ve got 7 days to get these items.

Free top & skirt FAT PACK

Also part of the 7 Days Sale is a free gift from Evani !The Elliean skirt and top is totally free if you join the 7 days Sale group (its free) just click & collect. You get a massive fatpack for both pieces, with options for trims, bow and skirt layers – deal! Huge amount of mesh body fits in the box.

7 Days Sale Gallery

The Saturday Sale

Wanderlust Weekend

30L Saturday

Happy Weekend Sale – info later today




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Group benefits @ Evani

I noticed that recently I have been buying a few things from Evani in various sales & events, so headed over there to scope the rest of the store out. There is a very small cost of $33L to join the group, and afterwards you can have at it on the group gifts. Love this little black patterned dress, so twee !

I also grabbed up the bento rings set, you get three metal colours, I have spent a fortune on bento rings lately and these are a group gift and top notch quality – chuffed ! Other gifts available so check it out. Btw I noticed that the Happy Weekend sweater was still out @ $60L – its gorgeous and another colour found its way into my shopping bag ! Its a bit “furry” with a hud to remove the fur.


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All Aboard The Redeux Express !

Picked up this sweet jacket from Midna called “Margot”, its their offering for this round of Redeux. Just $100L , Maitreya fit only. It does come with a Hud that allows you to alter the colour of the insert tee shirt and metal tones, or you can wear the jacket on its own with no tee shirt. Lots of plain colours and a couple of prints – I went for the one with kitties on it aww !


Gallery of all items


Hair by Wasabi @ The Outlet $125L – optional head band with texture change Hud

Jenny jeans by Evani

Pose by Secret Poses 

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It’s not worth it.(33Ld Group Gifts).

Actually, it IS worth it as the Evani group only costs 33Lds to join.

Some of you may recognise this dress as it’s one of the older gifts which I still had in my invent as I kept it as a reminder to revisit Evani and it worked.

This dress is still out and you get 3 shades of pink, so nice that even I like the colour, there is also a “Wednesday” dress and you will know what I mean when you see it a set of bento rings but new to me is the romper and a matching top.  Really nice and the gorgeous red with the white lacing gives it a sexy Christmas feel without being OTT.

I would have joined as 33Lds is such a small amount but since it doesn’t come in my preferred fit and I couldn’t see a demo to see if the Maitreya would work I just popped this dress back on to tempt you over there.




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Trying to wrap up! (Freebie).

I’m trying to find a decent Free/Dollarbie sweater/jumper and failing badly so here is another summery/beachy dress which as lovely as it is is not what I want lol.

Although of a very classic SL design, 3 colours, some fits etc I did notice that the Evani shop is in a rather nice shopping center so when I log in I’m going to have a saunter and see what else is there for us.

PS.  There is also a Halloween “Wednesday” dress as well.  Plus I haven’t said much but there are some lovely clothes in this shop if you have Lindens to spend.


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All for Free (Happy Birthday Tres Chic)

FREE dress (standard & mesh body sizes)

Looks like Zan has been keeping you well entertained whilst I’ve been off enjoying myself! I grabbed a few treats from Tres Chic before I went, so I thought Id share them with you today.

Its their third birthday and there’s some fantastic items in this round – plussss gifts for you to celebrate the occasion. I nabbed this elegant wrap dress from Black Rose, standard,fitted and mesh body sizes included, I totally adore it – brilliant fit and looks all soft and cuddly.


I also found this from Evani – gawd – at long last an overall and tank that truly fits my Slink Physique body! Tempted to go buy a couple more in diff colours – but for now this FREE set ticks all the boxes. The top is actually wholly wearable on its own, as is the overall – love it! The hair is also a free gift – its from Phoenix and you get a few mid to dark brown shades in the box – keeper for me for sure.

Tres Chic