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I’m just checking out old LM’s before I delete them and I mainly seem to be doing this however sometimes as I’m free-falling I do spot homes, shops, weird stuff, stuff you never ever want to see and then occasionally you stumble on a pleasant surprise.


Found these beauties on a platform in the sky.


Absolutely super Kawaii!  Everything about these builds makes me think of Unicorns and rainbows, Princesses and waterfalls, cartoon characters and plushies.


I took so many pictures it was hard to choose which ones to use in the end.  I also forgot to check the windlight setting but it was pretty close to my normal Nams setting and no picture editing at all.


You actually get two homes for the price of one, this one with the green stripes and the other with the blue and  patterned wallpaper and of course if you check the first picture you will see a difference in the outside paint work.


Although this is a single floor, nothing going on in the attic here, it’s pretty darn spacious but not the oversizing you get from just bad design, the ceilings are tall and exaggerated because after all this is for Princesses and Unicorns and for a BIG chandelier to hang down.  There is more than enough floor space, and of course the ground floor level as well, for all the furniture you really need.  Of course though even though this is on offer on the MP you can also see it inworld for yourself.


Both of the houses have the painted sky ceiling.

OK I’ve not bought them as I really really just can’t use yet another house/home/skybox/dome and on and on in my invent.  If I told you how many I own you would think I was a Home Hoarder (and I am) so it wasn’t the price tag that put me of it was simply the fact I have no more room for another room.

So far this is the only build available from Ethan Caldwel’s shop Epicuria but he’s managed to get so much detail and texturing into a 31 prim build I have high hopes for more of this quality and low prims.


Epicuria Marketplace